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Energy Healing Techniques
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November 22, 2010 - 8:33 pm

The Healing Power of Energy

By Sharon Kattke

We live, move and have our being in Spirit (the Original Vibration). Our bodies are like light bulbs wherein we can turn off and turn on our intake of energy. With Yoga, which means Union, we can increase our receptivity to life force. As we perform our yoga asanas (exercises) and pranayama (breath channeling), we are opening up the energy centers (chakras) in our bodies and directing the energy to move up and down our spines furthering our evolution as spiritual beings.

Externally, it appears that we are moving body parts but with the eye of intuition, we can see that energy courses through every fiber of our being directed by the power of will. We want to align our will to Divine Will and open up the dormant energy centers. Our evolution as human beings has made our spines and brains capable of experiencing our oneness with the Infinite. Yes, our individualized soul (microcosm) can merge into the Infinite Spirit (macrocosm). We should realize that we are sending energy to body parts and chakras (energy centers). The object of the yogi is to awaken the cerebrospinal centers in the cerebrospinal axis (spine).

Let me show you the location of the chakras. The seventh chakra is called the thousand petal lotus and is located at the top of the head. The sixth center is called the spiritual eye or the eye of psychical sight and is located at the point between the eyebrows.(The physical eyes of the yogi should be focused at the third eye during meditation.) The fifth chakra is by the throat The fourth chakra is the heart center and the third energy center is the Solar Plexus a large center of nerves and energy in the body. The second chakra is three fingers above the naval and the first chakra is at the base of the spine.

To begin meditation, assume the posture by sitting cross-legged on a mat or sit on a chair with the spine erect and feet flat on the floor. Place your hands, palms turned up, at the juncture by the thighs and abdomen. Bring your shoulder blades as close together as possible and tuck the elbows in towards the ribcage. Have the chin parallel to the ground and focus your attention at the point between the eyebrows. When you have assumed the correct meditation posture, begin to become aware of your breath. Watch as you mentally watch the abdomen, stomach and chest rise and fall to each inhalation and exhalation. To aid in relaxation, begin to perform squared breathing ie., inhale to a count of 6, hold to a count of 6, exhale to a count of 6, and hold to a count of 6. Repeat this breathing cycle 12 times. And then allow the breath to flow of its own accord. To eliminate tension in the body, inhale and totally tense the entire body until you vibrate with tension to the count of 6. Exhale and release the tension to the count of 6. then inhale, tense the whole body, hold to a count of 6, exhale and relax completely.

Check the important points. Eyes are focused at the point between the eyebrows, spine is straight, and chin parallel to the floor.

Relax and bask in the joyful vibration that comes with meditation and embracing life.

Namaste, Sharon Kattke

For more information regarding the healing power of energy, please go to:

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