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Office Yoga
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April 27, 2015
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November 17, 2010 - 9:17 pm
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How Office Yoga Techniques Can Benefit You at the Workplace

By Baolin Liu

There are plenty of breathing techniques, stretches, and postures that you can benefit and apply them to the workplace. The office yoga techniques are great to prevent headaches, neck pains, backaches, wrist problems, and blurry thinking caused by long hours in front of a computer. Office yoga helps to prep our bodies to withstand the inevitable tightness and misalignment caused by the office lifestyle. These are user friendly stretches, with the powers of yoga with no downside, in normal business attire.

You don't need an hour to relieve office stress

You don't need to run to the gym in the middle of the day

You don't even need to leave your desk or roll out a yoga mat.

We can have corrections done to us massage therapists or chiropractors, but it's nice to know some techniques so you can fix themselves sometimes on the spot or catch a misalignment before it has a chance to cause you long term harm.

Before get started, I should note that you should watch your breathing while you do your stretches. That way, you can extend your stretch farther than you thought possible. A lack of oxygen reduces your physical strength, concentration, memory, and blurs emotional balance.

When you are doing these moves, you should watch and listen to your body, if you feel and sense pain, you should ease up on yourself. Also, whatever you do you should you should not slouch. Slouching twists your neck, cuts off the blood flow to the brain-slowing down the thinking process.

Lastly, I suggest you do not push past old injuries. There may be people who teach that you should, but pushing to hard past it may reopen old wounds.

So let us get into some exercises:

1. The Hump:

The exercise reduces the protrusion where the neck meets the upper back. Slouched all day, it's nice to go the opposite way to counteract it.

-join your hands behind your back

-pull hands away and lift it up a little bit

-lift and open up your chest, doing so lengthens the spine since it can be compressed from sitting down too long

-breathe deeply when you are doing this and improve your range of motion

2. The Swan Stretch:

The pose can help you stop tension and headaches by getting more blood and oxygen to your head

Here's what you do:

-put right arm behind back

-palms flat against chair

-have your left hand cover your ear

-tilt head to the left to a comfortable point and hold it there for about 30 seconds

-watch your breathing, making sure you are breathing deeply, getting all the oxygen you need into your lungs

3. Bow and Arrow:

The move will help you eliminate headaches and fuzzy thinking caused by poor circulation. It also improves hand/eye coordination.

All you have to do is focus and pretend you are firing a bow and arrow. Picture yourself aiming at a target and you want to hit that bull's eye, breath deeply, and release.

4. The Thumbs Down:

Relax and relieve some upper body tension, stiffness, and pain by doing this move.

Your upper body muscles normally rotate forward when you sit for too long.

To fix this:

-have your elbows at shoulder height

-your palms facing each other

-spread your arms shoulder width apart and then have your thumbs pointing back

-you should feel the muscles in your chest shoulders expanding and stretching out from cramped position

5. Thyroid Stretch:

Stretching out your thyroid glands will help balance your nervous system, improve your memory, and simply stretch the back of your neck out.

To do so:

-interlace your fingers

-Lower your chin

-squeeze your elbows in tight

-pull down slowly and gently to until you feel a stretch

-afterwards, push your head back and look towards the ceiling

6. The Bodily Twist:

Increase your range of motion in your core, strengthen your center and tighten up your stomach with this move.

-cross your legs and turn the opposite direction to leg you used, if your have your right leg over your left, turn to the left and vice versa to give yourself that stretch you need to work out your mid-section

7. The Stretch to the Sky:

The sky stretch improves lung capacity improves digestion. Your spine can compress from sitting, to this exercise stretches it out. As an added perk, it narrows your waistline

To do this you:

-Interlace fingers with palms up

-Lengthen your neck

-Lift your chest

-Soften your gaze

Feel your lungs getting more air and your spine being stretched out

Make sure you get deep breaths in, filling up your lungs with enough oxygen

8. Frog Legs:

Increase your flexibility with this pose and release the tension built up in your body from long hours at the computer. Also, this pose oxygenates the brain.

Here is how you do it:

- from a sitting position, your knees are at hip width

-slide hands to insteps, as if you are tying your left shoe, reach for that left foot and have your nose touch your knee

-hold that position, this is a great move to lengthen your back

-raise your head slowly and take deep breathes

9. Copy Machine Squats

While you are waiting for the copy machine to make copies and do its job, you can use it and get a few squats in, depending on how many copies you are making. This will strengthen and increase your flexibility in your hips/legs/feet. Energize your lower body with increasing overall well-being, and endurance.

Here is how you do it:

-keep your feet are hip-width apart

Squat and spread your toes

Stand and lift your heals

You can actually use anything to support yourself, the most obvious was a copy machine.

Take it easy when you first try out these moves and progressively get better and better at it.

If you like to know more about exercises in the office, I invite you to visit:


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April 27, 2015
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November 24, 2010 - 8:36 pm
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Yoga for Office Workers - Keep Yourself in Shape

By Andrey Vasilevsky

First one.

This exercise is very effective for so-called "office workers". Sedentary work affects the spine. And often in the evening, you feel fatigue and tension in the shoulder girdle and upper back. To remove the "stress", follow these steps: get into standing position with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your hands in the "free" position along the body. Raise one of your shoulders and lead it forward, then down, back and up again, doing full circle path. Do it three times at a slow pace "circle clockwise" and "circle counter clockwise". Return for another shoulder and do the same. Then with both shoulders simultaneously. Remember not to rush, perform as in a slow motion movies.

Second exercise.

Is also focused on the spine. it's technique involves muscles of the back and shoulders, thereby improving blood circulation, strengthening muscles of the chest and middle back. In a standing position, feet shoulder width apart, spread straightened arms with palms up.Make three or four full circles like in shoulders exercise always keeping palms up. If possible, try to make circles of the largest amplitude, always palms up with toes tight. At the end of exercise lower your arms and let relax for several moments.

Number three.

This is a neck exercise. It will effectively help you relax the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Take a position which was described in the previous exercises, lower your arms along the body. Slowly bend your head to the right without raising shoulders.The chin should touch the collarbone, and point your sight to the right. Do it for three times then turn your head to the right to look over his right shoulder and then to the left. Do the same for the left side. Bend your head to the left while your site also goes left. Everything is done in slow rhythm.

Another one.

After warming up by previous exercises begin with rotations of the torso. This exercise strengthens the muscles, not only spine but also of the abdomen. Spine becomes more flexible, body posture get slimmer, breathing evens. In the same yoga pose (described in the first exercises), fold hands in front of the chest in horizontal position, palm to palm, and slowly turn the torso to the right, then left, don't forget to look over your shoulder. Complete three turns to each direction. Slowly.

The last exercise.

Tilts forward will be the last exercise from "spine" series. Positive effect will be on the muscles of shoulders and neck, as well as improving your abdominal muscles and legs muscles. And the most interesting in this exercise is its contribution to the development of "hormones of happiness" and the oxygen saturation of the brain. So, standing position, feet together, arms along the body. Raise your hands as you exhale to the sides and as far as possible send them behind your back, holding this position for 2-3 seconds. Exhaling, lean forward and try touching the floor with his hands. Also perform for three times. At the end, after the third bend stay there, bended forward into a relaxed state. Let your hands and head hang freely from the body down and "fall asleep" for several seconds. Then slowly rise.

These simple yoga exercises will keep you in shape during office hours and give your body strength and flexibility.

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