Why Should a Yoga Teacher Specialize?

Are you teaching classes, but not sure which direction to go in for your next yoga teacher certification? In this video lecture, with Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 (director of yoga teacher training at Aura Wellness Center), you will learn why some yoga teachers decide to teach specific styles or types of students. For example: A Hatha Yoga instructor may decide to become a prenatal yoga teacher, yoga therapist, or a power yoga instructor to work with students who have a common need or passion. There are many reasons why a certified yoga teacher may pursue becoming a specialist and many options are explained in this lecture.

Assists For Downward Facing Dog

Yoga Teachers and interns - Learn to safely make physical assists to students in Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog Pose). Have you ever wondered what other options are available for assisting your stunts in downward facing dog? In this video, Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT (director of yoga teacher training at Aura Wellness Center) explains how to assist your yoga students for optimum alignment.

Common Mistakes Yoga Teachers Make: Introduction

Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 (director of yoga teacher training) explains how to avoid common mistakes yoga teachers make during classes. This is the first video in this series about improving teacher performance during Yoga classes. Learn how and when to help your students in order to mentally connect during yoga class time.

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