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Teaching Hatha Yoga – Could a Physical Assist be a Sexual Assault?

Tell your student what you plan to do, as you ask for permission to make a physical adjustment. It goes without saying that you should keep your hands off private spaces and keep your private spaces off your students. Now you may ask: "How can I make a physical adjustment in Half Moon Pose - (Ardha Chandrasana), without getting real close?"

Teaching Hatha Yoga – What to do with the Competitive Student

Firstly, demonstrate all or part of a new Vinyasa sequence, so your students have a visual interpretation within their minds. You could start your sequencing with slow deliberate movements - with emphasis on form. As the class continues, you could gradually, and safely, increase the speed by requiring less time for your students to hold the postures, but still mention the importance of good form and proper alignment.

Teaching Hatha Yoga: The Vocal Problem Student

The completely silent student does benefit from silence, and newfound awareness, during Yoga practice. Yet, questions allow more than...

Teaching Hatha Yoga: Student Safety in Yoga Classes

The following precautions are for teachers to implement for the safety of all students who participate in any form of Yoga with movement...