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Expectations of a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification Course

There are two sets of expectations for a 500-hour Yoga teacher training course. There are the expectations of the teachers who are guiding interns enrolled in the course. There are also a set of expectations on the part of the student, who is choosing a particular instructor training course. Of course, a student must choose a training program wisely and make sure the curriculum and goals of the teacher training course matches his or her professional and personal aspirations.

Aura Yoga Teacher Training – Latest FAQs – Part I

Sometimes, similar types of questions keep arising. At Aura Wellness Center, we do our best to make sure you are prepared to teach. This starts from the moment you order a course. Depending on the particular course you choose, e-Book bonuses will be sent to you electronically or within a CD.

Prenatal Yoga Practice Advice

Overall, Hatha Yoga practice during pregnancy reduces pain or anxiety - which often tend to occur during pregnancy. This gives Yoginis restful sleep, preparation for labor and gives a great deal of pleasure to the new life you carry within you.

Yoga Teacher Training – The Headstand and Blood Pressure

Conservative medical opinion also recommends that you avoid the headstand even if high blood pressure is brought to a normal level with medication. Medical opinions will differ from one physician to another, but all Yoga teachers should be on the side of extreme caution.

Has Your Yoga Teacher Certification Expired?

At this time, the Yoga teacher training relationship, between trainer and intern, may not be based on years of tutelage. Some of the training, in fitness styles, of Hatha Yoga, may be specifically geared toward teaching in health clubs.

Yoga Certification with an Online Diploma Program

Many people, who want to become a certified Yoga instructor, feel that they have only one option; pay a lot of money in tuition fees, take a month off from work, and spend more money on hidden fees when they arrive at the destination of their Yoga teacher training.

Restorative or Chair Yoga Certification for Experienced Yoga Teachers – FAQs

I have been comparing your Chair Yoga teacher certification course to the Restorative course and have questions.

Finding the Best Yoga Teacher Training – Tutoring Limitations

Most Yoga teacher certification courses offer some tutoring, or contact, with a mentor. This form of contact is possible, regardless of whether you have chosen an on-site or correspondence-based Yoga certification course. It seems impossible to believe that an in-person training would not have tutoring for interns - but it does happen.