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Teaching Yoga and Pregnancy

Students who are pregnant and new to yoga training should have their doctor’s approval. Additionally, pregnant students should attend classes taught by an instructor who is a graduate of a prenatal yoga teacher training course.

Teaching Yoga: The Importance of Asana Alignment in Yoga

Depending on the Yoga school, posturing, alignment and adjustment can be an extremely important part of one's training. A typical 200-hour Yoga teacher training course may spend over 100 hours focusing on the alignment of asanas.

Expectations of a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification Course

There are two sets of expectations for a 500-hour Yoga teacher training course. There are the expectations of the teachers who are guiding interns enrolled in the course. There are also a set of expectations on the part of the student, who is choosing a particular instructor training course. Of course, a student must choose a training program wisely and make sure the curriculum and goals of the teacher training course matches his or her professional and personal aspirations.