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Teaching Hatha Yoga – Developing The Art of Communication

If you ask any Yoga teacher if he or she needs improvement in communication techniques, you will receive a variety of answers. After all, Level 1 Yoga teacher training courses usually cover cueing, demonstrating, and assisting; so how much more can there be to optimizing your communication skills in a Yoga class?

How to Shift Gears, Change Careers, and Become a Yoga Teacher, Part 1

If you feel like a "fish in water" during a Yoga class you are not alone. However, when teaching Yoga becomes your own long-held aspiration, your spirit will not be fulfilled in the "daily grind." You begin to feel frustrated in commuter traffic, and during office hours, when your dream job of teaching Yoga seems out of reach. So what do you do next - if you really want to become a Yoga teacher?