Bikram Yoga Training

Their specialized yoga teacher training intensive produces instructors who strictly follow their exact policies. The series of asanas have been copyrighted by Bikram Choudhury, so deviance from the series is strictly forbidden, and there is also a reputation for instructors to be rather draconian.

Yoga Training and Cultivating Compassion for Others

Each Yoga teacher training intensive offers something unique. Due to what is perceived as the most important factor in teaching, Yoga schools have their interns focus on various aspects. Is fitness, therapeutic application, student safety, or compassion the most important factor in teaching Yogic practices? Chances are, you feel it should be a combination of these ingredients and you realize that no two Yoga instructors are alike.

Best Yoga Pranayama Techniques for Stress

During a Yoga teacher training intensive many pranayama techniques are addressed, but many teachers only teach what they like. One point to consider is our Yoga students need to understand the therapeutic applications of each pranayama technique.

The Purpose of Mantra Yoga

Mantras can help you focus and help you achieve inner peace. They are a way to refresh your mind and body. Mantra Yoga can also help you to relax during troubled times. Repetition of a mantra can help you to free your mind and help to dispel negative energy.

Five Methods for Yoga Teacher Progress

There are many aspects of Yoga that help anyone improve his or her life. Below are five methods that can help any Yoga teacher maintain a path of continued progress and success. Ultimately, Yoga students will benefit under the guidance of a successful teacher.

The Value of Teaching Hatha Yoga Meditation

Within Hatha Yoga is meditation practice. Of all the techniques taught in a typical 200- hour Yoga teacher training intensive, meditation is often left to self discovery. Many teachers and interns realize that students will not appreciate the deeper aspects of meditation, until years of practice. A deeper secret of the Yoga masters is that, advanced students and teachers, devote more time to meditation the longer they practice.

When do the practical exams and Yoga Teacher Training workshops at Aura take place?

Practical exams take place every Spring and Fall. Yoga Teacher Certification workshops go on all year long on Friday evenings and some Sundays. Yoga Teacher Training classes do not meet on holiday weekends. You can also call ahead to set a private test date. You can take an exam on-site with other interns or schedule [...]

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