Aura Wellness Center’s Testimonials Page for our Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Aura offers the opportunity for all of it’s Yoga teacher training graduates to leave testimonies about their experiences with our programs and even to list their own success stories, such as new classes they are running and their own studio information. The following links will provide you with insight as to what it means to be a graduate of an Aura Wellness Center, Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Certified Yoga Instructor Testimonials

Thank You!

After being released from a job I assumed I would retire from, I had the opportunity to choose my next path. I chose Yoga Teacher/Business Owner after a lifelong friend had graduated from her local yoga school. As I was around 2 hours away from a school that would not work for me so I jumped on the Web to research and that brought me to Aura Wellness Center. The curriculum was deep and well rounded and when finished I felt completely ready to begin my yoga instructor career. I know have a growing yoga studio, with private and corporate clients. The business instruction was wonderful. Even though I have a background in business, for those that do not have those experiences, the guidelines and advice are very valuable. I am currently a very small studio, but I know with what I have gained from my instruction I will continue to grow and prosper.

Wendy Knott

Unique way of teaching

Carol Fuller Certified Yoga Teacher

Aura Wellness has a unique way of teaching making learning easy yet challenging and fun.
Their focus on safety is important and appreciated.
They also focus on the fundamentals of Yoga as we read and learn how it all began and how we have progressed.
I look forward to taking more training in the future.
Bravo Aura.
Carol Fuller

Carol Fuller

I am so happy

I am so happy I chose Aura Wellness Center to achieve my yoga certification. The online course gave me so much new knowledge, confidence and guidance on yoga and how to start my own business. Whenever I needed help they contacted me right away and supported me through the course. I now have my own yoga studio called Studio A Yoga in Vancouver B.C.! Thank you Paul and all staff❤

Amy Adamson

Lindsey White

Lindsey White

I began my first certification, after 12 years of practice, with Aura Wellness Center. I could not have been more pleased with distance learning. The materials were in depth and beautiful. Paul and his studio staff respond quickly and efficiently. I feel the program not only prepared me to become a better teacher, but deepened my practice. The exam process was tedious and thoughtful. I plan to continue my education with Aura!

Lindsey White

Michelle Nilsson

I’ve been practicing Yin Yoga before, in classes held by others but I’ve never gotten the real knowledge about all the important details behind the different positions and this Yoga form. In a class like Paul’s you will be able to get a deeper understanding about the different areas connected to Yin Yoga, like which postures, who is targeting a special organ, knowledge about anatomy and adjustment, some history and a of course the overall practice that will help you in being a professional teahcer. You will be able to help your students in a very individual way and you will be prepare to answer any kinds of questions, because you will be skilled after this course!

I highly recommend Aura Wellness Center to those who seek a genuine education and who wants to really help people on their way to healing and wellbeing. Thank you so much Aura Wellness Center and Paul – you’ve been so helpful and loving!

Much love to all of you!

Michelle Nilsson
Owner of


I chose the Aura Wellness Center for many reasons. I needed flexibility and wanted to truly learn, the Aura Wellness Center was the best! I didn’t speed through the requirements, instead, I took my time. I really feel that I learned so much and was fully supported throughout the entire process.
Thank you Dr. Paul Jerard and Aura Wellness Center.


Natasha St-Pierre Quillacq

Natasha St-Pierre Quillacq

I received my licence this morning.
I was really happy about my courses with aura wellness center.
I’ve been practicing for the past 12 years, thought I knew a lot about yoga but I discovered so many things. I’ve learned a lot with Aura Wellness center. I’ve learned about yoga asanas , about myself and about the great science of yoga. I’ve also learned how to navigate in the yoga “business”.
You’ve been present all along and responded so quickly to my email I felt very supported.
All the material was really complete and interesting. I’ve changed a lot during this course and I will continue on this path with strong bases.
Now a CYT-500 I will for sure come back to aura wellness center for other classes.

Natasha St-Pierre Quillacq

I am really satisfied with the choice of Aura wellness center

I am really satisfied with the choice of Aura wellness center

When I chose my teacher training, I was looking for a YTT online, which was more convenient for my schedule. I wanted a serious studio, with a deep background in online training, and able to provide guidance by email.

I am really satisfied with the choice of Aura wellness center. My questions were always promptly answered by email and encouragments were given. Working for the exams made me deepen my practice on and off the mat. I have learned a lot. I send my thanks to Paul and his team!


Within three months … I got a job teaching Yoga

Thanks for producing such a user-friendly training kit. Within three months from the day it arrived I got a job teaching Yoga at my local health club.

Sarah Dean

wonderful “Aura Wellness Center”

I want to say thank you to Paul and to the members of that wonderful “Aura Wellness Center” for the help and support they have provided me throughout my learning process. I cannot express my appreciation and how much it meant to me. As a person with limited flexibilities, I was very happy finding that center. I want to continue my education through this company and eventually get certified in your prenatal course. I wish them the best.


Tatyana V Belenyuk

Aura Wellness’ Kids Yoga Certification

Namaste Dr. Paul,

I wanted to take the time to send you a testimonial for my experience with Aura Wellness’ Kids Yoga Certification:

The program, literature, DVD’s, and support truly made for a phenomenal experience. I have been teaching for four months, and already run my own small business, renting space at a local wellness center. Not only does teaching children yoga promote wellness in them, but in their entire family. I have mothers with small babies, parents, and grandparents interested in learning more about the deep connection a practice can bring into their relationships with self and others. This is the most rewarding leap of faith that I have ever taken. Thank you for this opportunity. My path is forever changed.

Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity. I feel so blessed to have been given this path.

Abundant Peace,

Jennifer, Director
Mamoga Wellness

The Yoga course was challenging, thorough, and affordable

As a result of taking the 200 hour teacher training course from Aura Wellness, I am not only much more knowledgeable about Yoga, but have achieved my goal of becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor. The course was challenging, thorough, and affordable. It offered me the option of proceeding at my own pace while keeping up with the other responsibilities in my life. There was always someone to answer any questions by telephone or e-mail, and the books, newsletters, and DVDs are wonderful resources. My heartfelt thanks go to Dr. Paul Jerard and his staff for providing such a well-rounded program. I felt that they truly care about their students. I would recommend this course to anyone without hesitation. Dreams do come true!


Patricia Kale

Aura Wellness Center is an excellent choice for moving forward with confidence

I so enjoyed working at my own pace for this teacher training, received prompt and thorough answers to questions and am pleased with choosing Aura Wellness Center. The colorful, collection of professional learning materials are complete and diverse range of knowledge for a reference library. Each time opening a book and viewing a video is a new learning opportunity. Videos are practical, down to earth, complete and valuable to all levels of interest with the marketing and business advice a true bonus. Sharing, generosity and kindness shine through with Paul and Marie. I thank them for their simplicity, critique, emphasis on safety in a practice and will be with them for future courses. Aura Wellness Center is an excellent choice for moving forward with confidence.


Jillin J. Francis

I will highly recommend your Yoga program to all interested

Dearest Dr. Jerard,

I wanted to take a few moments to once again thank you for all of your wisdom that you have shared with me over the past year. I just recently completed my yoga teacher training at Aura, and it has been a fantastic journey. I’m not sure how or when it happened, but the changes in my life have come to me and I am embracing them! You were as warm and inviting as I had pictured you to be, and I felt very comfortable around you. I enjoyed touring the wellness center; it was even sweeter than I had pictured it! I will highly recommend your program to all interested in furthering their knowledge! I hope to see you again on my next trip to Massachusetts!


Paula Johnson

I want to thank you and Paul III


I reciprocate Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family.

I want to thank you and Paul III, as well as everyone at Aura for being so prompt in addressing problems and questions. It is a wonderful opportunity you offer for individuals to increase their knowledge about yoga, and become a certified teacher, with excellent teaching, a great website with so much information available to aid our understanding of yoga, and available for long distance learning, at a reasonable price. I am a senior citizen (70 yrs. of age), who started practicing about 7 years ago, after having open heart surgery, and wanting to relieve some of the daily stress in my life. It has become a lot more than a stress reducer, but has become a major part of my being. That is why I chose to see if I could teach, and perhaps pass some of the benefits I’ve received to others. The Aura course was a great foundation. I am now starting to learn to teach Chair Yoga to be able to meet the needs of more individuals. Without Aura’s courses, I do not believe I could have achieved so much. It is a great Yoga School, and I am proud to be a graduate.



my Yoga Certification through Aura

I wanted to take the time to share about the great learning experience I have had earning my Yoga Certification through Aura. The materials you receive are so detailed and I know I will keep referring to them for years to come. The supportive staff at Aura are always there for you and I received very fast answers to any questions. The program is designed in such a methodical way that led me step by step through the final exam. You get back what you put into the program and when you finish you will have a broad knowledge base to begin teaching safely. I worked night shift as an RN in an Emergency Room during my teacher training and was able to complete the program at my own pace. I am married with 3 children and 2 dogs working full time …..If it wasn’t for this program I could not have met this long time goal of mine. It is achievable!


Kerry Wanamaker

I want to express how grateful I am for Aura Wellness Center

I want to express how grateful I am for Aura Wellness Center. I have practiced for 18 years and had considered teaching for the past 5 years. I had looked at many different programs, trying to consider the best one for my personal goals and for my family. I have four children ages 11, 9, 6 and 2 and I wanted to be sure that the program I took gave me the proper tools and wisdom to teach yoga safely while also allowing me to be with my children and share with them the entire yoga education experience. Nothing could have been more perfect than what Aura Wellness offered me. The program enabled me to truly study, research and hone my practice in a way that was completely enjoyable. I felt I could immerse myself in the program and knew, always, that the entire staff at Aura Wellness team was available to me at any turn (even offering to help with my technical difficulties capturing my practical component of the exam). I currently am teaching my vinyasa classes out of my home studio 6 days each week. Almost all of my classes are full and I very much thank your organization for the confidence and teaching ability you have imparted to me.

Sincerest thanks to each of you at Aura Wellness Center.


Amy Dixon

I used your yoga teacher in a box…

I just received my diploma in the mail! I am so excited-I used your yoga teacher in a box, because I live in a very rural place, I volunteer regularly and have two jobs-so it was really the only viable option for me. What an option it was ! I really learned a lot- I was expecting just info on asanas and pranayama, but the course work asks us to learn much more. Since I could work through the course when I had time, instead of cramming everything in to a 3, 4, or 5 week program. I feel like I really developed a broad base on which to expand my knowledge! Again thank you for helping me accomplish this goal!


Rita Adams, Certified Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

Working with Paul to further my Yoga education was a pleasure

Working with Paul to further my Yoga education was a pleasure as all assistance and correspondence was very professional and to a high standard. I am honoured to have been awarded such a beautiful certificate.

Om Shanti,

Lynne Weston

I am so grateful that Aura exists

This is my second certification I have received from the Aura Wellness Center. I would like to give thanks for giving me the opportunity of becoming a certified yoga teacher, and giving me the possibility of continuing to deepen my level of yoga with the variety of upgrading courses you offer. I look forward to continuing to further my education with you. I have been able to get this far because you have optimized this on line course, for those like myself who do not live in an area where there are no courses to become yoga teachers. I would suggest to anyone the on line courses with the Aura Wellness Center, especially for the courtesy and quick response which Paul gives for any questions, difficulties or problems that may arise. I am so grateful that Aura exists.


June West

Yoga is a tool that anyone can use with immediate benefits and outcome

Yoga has brought suppleness to my body, relieved the stress and has increased my skill. It opened the oasis of deep rest in my busy lifestyle. Throughout the course it helps me deal with stress and reconnect myself to my body in a wonderful and positive way. Yoga is a tool that anyone can use with immediate benefits and outcome. The course has opened my eyes how wonderful yoga is and with the help of the instructor I learned that the postures used in Yoga can be adjusted to fit my own needs and flexibility capabilities. I encourage others to continue to pursue learning and applying Yoga in their lives for you will not only find healing and harmony but It will help you feel better, fitter, happier and experience inner peace.”


Dalisay Rosado

Director Dr. Paul Jerard is a master trainer

What an incredible learning experience!

Aura Wellness Center has been a remarkable partner in my journey toward Yoga certification. The independent study course has excellent curriculum that clearly directs you through requisite learning. For a person with discipline and a willingness to learn, this program has it all! I have learned so many new things, even after 30+ years of practicing Yoga. The course materials are outstanding and will serve as lifetime references. The support at Aura is student/learner focused. Director Dr. Paul Jerard is a master trainer, leading and coaching with inquiry and empathy. He will challenge you to maximize your full potential!


Sandra Bernard Dugas, Ph.D.
Co-Author of The Savvy Manager: 5 Skills that Drive Optimal Performance

I was very impressed with your Chair Yoga Teacher course

Dear Paul,

I was very impressed with your Chair Yoga Teacher course. It was nice to find a study-at-home course because there is nothing like this available in my area. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but found the study materials very informative and helpful. I was surprised to learn so much about the traditions and philosophies that a person just doesn’t learn in a typical class. But I especially enjoyed Peggy Cappy’s “Yoga for the Rest of Us” DVD’s. These really helped me understand and envision what I would need to do in my own chair yoga classes. In addition, I was grateful for your quick responses to my emails when I had a question. This course would be great for anyone who is self-motivated and ready to embrace yoga from a teacher’s perspective. Thank you for the opportunity!


Rose Hollo

choose the Yoga-Teacher-in-a-Box products

I’m incredibly grateful to Aura Wellness Center for the service that it offers to prospective yoga instructors; without the option to study at home, on my own time and at a much lower cost than most certification programs on location at yoga studios/centers, becoming a certified instructor wouldn’t have been possible for me. I’m sure the same is true of many who choose the Yoga-Teacher-in-a-Box products. I also greatly appreciate how clear, knowledgeable, informative, and helpful Aura personnel were in the course materials as well as in correspondence whenever I had questions. Their chosen study materials are just as effective and straightforward. To those who are concerned that they’ll need an instructor with them in person in order to become a qualified yoga instructor, I’d say that the Yoga-Teacher-in-a-Box products and responsive Aura Wellness Center personnel are more than sufficient for them to reach their goals.


Kathryn Boland

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the community of Yoga

Dear Paul,

I have found my life’s purpose. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the community of Yoga. The courses you provide are copious and very thorough. Your availability and willingness to help was always present. Aura Wellness Center has been a wonderful choice for my education in this field and will be for my continuing education as well. After completing the 250 hour Yoga Teacher Training course and also completing the introduction course in Yoga Therapy I feel more knowledgeable, confident and empowered on my path to help and serve others. We are living in a time of constant chaos and change so there isn’t a more purposeful and mindful time than now to heal ourselves and help one another. Follow your breath, lead with your heart and be open to change.

With much love and respect,

OM Shanti


Julie Mikus

The Aura Meditation Course was excellent!

The Meditation Course was excellent! It helped me deepen my Meditation practice in a way that I needed. The course is very deep, thorough, well put together, and easy to understand. I highly recommend not only this Meditation Course, but all of the services provided by the Aura Wellness Center.


Lola Wilson

I highly recommend this Yoga Teacher program

I chose to purchase the Aura Yoga teacher certification program in no small part because of the reasonable cost. I had been considering attending an intensive Yoga teacher training program, which would require me to travel there and stay for the allotted time. These programs are quite expensive, so I was hesitant. By choosing the Aura program, I thought that perhaps I would get a lesser benefit. One tends to equate cost with quality. The higher the cost, the better it must be, and vice-versa. Once I began to read the text books, view the DVD’s, and read the additional online materials, I found myself spending a lot of time with them. I was learning and enjoying the process. I was also able to proceed at my own pace, at the times I wished, and to take a day off whenever I chose. This is a large benefit. I prefer to have control over the time I spend. I have a time each day, usually for me the early morning, when I am at my best. I have another time each day when I am not at my best. Being able to choose when to study and focus became a huge advantage for me. I saw that I had unwittingly chosen the exact program to suit me. The materials were substantive and I am still using them. I am pleased that the cost was reasonable and I got the flexibility that I realized was important to me. For those who can be a self-starter and study when they wish, this is an ideal choice. I highly recommend this program. I intend to use the Aura program when I need to renew my certification and to advance my knowledge of the subject matter.


Bruce Vernon

I received a large boxful of quality reading material, great DVDs, CDs and work books

When I initially decided to take a yoga instructor’s teacher training course, I was restricted by the fact that I was living in the Caribbean, worked full time and was a single parent. I had seen many expensive courses, all calling for time away from home and work which were not an option for me. I discovered Aura Wellness Centre’s course via a number of internet search engines. What appealed to me most about their courses was the range of subjects studied, the cost and that they provided home study courses which could be completed more or less at a student’s own pace. I decided to opt for the level 2 complete yoga teacher training camp-in-a-box, 500 hour, level 1 & 2 home study course.

I have to say that it is fabulous value for money, I received a large boxful of quality reading material, great DVDs, CDs and work books. Whenever I needed any guidance or clarification on points, I would send an email and Dr Paul Jerard would promptly respond with well considered, detailed answers which were both helpful and enlightening. It took me about 8 months to complete the level 1 course and I was very happy with my results and the constructive feedback I received.

I am about to start on the level 2 and look forward to the some quality support I received from the level 1 course. If you are thinking about taking a home study yoga instructor course, I would highly recommend this one.



The course material is put together really well

I really enjoyed this course and found it a clear, well-guided and thorough education. The course material is put together really well, so that you are guided through each aspect of yoga, learning the history, the philosophy and all the practices. I feel like everything has been covered and so there are no topics that I have not touched upon in my course. I’m now ready to be unleashed on the general public and share what I have learned with others. Many thanks to Paul for designing such a great course. Namaste!

Many thanks again and I’ll keep in touch with my progress as a yoga teacher!

All the best,


I thank the team at Aura Wellness Center for giving me this start

I have just completed a course which will enable me to teach Yoga. When I decided to teach, I went on line and looked over the myriad of choices which are both perplexing and exciting. Aura Wellness Center has many different choices so I emailed them and told them some of my history with Yoga and also with teaching as well as a bit about myself. I received a prompt suggestion as to which course I should take and found it to be inexpensive compared to some others. The materials came quickly and I found them to be both comprehensive and thorough. Each time I had a question or comment, I received an email in return within a few days, regardless of the seriousness of my questions or comments. I have had experience with Hatha Yoga for almost 50 years but really wanted to become more involved with Meditation and Breathing and competent at teaching others. The thought of filming an hour class was daunting but the 50 question test and the essay required both helped prepare me for what I wanted to gain from the course as well as what I could present to others. This summer, my daughter had a particularly difficult summer. Previously, she was a competitive runner and as many others have, suffered chronic changes in her leg due to intensive training. As well, her emotional state this summer was not her usual. I asked if I could teach her in my class, as I found her to be in need of both the Hatha Yoga and Pranayama. It was wonderful to have her wake up each day and ask “Mom, can we do some Yoga today?” She lives in London and has a hectic job, traveling from University to University giving talks and often misses her traditional exercise. I am thrilled that she can take what she learned this summer anywhere and also can practice breathing on the train, which is where she spends a lot of her day. I feel that this course prepared me for starting out at teaching others and put me on a path of lifetime learning with regards to the best exercise in the world. Prior to this course, I have always been involved in physical activity and taught Weight Training and Walking in my job as a Public Health Nurse. I have always believed that if there were to be only one choice, I would chose Yoga over any other type of Physical Activity. Now I am convinced of that. I am blessed to have this start at a lifetime of learning and now can teach others the wonderful benefits. In this stressful world, proper breathing and Meditation are a must. I am now convinced that I have the tools to help others in a way I previously believed in but didn’t have the tools to do. I thank the team at Aura Wellness Center for giving me this start.


Sue Parker RN/ Certified Diabetes Educator Massage Therapist/Reiki Practitioner- level 3

The Aura Wellness programs make accessing excellent yoga training in an efficient and effective way

I am writing this testimonial for my experience as a participant of the Aura Wellness Platinum Level 1 Yoga Teacher Certification for Hatha Yoga. I very much appreciate all of the materials including books and DVDs along with access to the director and all of the Aura Wellness Resources. The program was excellent for someone who is self-disciplined. I learned so much! I am very grateful for the on-line and web-based exam submission process. The ease of the certification exams completion and submission on-line was extremely beneficial for me as a full-time psychologist with limited additional time for on-site training. The Aura Wellness programs make accessing excellent yoga training in an efficient and effective way. Thank you very much!



I recommend the yoga therapy course

My name is Lori Loken, and I just finished Aura’s Yoga Therapy Course. I had taken 2 other certifications from Paul and Marie’s on line programs, but I was a little nervous about taking another one with my schedule. I had just begun a masters degree program for math, and after receiving my material, I had ruptured my Achilles tendon. I had to have surgery and I was laid up for a few months while I was busy with my 3 children and trying to get rides to my classes. I was teaching a yoga class each week and my husband travels a lot. My year proved to be quite the challenge, but I was still able to pace myself and finish the program over the year. The material proved to be a very positive part of my year. As always I learned a lot, and the ironic part was what I was learning-I was able to really use, because of my injury. The material I studied brought a lot of depth to my yoga class. The emphasis on using props and using sequences that support specific needs has really helped in my class. I also feel a lot more confidence in what I am doing, and in explaining to my class what we are doing and why. I recommend the yoga therapy course, and I am looking forward to taking the second one.


Lori Loken

Aura Wellness Yoga teacher training Camp in a Box program

Aura Wellness Yoga teacher training Camp in a Box program provided me an intensive and self paced base for my yoga studies. I found the materials provided to be thorough and useful. I particularly liked the book by James Hewitt and the DVD with Paul Grilley. Paul Jerard’s responses to my questions were always prompt and on point. A multifaceted boon to solo work. Thanks Aura Wellness! Love the weekly newsletters too.

Om Shanti,

Kim (Kiiran)

will definitely take another course

In 2009 I moved to the Middle East, and immediately looked for a yoga class to join, of which, fortunately, there was no shortage. I was lucky enough come across a teacher who was truly inspiring, and made me realise what I had been missing in the past with my yoga. I began to go to class two and three times a week and soon realised that I wanted to learn more about yoga as a way of life. I researched on-line courses so that I could study at home. I was a little wary at first as I had started a home-study course in the past where the company had folded before I could finish. I emailed Paul with specific questions, and they were answered straight away. I decided to enrol on the Restorative course, and have been very happy with the content, as well as the support from Aura. The web-site is great, with so much information, and Paul and Marie are always there to help. I decided I would take the whole year to complete the course, as I knew I would get side-tracked when researching certain questions. The internet has completely changed correspondence courses for the better as the learning material out there is phenomenal. Having said that, the books, DVDs and notes supplied with the course were more than adequate. I knew the standard would be high with the video lesson I had to submit. There were so many things which had to be included, but at the end of the year I felt I had learned so much, and was ready to put it all together.

Taking this course, as well as attending as many classes as possible with different teachers, and asking lots of questions, has proved a great way for me to start off on the path of a yoga teacher.

I am continuing to learn all the time, will definitely take another course, and am looking forward to more learning in India in the spring. Thanks very much Paul and Aura.


Judy Stevenson

Aura Wellness Center, I can’t thank you enough for helping me to achieve my dream

Dear Aura Wellness Center,

I recently opened Panacea Yoga Studios in Winthrop Maine this July 2011. This is a small community with a big heart. Within the first month of opening more than 300 people joined the studio, it was much more than expected. People from all over gathered to learn Yoga for the first time, and some others to continue their practice.

It seems surreal to share with you this photo of me standing next to my brand new studio! For years it has been my dream to share with others the gift that keeps giving……YOGA!!! It personally brings me great joy to see students approach and thank me for helping guide them on a path to good health and overall wellness.

Just in the first month of opening, I have had several amazing stories of individuals who share with me how they never thought they could feel this good in a single month from doing Yoga. I would like to share with you one of my favorite stories of a particular student who comes on a regular basis. She is a wonderful lady in her 80’s, who randomly told us all in the middle of class recently, she was beyond shocked because…… she has not touched her toes in years!!!!!

Aura Wellness Center, I can’t thank you enough for helping me to achieve my dream of sharing this awesome practice with people of all ages and levels. Your expertise is more than outstanding. The programs you offer at your center are well rounded, and are structured realistically to learn on a deeper level. I feel honored to have my 3 program certifications from your Aura Wellness Center hanging on the wall at my studio. Thank you again!


Suzanne Imbruno Cobb

I can’t wait to take another course from Aura Wellness Center!

The home study kit for yoga teacher training allowed me the chance to earn my certification while, at the same time, not have to pay for a babysitter for my two small children. The staff at Aura Wellness were always kind, understanding and prompt in responding to questions both by email and by phone. I can’t wait to take another course from Aura Wellness Center!

Peace and Happiness,

Candace Breen

I´ll be back for further training!

I want to thank you Paul and all the staff at Aura Wellness for creating this online Yoga Teacher Training. Having practiced for many years and living in Tanzania, Africa, your program presented itself as an amazing opportunity to fulfill my dream to become a certified yoga teacher. Your program allowed me to stay in my country, do my training and learning at my own pace yet at the same time receive all the support I needed. I´ll be back for further training!


Lisa Peterson

The Holistic Weight Control course offered by Aura is outstanding!

The Holistic Weight Control course offered by Aura is outstanding! The class includes e-books that easy to reference and full of priceless information to build a healthier and happier lifestyle!

The course provides you with all of the tools you need to help your students/clients build a positive relationship with food and exercise!


Barbara Burgess

enjoyed the yoga course at Aura Wellness Center

Dear Paul,

I am very much enjoyed the yoga course at Aura Wellness Center. I can develop my yoga knowledge both in theory and practical. Besides learning from books, CDs and the in-depth insight in every practice of Yoga teacher training. This course is helped me to add, improve and increase my yoga knowledge, that can be implemented for my students and my life.

I feel free in every time with creativity, styles and advancement during the course.

Thank you for your assistance during the course and I recommend to everyone this course as a good one.


Zelin Verlin

I am very happy to recommend your distance Chair Yoga Teacher training program

Dear Dr. Jerard,

I am very happy to recommend your distance Chair Yoga Teacher training program.

I am very proud to have it among my professional documents and feel that I am well qualified to teach chair yoga as a result of the training.

It is comprehensive of yoga philosophy, inclusive of all populations applicable and mostly heart felt by you, the trainer.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Ebner, RYT-200
Certified Chair Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

Thank You Paul and AURA Yoga

Hello Paul,

How are you doing? Well I hope. I know it has been a while since we last communicated. I have moved around a bit and finally got settled back in Fort Lauderdale. Since then we had a hurricane and well here we are. All is okay… It just took a while to get back to normal. I have returned to teaching full time and am currently teaching four classes a week at my school. Two high functioning and two low functioning. It is going great.

After completing the program I noticed how my understanding of Yoga has changed. My students have also noticed. I take a bit more time to walk around the group and really check positioning and encourage participation. I also incorporate more breathing exercises and a wider variety of postures. The AURA Yoga teacher training program has helped me to benefit the lives of my 49 students.

Since I received my certificate, the school now advertises a Yoga program as part of the academic curriculum. The program was comprehensive and allowed me to work at my own pace at home. I could continue my full time job as a special education teacher and complete my yoga course work at the same time. I would definitely recommend this program to any professional working with a special needs population. There are so many benefits from practicing Yoga, as I have seen from my students. There are also many benefits from having a Certified Yoga teacher on staff, as now we have a new set of yoga classes being offered.

Thank You Paul and AURA Yoga. I look forward to communicating with you soon.


Phillip Collazo

I would highly recommend it to others

Mostly I appreciate how much effort Paul has put into the teacher training course, newsletters, articles and forum. Whenever I sent in a question, I would get a response within a day. And though I have not met him personally, I get the sense that he is lives what he preaches. The information is a very good introduction into a teacher’s own experience and journey. I’m very excited to learn more and start teaching.

Mostly I appreciate how much effort Paul has put into the teacher training course, newsletters, articles and forum. Whenever I sent in a question, I would get a response within a day. And though I have not met him personally, I get the sense that he is lives what he preaches. The information is a very good introduction into a teacher’s own experience and journey. I’m very excited to learn more and start teaching. I would highly recommend it to others.




I highly recommend Aura Wellness Camp-in-a-box

I was searching for a way I could take a yoga teacher training course without losing time at work, when I happened upon the Aura Wellness website and I knew I had found the answer. I got the course which had very informative books included in the kit.

I began immediately to read the books and watched the DVD’s. I knew I had not wasted my money. It took the whole year to finish my questionnaire because I wanted to be very thorough with my answers. I knew it would be my reference for many years to come.

I have been practicing yoga for 37 years but I didn’t know any of the information I learned in this course. I highly recommend Aura Wellness Camp-in-a-box as a means to become a certified yoga instructor from the comfort of your own home. The cost is the lowest I have found in home study courses, but the value of the materials far outweighs the purchase price.


Cathy Sanders, Graduate – AURA Yoga Teacher Training Program

I am very excited to have received my teaching certification

Hi Paul

I am very excited to have received my teaching certification! Thank you for being so prompt with looking over my materials. I already have some teaching opportunities at local studios and am turning my finished basement into a studio.

I’m currently teaching two neighborhood pre-teen girls on Saturday mornings and am going to add to that class as well as add an adult class on Saturdays. I have some people showing interest in that. In the fall, I’ll have classes every morning while my son and daughter are at school. It couldn’t work out more perfectly. Good karma maybe? (Ha, ha) I found your program to be very helpful with a wealth of information. I enjoyed the process and learned some new things. It’s funny how there’s always something new to learn in yoga, no matter how long you’ve practiced! Take care and I’ll keep in touch. I’m sure I’ll have questions for you as I begin to teach.


Heather Tortora, Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

I was so pleased to find that Paul Jerard, the director of Yoga Teacher Training at Aura

When I decided to pursue a yoga teacher certification I was dubious as to whether a long-distance program would meet my needs. I was particularly concerned that I would feel like a faceless entity, a satellite without any reference point.

I was so pleased to find that Paul Jerard, the director of Yoga Teacher Training at Aura, maintains close contact and is very responsive and responsible for the quality of his program and the comfort level of his students both at home and correspondence. His comments and suggestions pertaining to the paper to the practical exam are insightful and encouraging.

I give high marks to Aura Yoga, Paul and his staff for making this program available to one and all.


Cathleen Jackson, CHT

Thank you for all of your assistance


I believe that your Yoga Teacher Training Course concept is ideal for people like myself. Individuals that want to improve and expand their Yoga horizons and help others learn the value of Yoga, while engaged full time in their regular professions. The curriculum and course materials are excellent and have given me a much broader foundation on which to base my practice. The course materials will be the backbone of my Yoga library for years to come. Your critiques, comments and advice have been insightful and very helpful. Thank you for all of your assistance.


James McGlynn

The Aura Yoga Teacher Training Camp-in-a-Box provided a wonderful balance

Hi Paul and Marie,

Thanks so much for the feedback and the certification. I’d be honored to offer a testimonial for your course!

The Aura Yoga Teacher Training Camp-in-a-Box provided a wonderful balance of theoretical and practical training. The feedback received and availability of Master Instructors was invaluable. At first, I was skeptical as to how much I’d learn via a distance program, but I can honestly say it’s the best training I’ve taken in the 20+ years that I’ve been in the fitness industry – distance or otherwise. I’ve taken 2 to 5 day live (face-to-face) certification programs in the past, but I felt rushed through the courses and unprepared to lead a class. Distance or face-to-face, my money was very well spent on instructor training at Aura Yoga. Thanks for giving me the tools, skills and confidence to teach Hatha Yoga!


Mary Irby

I just wanted to thank you again

Hi Paul,

I just wanted to thank you again for providing such a comprehensive training program at an affordable price. When I decided to pursue my Yoga teacher’s certification, the only programs I could find were prohibitively expensive and required an extended time away from home. Since I am a single mom, these programs were not an option for me. Finding your website was truly a blessing and your prompt response to my emails was reassuring. The materials you provided strengthened my own Yoga practice and gave me confidence as a teacher. I received my certificate two months ago, and I already have teaching “gigs” at two YMCA’s, a Yoga studio and a health club!


Christina Wester

Thank you so very much for creating a way for me

Dear Paul,

I wanted to let you know how proud I am to be a graduate of the AURA program. Being a stay at home Mom of a special needs son, I would never have been able to fulfill my dream of being a yoga teacher with conventional schooling. Your self-study curriculum was so comprehensive that I feel qualified to teach anywhere. Whenever I had a question, your prompt response was incredibly helpful. It is very apparent that you truly love what you do!

I feel very blessed to share something I am so passionate about with others. It is truly a gift to share the spirit of serenity that comes from yoga. Thank you so very much for creating a way for me to make this a reality in my life!



Jeanné Carroll, Certified Yoga Instructor, Distance Yoga Teacher Training Program

I am very proud to be a part of Paul Jerard’s program

My name is Namaskar Karen Grove,

I am very proud to be a part of Paul Jerard’s program. He is the most understanding and compassionate yoga teacher I have ever come in contact with. About eight months ago, I purchased the Camp In a Box set from AURA. As I viewed each part, it was evident that I was not going to be able to achieve the all of the poses that were expected because I have fibromyalgia. For those of you who do not know what fibromyalgia is it means fibro “muscle” myalgia “pain”. It affects every fiber of your being and it is a devastating and debilitating disease. After working with Paul, he allowed me to design my own adaptive and modified program for people with fibromyalgia.

Well, let me tell you. Two years ago, I walked with a cane. Now, I am opening my own business. It is called The Grove Approach: Healthier Living With Fibromyalgia. It centers around modified yoga moves, which I have trademarked as FIBROGA™ exercise therapy. I have two videos, Fibroga 1 and Fibroga 2. I have written a self-help book for people with fibromyalgia called “How to Lighten the Heavy Load of Fibromyalgia”. I have written a cookbook specific to eliminating trigger foods such as granulated sugar and bleached flour in the diet. It is called “Get to the Core of Fibromyalgia Cooking”… I will have a 6-week program of exercise therapy for small groups of fibromyalgia people as well as full web coverage.

To be able to reach those not close enough to me I have a kit called “Fibro First Aid Kit” available on the web and I will be franchising utilizing fibromyalgia persons to start their own groups all over the United States. I know that Paul will be able to guide them as he has guided me, with such dedication and compassion.

Thank you, Paul. You have been an inspiration and encouragement to me!!! I never thought at 50 years old and especially having fibromyalgia for twelve + years that I would be opening my own business!!!!

If you would like to visit my website, it will be up and running the end of August at

If you have questions or are a fibromyalgia person interested in getting involved in the program, please contact me and I can discuss the program with you.

Have a super day. Hope, peace, and joy to each of you today and always.


Karen Grove

don’t know how I could have accomplished this goal without AURA


I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be on the road to teaching my own Yoga Class! Although illness and lack of studio space has delayed my start, I am at long last about to begin several classes in my very small, rural community.

I truly don’t know how I could have accomplished this goal without AURA’s affordable and convenient home study course as well as your invaluable marketing tips and strategies. I look forward to working with AURA in obtaining additional certifications in the future. Thanks again for a great training program and a both promising and flexible future!”



“Hi Paul,

I also wanted to let you know that I just finished viewing your beginner class DVD and thoroughly enjoyed it. The variations on some of the postures are especially useful as are the tips on alignment and pacing. Both you and Marie offer a wonderfully relaxing class that is both challenging and restorative.

Although I did take some notes while watching, I think I’ll go back and look at the DVD again before I teach next time. There’s so much information that I’d love to weave into my classes. I’m really glad you decided to offer this type of instruction to your students, Paul. Please let me know of any other DVD’s you’re planning for the future. I’ll be your first customer!”

All best,
Graduate – Yoga Teacher Training Online

Lynda Wisdo

The books and DVDs were extremely in depth…

Hi Paul,

After practicing Yoga for over 7 years, I wanted to share its benefits with those around me. Naturally, the next step was to teach. Because I am the mother of a small child, going away to an intensive YTT at an ashram was not an option at this point. The “certification in a weekend” courses just didn’t seem to be the responsible choice. Paul’s YTT camp in a box was the logical solution for me. The books and DVDs were extremely in depth, and I felt that the knowledge I gained would benefit my effectiveness as a teacher. I have already been hired by a local fitness center. I couldn’t have done it without you, Paul!

Thanks again, Paul, for offering this excellent course. I look forward to recertifying with you in two years.


Rachel Connor

I appreciate this experience and your help Paul!

“This convenient self-study was a great journey for me, and I’m very pleased to get my certificate from Aura Yoga!

It was a great challenge to get to know more about yoga, teaching and business, as well!

I appreciate this experience and your help Paul!”


Szilvia Girincsi

want to say thank you for everything

Dear Paul,

I am so pleased to have successfully completed my yoga teaching course. I just received my certificate yesterday and it was a really proud moment! So now I’m starting to advertise yoga classes and looking for other yoga teachers to hook up with and it’s a very exiting time for me.

So just want to say thank you for everything. For developing a more flexible and infinitely more affordable course, which meant that, I could still work full time whilst studying and doing a bit of traveling and moving to the other side of the world! For always being so easy to contact and answering any questions I had so quickly and clearly. And for still being there to let me “pick your brains” in the future! Hope all goes well for you and your wellness center in the future.

Kind Regards,

Afra Hansen

This experience was very enriching

Dear Paul,

Thank you very much for the beautiful certificate! No words could describe how thrilled and proud I am.

Thank you very much for your guidance. You have been impressively responsive and very helpful. The materials are great and informative. The Independent Research has especially brought me to the path of a ‘well’ that is full of invaluable knowledge that I could have ever imagined. This experience was very enriching. It’s all worth the sweat and effort.

Thanks a million again and take care.



I thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life

Dear Paul:

I could not have been happier with the ability to become a certified Yoga Teacher in this format. I actually think that my knowledge of the theoretical basis of yoga is much more sound than a lot of teachers that have received training at ashrams or workshops. My anatomical and physiological knowledge as related to asanas has strengthened due to ALL of the reading material that was sent to me for the teacher training.

I have to say that proof is in the pudding. I have been officially teaching for two months with 6 classes per week. I taught a vinyasa flow class last night and a seasoned student came up to me after class and said that it was the best yoga class she had ever taken in her life!! I was overwhelmed with joy! So many people have come up to me and asked where I received my training because my classes are very well rounded and the cues are not just the asanas but also the benefits of the asana, cautions and prana throughout the entire practice. I have recommended your training model to at least 10 people.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life. Allowing me to give back to my community an ancient form of practice that has such wonderful benefits. Additionally, I am able to cater to my family obligations all while balancing a yoga business and a lifetime of staying healthy! I am so lucky to have found a way to achieve my personal goals to become an excellent yoga instructor and still take care of my children and home!

Additionally, just when I thought I was overwhelmed with the amount of material presented to me, you were always there to respond to my questions and guide me in the right direction.

Thank you and your staff for offering such a wonderful and balanced teacher training package. I will probably be calling soon to become certified in Children’s Yoga!

Thanks again,


Gray Carr Pieja, Yoga Teacher Training Graduate
Sandesh Yoga Studios

there is plenty of good info

Dear Paul:

I believe that your course is a great way for those already involved in yoga to achieve a higher level of satisfaction and a great way to get certified to teach level one. I already have classes lined up and people eager to practice.

I think that there is plenty of good info and if people really pay attention they can learn from it.


Meghan (Terrie McArthur)

Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful product

Dear Paul,

Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful product! I am a busy Mom, wife, and yoga teacher, and it would have been very difficult for me to go to an onsite program to obtain my certification. Your Teacher Training Program is a complete, comprehensive program that has deepened my understanding of Yoga and in-turn has made me a better teacher. I have proudly displayed my certificate in my studio and I have told other yoga teachers about your program.

I also found your “How to Grow Your Own Successful Yoga Business Manual” and the accompanying DVD very helpful. I have been teaching yoga for three years but I found your simple, common sense suggestions for growing my business very helpful and insightful.

Thank you again,

Om shanti,

Roberta Dell’Anno

I want to thank all of the people at Aura-Yoga

“Dear Paul,

I received my certificate and it looks GREAT.

I want to thank all of the people at Aura-Yoga for being so helpful and patient. You people made all of this possible. I want to thank you for your input and suggestions on assists. The Iyengar book is a great one and it is my next “must read”.

I have been searching for a certification school for some time, and was quite discouraged. It all seemed so expensive, but, more it was very demanding in time and some seemed very controlling.

Then I did a search and found Aura Yoga teacher training. I called right away and have been growing since. I would encourage any Aura-Yoga student to attend different classes, with several instructors, and get different analogies to have in their quiver. Workshops are great also. I have several classes I lead every week, plus sub for others.

Attendance has grown and I was named employee of the month at the Executive Health and Fitness. Called the “Spot” award. I can go on and on but I will close by saying how beautiful the certificate is and it is already framed”


Dennis P. Lussier CYT

I would recommend Aura, Inc. to anyone interested in certification

“To Whom It May Concern:

Paul was very responsive to any questions I had on the study materials. He would reply to my questions within 24 hours. I completed the course on December 5, 2003 and have part time employment at a gym on December 7, 2003. I would recommend Aura, Inc. to anyone interested in certification. If you would like to email me with any questions, please feel free to do so. Thank you Paul.”


Rebecca Tew

Thanks to you all at AURA

“I have been practicing Hatha Yoga for a number of years and have without any doubt discovered a practice that deeply affects my life. Due to the type of work I used to do I have attended many different classes with various teachers, some of whom I have found inspirational. Pete, my husband, and I decided that we were going to “step off” the busy world for a couple of years and live in Spain and renovate our house. One hot lazy afternoon I decided to browse the world wide web to see if there were any Yoga Teacher Training correspondence courses … honestly not expecting there to be. Then I found Aura Inc. I made contact straight away; Paul answered all my questions quickly and sent out the course in no time. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my study programme. Not once did it feel overwhelming. I was studying something that I enjoyed myself and was constantly deepening my understanding. The reading material was excellent and the DVD’s had some great ideas that I have incorporated into my classes. Paul’s business tips are coming in handy too! My teacher here in Spain asked me to teach a beginners class, which is now in it’s 3rd month, and currently she is away having a break for the next few weeks and has left all her students in my care. I’m very busy and enjoying every minute of it. I fully intend to expand my qualifications through AURA and my own study programme. Thanks to you all at AURA.”


Claire Noor, Certified Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

Aura camp in box yoga teacher training helped me to change my life

“Aura camp in box yoga teacher training helped me to change my life and my future. It allowed me to study at my own pace, while still working and earning a living.

The course is great, and the teachers and their advice and genuine care is wonderful. I feel fully prepared to stand in front of a class and teach. I know where I will go to further my training.


Isabelle Viljoen

The Yoga materials were extremely thorough and interesting

The materials were extremely thorough and interesting to read. Aura Wellness Center was readily available whenever I had a question! Their certification process ensured that I’m a well-rounded instructor. The home study program was a terrific experience for me and it definitely enriched my understanding of yoga.

Again, thanks for all your help.


Melissa Holzman

I am very proud to be a teacher connected with Aura Yoga!

Dear Paul & Friends at Aura Yoga,

I have received my beautiful Yoga Certification Diploma and must say I am very proud to be a teacher connected with Aura Yoga! Thank you!

While practicing with others, I am realizing what a great pleasure it gives me to be able to share the Joy– the Serenity–the Invigoration of our Breath with our Movements of Yoga with others. How heart-warming it is to see them feel better because of what they do themselves through Hatha Yoga.

Ah~~~How grateful I am to have found this miracle!

I hope to meet and share this in person with you all someday.

Until then~~Share the Peace Inside with those around you.



“Paul and Marie and staff,

I now teach “YOGA FOR RELAXATION” every Tuesday Evening from 5:00 – 6:00 PM and every Wednesday morning from 8:30 -9:30 AM and every Friday Morning from 8:30 -9:30 AM at the Rice Lake Senior Center.

I am also a Certified Pilates Instructor and teach this as a Personal Trainer on call at: 715-234-9300 and teach classes of Yoga & Pilates for the WITC (Wisconsin Indianhead Technical Institute) every fall and spring semesters.”


Lynda Sirianni, Graduate – Yoga Teacher Training Online

Thank you for helping me take a critical step into my new vocation

Hello Paul,

I have been very impressed with the response you give to any questions or considerations directed to you. I am a single parent and simply unable to afford the expense and time/travel commitment of other certifying organizations.

I had my doubts about the effectiveness of the AURA Yoga teacher training program initially, but found you not only provided a wonderful selection of materials but also helped me understand the broad scope of Yoga with the insightful questions in the workbook and on the test itself.

The self-directed study was not only convenient but allowed me to explore the subjects to a depth that I might not have been able to in a program structured around a formal curriculum with time constraints.

Thank you for helping me take a critical step into my new vocation; I already have a teaching position with a studio in Chicago!

Best regards,



“Dear Paul

I am continuing to teach at The Yoga and Therapy Studio on Ravenswood in Chicago and also began teaching two classes per week at North Point Fitness here in Elkhart Indiana. I have been teaching an average of 4 classes per week since January and am enjoying not only the opportunity to teach, but also to experience the benefits of a regular, daily Yoga practice in my own life.”

Best wishes and Namaste


Phil Hansing, Certified Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

I have thoroughly enjoyed this Yoga course

Namaskar Paul,

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and I am ever so thankful to Paul. I have been a yoga practitioner for more than seven years. Personal tragedy led me into the world of Yoga. I became very curious as to the connection of Yoga, body, and mind when I started noticing changes in myself. I wanted to learn more and that is when that I came across this course. We have all heard this many times, ‘no mind can ever receive the truth unless it is prepared to receive it’. Likewise, this course came my way when I was ready to listen and change.

This course has helped me refocus, listen to myself, and release some of my fears (it is a work in progress). I have also come to understand that despite the universal un-pleasantries that we all suffer as human beings, these sufferings can also become a source of growth and can strengthen and deepen the experience of life.

With the help of asanas, meditation, and of course nutritious food I have been able to balance my body, find joy, strength, freedom, and love that I lost in the shore-of-life. There are things that happen in life and there is nothing that we can do to change this. But we can choose to change the direction of life and learn to paddle where we want to go next. I am sure with patience and time I will learn not to fight the waters and also survive the rapids. Paul, thank-you so much for listening, encouraging and making my journey more bearable. Through this course you have helped me navigate, the weathers more smoothly.


Roz, Yoga Instructor Training Graduate

the course gave me so many tools to improve my class

Really I must say the course gave me so many tools to improve my class. Also the support from Aura is great. Just got my certificate of yoga teacher – working already with my clients and checking also for work in a studio in my area. Thank you very much for your support and efficiency.

Blessings from Miami.

Soledad Fernandez
Certified Yoga Instructor Training Graduate

Soledad Fernandez

Your book on teaching yoga is a huge help

Dear Paul,

I just received my renewed Yoga Teacher Certificate and I am very proud to have it. Thank you for providing the renewal because it did indeed deepen my knowledge of yoga. I have been practicing for 12 years and since it is a practice, which needs attention and dedication in order to expand, the re-certification was a good tool to do so. Since receiving my original certificate, I have been teaching and I am inspired to bring yoga to a wider public, outside of the yoga studios. Your book on teaching yoga is a huge help, filled with ideas and practical tips.

Thank you for the course and thank you for always being present with your newsletters, blogs, and immediate response to my questions. The support you provide is tremendous.

In light, namaste,

Christina Rufin, Graduate – Yoga Teacher Training Online

I am very happy to join Aura Wellness Center

Dear Paul,

I am very happy that I have passed my exam. This is the second time I take diploma examination in order to improve my knowledge of Yoga.

In 1996 I took my first one-year teacher training programs at I.Y.T.A. – INTERNATIONAL YOGA TEACHER ASSOCIATION, in Sydney, Australia. This year, I am very happy to join Aura Wellness Center to improve myself.

I have been teaching yoga for 20 years and I am very pleased to see that most my students are healthy in minds as well as physically. They are also proud with their beautiful body shape, which not many other could have, especially those of their age.

This also makes them constantly aware of their condition and would never miss to come to the class for the yoga sessions.

Now I’m 53 years old and I hope I can always teach and could improve my skill and knowledge so that it could benefit more who come to my class.

Thank you.


Ineke Kojongian, Graduate Yoga Teacher Training Online

Their Yoga study materials were wonderful

Dear Paul

Here in Tishomingo, MS, Yoga was an abstract concept. There was one certified yoga instructor in the area who had gotten her certification by working as a security guard at a yoga event in Atlanta, GA. While she could mimic the asanas, her lack of true knowledge and understanding of yoga caused what success she had experience to unravel quickly.

I have practiced most of my life. My only resources being: video tapes, TV, and books. I have even taught some private classes to friends in my home over the years. I didn’t consider getting my certification until a year ago. I was looking for a class and there wasn’t one within hours from where I live. I got online and searched “yoga training”. Most everything I found was either too expensive or so far away from home that I couldn’t even consider the possibility. Then I found Aura Wellness Teacher Training Center. My first thought was, “this is too good to be true”. Did a little research and before long I was ordering my first course work.

Their study materials were wonderful and the course is designed in such a way that you can’t go through it without establishing a firm foundation of knowledge and understanding. Paul and Marie have included everything you need right down to business courses that have proved to be most valuable to me recently.

I landed my first teaching job at a medical center and taught there for 6 months until the Chief of Staff at the medical center offered me a building to use for a yoga studio. I am 44 years old, I’ve been a stay at home mom for 20 years, and I have never been in business before. I can honestly say that I followed the Aura business training courses right to the letter and business is booming. The studio has been opened of two months now and already we have over 30 members. The doctors in the area have embraced me and are sending their patients to me. The school district has asked me to do a summer program for the middle school students, I will be doing two classes per week for the middle school teachers starting in August, and I teach two classes per week for the senior’s assisted living center. You know you’re on the right path when the universe steps up to meet you and opens doors for you. Doors I never dreamed it possible.

I believe that if you are going to do anything. You must prepare yourself. I would be foolish to think I know enough to finish this task I’ve been given so I continue to be a student of yoga. Aura Wellness Center is a wealth of information. I will finish my course work with them and continue to stay plugged into the source that the Universe/God brought me to. Aura offers so many courses for continuing education there is little reason to go elsewhere.

P. S. The certified instructor I mentioned earlier. I have offered her a job, as long as she goes through Aura Wellness Center C.I.A.B.


Debra Janosko, Distance Yoga Teacher Training

thank you for developing the Yoga Teacher Training Camp-in-a-Box

Dear Paul and Marie,

I thank you for developing the Yoga Teacher Training Camp-in-a-Box. When searching for a program for certification, your program stood out from others. The structure of the program, the materials, the newsletters, an informative web site and your support are a great combination for success. I am very impressed and appreciative.

Your program was not only affordable but also flexible. I could study day or night and had a year to complete the program without an extension. More importantly, your program covered many aspects of yoga, not only the asanas. The practical exam was another important feature of your training. It was important to be evaluated both on paper and in a classroom setting as the teacher, where we have a direct impact on others.

Your training program is well rounded. I feel that I am able to present yoga well with benefit to my students. I strongly recommend your program to any serious teacher. It is a rewarding feeling to hang my certificate.

With gratitude,

Mary Arata-Bunk

The materials you provided with the Yoga course are excellent

Hi Paul,

I know its been awhile since I received my teacher training certificate, but I did want to write to you to tell you how much I enjoyed your course.

The materials you provided with the course are excellent and I use them in my daily practice also. I love the DVDs and CDs on meditation, as I continue to collect material, I always come back to your course materials for answers to my questions and my students’ questions.

I also would like everyone to know how helpful you are. I called you a few times and you were always there to provide guidance. I am so glad I took your course.

Even if you never teach yoga, but are interested in a deeper knowledge, I would suggest you take this course.

Thanks again Paul, feel free to print this letter of thanks, for your future students.


Kate Springer

The Aura studio provided excellent resources

Thanks Paul,

Participating in a home study yoga course allows you the freedom and the free time to really research your yoga of choice. I don’t believe that I would have had the opportunity to study as in depth as I did if I had gone the more traditional route. The Aura studio provided excellent resources and I greatly appreciated the quick responses to questions. I recommend these courses!

Graduate – Restorative Yoga Teacher Training Online


The quality of the materials is fantastic

Hi Paul,

I wanted to take this opportunity to again thank you and AURA Yoga for providing such a great format in which to become a Certified Yoga Teacher. The quality of the materials is fantastic; the books and DVDs are indispensible and are now a permanent and treasured part of my library. This course brought me deeper into Yoga and deeper into knowledge – the questions and essay requirement were challenging but very “do-able”… it does take dedication and a certain amount of work but it is so well worth it! I would also like to mention how beautiful my certificate is – what a treat when it arrived in the mail! My family is as proud of it as I am!

Thank you so much for this experience and I look forward to recertifying when that time arrives. If I should ever be on the East Coast I would certainly enjoy meeting the family there.

May you be blessed with joy in your soul!



Your phone call last evening made my day… my week… my life

Dear Paul,

Your phone call last evening made my day… my week… my life…. I put so much effort into this certification & was waiting humbly for your grade & input as to my abilities. I thank you again for extending to me the opportunity to meet a dream goal in my life to be certified in Yoga.

Your material was excellent & I found the course well laid out & prepared.

It was not easy, by any means, but anyone with desire & drive would find it so enjoyable & rewarding!

I thank you for the input as to where I need a little extra thought & work. I will follow your lead & try to improve those areas.

Again Paul, Thank you for all.

Warm regards,


This course surpassed my expectations and I give it my full endorsement

Dear Paul,

I was a professor for 18 years and quite impressed with the course outline. The questions were comprehensive and certainly expanded my knowledge of Yoga therapy. The books were well chosen and I’m sure will be referenced frequently.

Thank you Paul for being a mentor and making yourself available whenever I needed your assistance.

This course surpassed my expectations and I give it my full endorsement.


Dr. Yevgenia Muir

I bought a Yoga DVD to save me

Dear Paul,

I took my first class when I was in my late 20?s. That was in the late 60’s! I didn’t practice again until the late 80?s when I started suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury from being a shorthand script secretary. An advertisement in a Saturday newspaper headed ‘Yoga’ an RSI alternative caught my eye. I remember floating out of that studio with my feet about 30cm above the earth after a long awaited Savasana. What an alternative to RSI!

I moved from Australia to London to see the world, traveled to many countries and ended up settling on a Greek Island where there are no studios or certified yoga teachers. I purchased Aura’s offer of ‘Camp in a Box’, took the benefit of the one year to complete it, crossed my fingers for good luck and off I went. What a challenge it was; not having a yoga teacher nearby to ask questions about alignment, cueing skills and lesson planning. Not to mention not having yoga classes to attend and to experience Savasana. Aura was there for me though and I sent many questions via email as well as telephoning Paul. I purchased a very large mirror, turned our ‘summer guest house’ into my studio, bought a voice recorder, and took my own class listening to my own voice. As I recall reading one of Paul’s many interesting articles one day, he said we are sometimes our own worst critics; he sure was right – I sounded terrible. So I bought a DVD to save me.

My Diploma arrived in the post last week – I passed with honors. It felt like my RSI experience of Savasana all over again. I was floating.

Socrates once said; ‘I get older, while I learn’. I got younger while I learnt and practiced more yoga. Thanks to Paul and Marie Jerard at Aura, I now plan to offer Hatha classes to the community in my local village. My Greek is not yet fluent enough to teach the non English-speaking villagers’, so my husband Sotiris will be my translator. Whether you are 21 or 61; I would recommend learning to be a yoga teacher this way – it’s a great disciplinarian.


Rochelle Jolley, Distance Yoga Teacher Training

I really enjoyed Aura’s yoga teacher training course

Hi Paul,

I really enjoyed Aura’s yoga teacher training course. It was very comprehensive and covered all the topics I thought it should, and more. Being a working mother with three children, I really appreciated that I could learn at my own pace. I was thrilled to get my certificate in the mail. I will definitely be taking more courses from Aura.


Patricia Griffin

Your Yoga Certification enabled me to learn so very much

Thank you for reviewing my tests and sending my results back so quickly. I appreciated your input on my practical exam. Safety and alignment are so important to me when I teach because I have such a varied population (age, ability and limitations).

Your Yoga Certification enabled me to learn so very much with the excellent resources provided (books, CDs, DVDs and monthly newsletters). The DVD Anatomy for Yoga with Paul Grilley helped me to understand the differences in poses from one individual to another. When I participate in, observe or instruct classes I keep in mind all of I have learned.

Lastly, thank you for being accessible during the certification process. You always answered any questions I had by phone or email.

I look forward to doing another certification in the future with Aura Wellness Center.


Julie Messa

Aura camp in a box gave me exactly what i needed

I’ve been teaching for a couple of months already in a brand new health and wellness clinic and am enjoying every minute of it. Everyone that has taken the classes have completely enjoyed them, so I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before the word spreads and classes fill up.

That tells me that the Aura camp in a box gave me exactly what i needed to have the knowledge and confidence to run a proper yoga class smoothly. This program is a great way for anyone who wants to learn more about yoga and themselves with the convenience of doing the work at home and at their own pace.

Thanks Paul for putting this camp in a box together, it has helped me move further in the direction of being healthier and happier, which is rubbing off on the people around me. Hopefully it continues to spread like wild fire.


Luke Baker

Thanks for your on-going support.

Hi Paul!

Received my new Teaching certificate. Thanks for your on-going support.

I am grateful for the opportunity your program has provided for me. I work 50 + hours at my hospital job which makes it next to impossible, at this time to travel, to continue my studies. I appreciate that you are always just a phone call or e-mail away when I need you, and that you are so prompt in responding.

Your teacher training program has improved my ability to continue to provide quality yoga instruction as well as enhancing my personal practice!


Anna L. Bain, CYT

Aura’s Camp in a box yoga teacher training program is worth ten times the price

Dear Paul, Marie & the staff,


Thank you all for help, guidance & material to study the course in achieving my hatha yoga diploma. I am glad to gain this certificate.

Having family responsibilities I couldn’t get much time to stay away from home for weekend yoga teaching programs. In this situation your program brought light on me. With my vision difficulties I could study on my own pace. Aura Teacher training program is a comprehensive study program with affordable price.

Aura’s Camp in a box yoga teacher training program is worth ten times the price. The materials including books, CDs, DVDs are very interesting & in depth. The course covers a lot of things that a beginner yoga teacher requires to know. Whenever I had question, you were quick in response. Your critiques, comments & advice are very insightful & helpful.

I am practicing for years but to teach others is different experience. Without certificate it is difficult to teach general public . It is a great pleasure to share the thoughts & knowledge about yoga & philosophy with others & feel the joy, feel the connection – the union – yoga.

I have already started teaching at my home & at the temple, very soon I am going to start at local yoga studio & health center & eventually start my own studio. As a teacher I can set example by practicing yoga & making yoga a part of life & teaching people to quality life.

This is a starting point – the gateway of journey to achieve health, harmony & happiness.

Thanks again for making it happen.

Harini Shah CYT

I thoroughly enjoyed the comprehensive course

Today I taught my first class, less than two weeks after receiving my Aura Yoga Diploma.

A dream became reality. Taking time out of my busy life to go and do a yoga course, was impossibility, but then I discovered Aura. I thoroughly enjoyed the comprehensive course. Throughout the course, whenever I had any questions, Paul always responded very promptly.

I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone interested in heading down the yogic teaching path.

I finished my class today receiving warm thanks from the students I would like to express my warm thanks to Paul and the Aura team.


Mark Jones, Certified Yoga Instructor Training Graduate

The Aura Wellness Centre had the most comprehensive syllabus of all courses

Dear Paul and Marie,

I just received my Yoga certification today, I am very proud to be a graduate of your training program. I am more than happy to write a testimonial, as I would recommend your training program to anyone interested in studying Yoga.

I have always loved practicing Yoga, it kept my stress levels to a minimum while working as a flight attendant for seven years. I decided to try a new career path and after much consideration I concluded that I should put my passion into practice. It is one thing to follow an instructor during a class, but to learn the history and fundamentals behind this age old discipline was the knowledge I was after. Yoga is a discipline that requires on-going commitment and education.

The Aura Wellness Centre had the most comprehensive syllabus of all courses that I found, and believe me I researched thoroughly. You work at your own pace and you have help at hand when ever you need it. I would recommend starting with your 50 written questions, and then move onto the essay. The internet does provide a great array of resources to help you with the essay content. When it comes to your practical exam I would suggest attending many classes; different styles of Yoga and different teaching methods. It is also great to learn from DVDs. Take from these resources what appeals to you and format your own style of teaching. Start using a video to tape yourself teaching a “mock” class. It helps to hear how your voice carries, cuing skills are vital to a successful class. You will gain more confidence in teaching classes if you start practicing now!

The resources that Aura provides you with are invaluable, it is extremely well structured and professional in every aspect. I loved the course and I feel confident in the skills I attained through my studies. I am now a professional Yoga instructor at my husband’s gym in Bahrain, the demand for Yoga is extraordinary! The support Aura offers you continues after you complete the course, it is all about networking and Aura are a godsend. Do yourself a favor and start studying with Aura today.

Kind Regards,

Rachael Pardon

The training materials are great

If you are considering becoming a yoga teacher and are wondering about a long distance training program: look no further. You’ve been led to the right place! I was so pleased with the personal interest from Paul in his encouraging e-mails, quick answers of questions and in depth knowledge.

I always felt supported and at home in the course. The training materials are great and you will use them not only for your study, but for your personal enjoyment in the future as well. The business advice is right on and very helpful in guiding a new teacher in the professional world. I am so happy I chose this school and I feel that I have learned so much that will not only help me in my teaching, but in my life!

Thank you Paul and Marie for providing this wonderful opportunity!



Irish Bork

I finished my course in three months

Dear Paul & Marie,

Thank you for the wonderful yoga teaching training course, for being there for me when I had any question and for the quick response you always provided. The course changed my life – receiving my diploma was the best thing that ever happened to me.

At the beginning I was worried, especially because of the language barriers but taking your course help me overcome that and gave me more confidence in myself and my teaching skills. The camp in a box was organized and easy to follow, and it helped tremendously with my practical training at the Sivananda ashram retreat at paradise island, Bahamas with out having to stay there for long time.

I finished my course in three months and made my husband proud of me. Your course made me believe that with hard work everything is achievable.

I am planning a trip back home soon (Damascus, Syria) all my friends and family are waiting for me to give them classes and when I come back here to the Bahamas I well be giving classes at the local gym.

Thank you is not enough.

Dima Alakhras

The Aura Yoga Certification program was excellent

The Aura Yoga Certification program was excellent. It allowed me to work at a self-guided pace without any disruptions to my job or family.

Paul offers fantastic phone and email support; his timely responses to all queries are highly detailed. I feel confident while teaching my classes that I have passed a comprehensive yoga course and that I have a support system at AURA Yoga should I have future questions.


Mary-Sarah O’Hanlon

The Yoga training was a step-by-step process

Hi Paul,

I received my diploma today and it is a beautiful document for framing, one which gives me great pride. I enjoyed my training with Aura being completely supported with materials, information, and knowing that help was only an email away. I worked with a local yoga teacher in helping me with my form, sequencing, and cueing. Practice, practice, practice is the key. Practicing with as many different groups, both adults and children, was very helpful for me in developing my style.

My focus is teaching children, but it was very helpful working with adults. I began a Lunchtime class at my university for faculty and staff and that was very helpful training. They were willing to come because the class was free and I let them know that I was practicing my skills on them. Being proactive in creating training situations for myself helped me in the learning process.

Reading the textbooks was informative and enjoyable and I learned a lot. The training was a step-by-step process and I took full advantage of the year that I had to complete all of the steps.
Take care and be blessed. Keep up the good work and keep the articles coming.



the monthly Yoga newsletter provides a wealth of information

Thank you Paul and Aura Wellness Center for helping me to attain my goal in becoming a yoga teacher. I am happy to be teaching two classes a week only a couple of weeks after receiving my certification.

I was skeptical and apprehensive at first about a distance course but Paul has personified everything I hoped to find in a teacher.

The course enriched my understanding of yoga and allowed me to work at my own pace, and on my own time schedule.

Paul responded immediately to any questions I had and provided knowledge and encouragement on a regular basis.

I would highly recommend this teacher’s training course. I look forward to enhancing my knowledge with another Aura Wellness Center distance course in the future.

One must never stop learning… the monthly newsletter provides a wealth of information.

Heartfelt Gratitude,


Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program


I am so grateful to have found Paul Jerard’s comprehensive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program.

This course was well organized and complete with extensive materials and additional marketing tools. I have been practicing for many years but I gained so much knowledge working though the requirements of this commendable course. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in a complete yoga teacher training program at a very reasonable price.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Carlisle

My favorite part of your program was the DVD

Dear Paul and Marie,

As an experienced Massage & Bodywork Therapist and yoga enthusiast, I was looking for a yoga teacher training program that would fit into my busy work schedule, would provide me with all the necessary information needed to teach yoga safely to my clients, and would be within my budget. I was so excited to find your website and order your Yoga Teacher Training series! Your correspondence course met all my needs and I am thrilled to be able to offer my clients private sessions in addition to their massage therapy appointments. Yoga has been the missing link in my business and my clients are seeing and feeling the benefits from adding a yogic practice to our bodywork sessions.

My favorite part of your program was the DVD of you both teaching asanas. It was easy to learn from you as you both have such a warm, down-to-earth, and humble approach to teaching. And I was impressed with the materials that you included with your program.

Thank you for making it so easy!


Anita K. Brown

I feel ready to build my Yoga business …

Wow, I am so excited.

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed and learned from my Aura Yoga training. I loved the ability I had to be able to do as much or as little as I wanted. Yoga did become a part of my day (I took my books everywhere). Now it’s such a big part of my life.

Now what can I say about Paul. Well first of all, if I had a question, he emailed me a response immediately, which usually ended up being several pages with additional resources to access for additional information. I felt that he treated my question as if it was the most important thing he had to do for that day. He is awesome (and pretty knowledgeable, too).

Thanks Paul! I feel ready to build my business and/or go to any facility and be hired.



I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

After practicing for 12 years, and being tired of sitting behind a desk staring at a computer, I decided that I had to pursue teaching yoga.

One month after I started my Camp-In-A-Box teacher training I got a job working with a yoga studio, and began assistant-teaching and helping run the business.

Now, having only been certified for one month, I am designing a yoga program for the top Spa in the area.

For everyone looking to start a full-time or part-time career in yoga, Aura’s Camp-In-A-Box is the perfect choice.

A fantastic program at an affordable price – being done on your own time schedule. I wouldn’t have done it any other way.


Susan Koster, Certified Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

the camp-in-a-box

Dear Paul,

Since I decided to take the camp-in-a-box to become a Yoga teacher, I’ve never looked back. It was great that I could do it at my own pace with lots of support from you and all the staff at Aura. Although we never met in person, somehow I feel connected. You are always there for any problems and questions that arise along the way.

I’m so glad that I have clicked on your website because I have no regrets at all. Surely I’m looking forward to expand my knowledge and keep advancing by taking more various courses that you have to offer. I like the work you’re doing on the website!

For all of this I really want to thank you for everything.


Nathalie Camilleri

thank you so much for all the effort you guys put together

Dear Paul and Marie!

I am so excited with your e-mail that I have passed!!! Wow!… I want to thank you so much for all the effort you guys put together to make this come true… Really… As a mom, Grandmom, Salon Owner and so many other things, I can tell you that there was no way I could of have made time for 4-6 weeks and the cost of not only going out of town, but the cost of Hotels and eating of going the other route.

I applaud you guys not only that you offer this, but also because I did (and still can if I need to) call upon you for help.

Thank you again, so much!


Leanne Pequignot

I began immediately subbing at the studio

Dear Paul,

Please excuse how late this Thank You is arriving… I have been so busy teaching yoga, that I am behind on my emails!!

Since receiving my yoga certification, I began immediately subbing at the studio I have been attending for the last 2 years. I now have my own class on the schedule and couldn’t be happier! I cannot thank you enough for all of your timely help and support throughout this process. I was reluctant to pursue my yoga teacher certification through a correspondence course, but, for some reason or another, I kept ending up on your website. Well, I’m truly glad that I did because your program completely exceeded my expectations and was perfect for me!

I’m actually looking forward to contacting you for my independent research project and recertification!

Respectfully yours,

Leslie Van Bell

I found Aura Yoga Teacher Training online

There are several yoga certification programs out there, many of which require you to leave your home and family for six months. The cost and time requirements are substantial and a lot of us aspiring yoga instructors just can’t pick up and leave our jobs and kids these days, no matter how committed we are to the practice.

That’s why when I found Aura Yoga Teacher Training online – after much research on certification programs, I was ecstatic! I didn’t have to move away or put my life and job on hold. I could study at home on my own time! The course work is well rounded and enlightening and Paul promptly addresses all questions and concerns. Within weeks of my certification, I began teaching my own classes at a nearby health club and will soon be adding more classes to my schedule! Many thanks, Paul Jerard and staff for all your support and creating this wonderful program!


Christina Ortega, Certified Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

I really do appreciate your program

Aura was the perfect answer to become a Yoga Instructor within my life situation at the moment. I work full-time and did not have the thousands of dollars to spend on most Yoga Instructor programs. Also, I did not want to sacrifice precious time with my family through weekend classes. This program helped me accomplish a big goal in a much quicker amount of time for much less money. For that, I am so appreciative! And I did not feel as though I had to sacrifice anything. I really learned a great deal of information and technique through this course. I am the kind of person who works well on my own, and this was a great program for me. Thank you!

Thanks so much Paul. I really do appreciate your program, for helping me do something I probably wouldn’t have been able to do for years!


Sharon Thiel

Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart

Dear Paul,

Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to the wonderful world of yoga.

Your training program provided me with all the necessary information to become a confident and knowledgeable yoga instructor. Prior to your teacher training program, I had never even stepped foot into a studio, today I am proud to say I am a certified yoga instructor currently working 4 days a week.

I have received great feedback from all of my students who love my classes. All of this success is thanks to all of your guidance and support. I wish you all the best and thank you again.


Andrea Colabufo

Yoga and this course may have saved my life!

My whole life and way of living has changed dramatically since beginning this course. I am amazed at the internal effects of my learning and practice; I am peaceful and moderate and have done away with many unhealthy habits. My spirituality has blossomed. My relationships made more healthy and pure… Yoga and this course may have saved my life!

In deep gratitude,

Rebecca Fritz

A big Thank You to Paul and Aura Wellness Center/Yoga Teacher Training

I would like to say a big Thank You to Paul and Aura Wellness Center/Yoga Teacher Training for the wonderful opportunity they presented to me. Now I am on my way to realizing a big dream in bringing health and wellness to others

~ Angela

this will not be the only certificate I will do with you!

Hi Paul and Marie,

I received the certificate this week, without any problems, like always. Thanks a lot!

I loved studying with you and I am already teaching in several places and areas. I am pretty busy and loved to study when I have time, sometimes late at night or on weekends. Short weekend courses wouldn’t have had value for me, as nowadays a diploma is necessary. In the way I studied with you I could bring my own ideas, studies and perfectionate. Of course, I was very pleased to receive “high honors” and A + grade!

Congratulations to you: I think your training is PERFECT!! You always kept in touch with me, responded to my mails and your material was excellent! A big THANK YOU and a KISS (here in Brazil we give a hug and a kiss!) from Brazil.

Let’s keep in touch, cause this will not be the only certificate I will do with you!



Dr. Lu Sicaha

Thank you again, Paul and Marie, for all your help, and for offering this wonderful course.

Dear Paul, Marie and Friends at Aura,

I have just received my certificate and would like to thank you for your guidance and support during my journey towards it.

I found your Yoga Teacher Training programme very thorough, well structured, and immensely enjoyable. You compiled a great selection of excellent resources including your own books and DVDs. They provided me with an abundance of knowledge and wisdom that I will continue to immerse myself in and share with my students. Thank you for the material related to developing a yoga business – such an important aspect of teaching yoga, often omitted by other Yoga Teacher Training providers. Also, thank you for your continuous support through regular Newsletters and inspiring articles filled with practical ideas.

Thank you again, Paul and Marie, for all your help, and for offering this wonderful course.

Warmest regards


Sydney, Australia

I look forward to a lifetime of yoga with Aura as my learning center

Dear Paul and Marie and all at Aura:

This note is to say thank you for the gift of the Aura Teacher Training. The quality was more than I had wished for or anticipated, the training comprehensive and the support was and is invaluable. I was certified in April and have been busy with yoga ever since. My initial intent was not to teach but to expand and grow in my own practice, but opportunities to teach presented themselves, I took advantage of them and now I teach and love doing so. I look forward to a lifetime of yoga with Aura as my learning center.

As you can see by the accompanying photo, my practice goes with me wherever I am. This summer I was in Seattle area visiting my brother, hiking in the Cascades where he took this photo.

Thank you again

Mary Palermo
Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

You helped make a dream come true for me

Dear Paul,

It took only one week, after receiving my certification from Aura Yoga, to begin teaching… and I am enjoying it totally! I feel very well prepared to answer any question the students may ask, whether about the history of yoga, a variation of a particular asana, or how to deepen one’s meditative practice. The time I spent in the leisure of my own home learning about yoga was a truly enjoyable experience and now I am imparting that knowledge to others. You provided an outstanding curriculum – and I feel that my money was well spent.

My class includes all ages and all levels of physical fitness but we work together within our diverse limitations and ranges of mobility using recommended variations to create a harmonious whole. The new yoga practitioners can observe how much more flexible they can become by looking at the advanced students; the advanced students are able to see how far they have come, so each group is encouraged. Also, teaching yoga was going to be a part-time venture for me, but I have been offered a chance to teach it regularly at a local facility and I admit that I am excited about this prospect. None of this would have been possible for me without your program.

Aura Yoga has provided me with the certification to teach something I love and the chance to broaden my horizons in dozens of ways. Please accept my heartfelt thanks. I wish I had done this many years ago, when I first started practicing yoga.

Feel free to use my name and email address as a reference, should any prospective student have questions regarding this home study program. But they need to be prepared: I can only encourage them with the highest, most positive enthusiasm possible.

Thank you, Paul. You helped make a dream come true for me… and little by little I believe we will all make a difference in the world – one thought, one posture, one breath at a time.

With deepest appreciation,

Chelsea Lane Barrington, CYT

The Aura Wellness training course was comprehensive in scope

The Aura Wellness training course was comprehensive in scope: the DVDs, books, lesson plans and written communications provided a complete learning experience. The books and DVDs are resources that will form the basis of your yoga reference library. Aura Wellness provides the materials and the support one needs to become a confident and competent yoga instructor. Working with Aura Wellness was — and continues to be — a great experience!


Barbara J. Euser

I was so surprised and happy

Dear Mr. Jerard,

Just a note to let you know that the Certification Course arrived yesterday. I was so surprised and happy that it traveled here so quickly — when you only posted it on Saturday. It was so exciting to unpack. Let me exclaim what a lovely “Camp-In-A-Box!” — organized so well and packed so beautifully. Thank you for this and for offering this course — each a beneficent gesture.

Namaste — Have a fine week,


Yoga Certification with Aura Wellness Centre

Dear Paul and Marie

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to complete my Yoga Certification with Aura Wellness Centre. The programme ‘Camp in a Box’ is a thorough programme that allows one to study in depth yoga philosophy, health issues, asana practice, pranayama and relaxation; all of which are vital components of all yoga classes. I am particularly grateful for the many books and DVDs I received after enrolling in your programme, whose aid has undoubtedly been invaluable. I am sure that all your students (former, current and future) are/will be very grateful for the knowledge gained through these resources. I am sure I will come back to them again and again. I have been practising Yoga since 2002, but after completing the programme I feel confident as regards the combination and sequence of asanas I use in my Vinyasa classes. This is all thanks to you. I feel that I have gained a lot of knowledge and confidence after completing your programme and I know that I made the right choice to study with Aura Wellness Centre. I couldn’t be happier! I also need to add that I am very content with the prompt communication we had throughout my studies with Aura. As other students have noted, your prompt communication continues after students complete your programme and this is really important, knowing that your Institution always takes students’ best interests and progress at heart. Be sure that I will highly recommend your programme and Institution to anyone who expresses interest in beginning his/her journey in Yoga certification.

May you always remain as productive and creative as you currently are!


Andry Sophocleous, Yoga Teacher Training Graduate
Nicosia, Cyprus

The Aura Yoga Teacher Training has allowed me to deepen my understanding

The Aura Yoga Teacher Training has allowed me to deepen my understanding and personal practice of yoga and at the same time share my enthusiasm with some of my colleagues from work. Even though, I think, that ultimately, a live training/workshop is better in some respects, sometime situations make this impossible. This is a very good alternative.

Living in Vietnam and being tied to work for certain periods of time makes it pretty much impossible for me to do face-to-face training. This program allowed me to work at my own pace, enjoy what I was doing and reading, while continuing with my daily life.

Paul always answered my emails very quickly and respectfully, the materials are of a high quality and varied and the assignments are thoughtful and helpful. Thank you for my certificate!




I would highly recommend Paul Jerard & Aura Wellness Center

I would highly recommend Paul Jerard & Aura Wellness Center, whether to learn or get certified as a yoga teacher.

The certification course & diploma that I have earned has not just made me a bonafide teacher, it has made me become a student once again. I have realized that its more than just getting a diploma, it is all about continuing education & learning more about yoga. You get updated especially on anatomy, physiology & many more. The books & videos provided are “must haves” that I will surely keep them for further references & education. More power to Aura Wellness Center & I look forward to teaching in my new home (UK).


Roberto Carag Dario
Yoga Instructor Training Graduate

Working with Aura Yoga has been a wonderful experience

Working with Aura Yoga has been a wonderful experience. Paul has always been flexible, helpful and quick to reply to all of my emails. I just finished my re-certification process, which deepened my sense of security in my teaching. Being a student of life and of Yoga, I am constantly looking to build my mental library. The recertification process led me on a wonderful learning journey that was prompted by Paul’s Yoga Teacher Training materials. Kudos to you Paul for putting together such a wonderful program!!


Jennifer Rush
DEM, CD,CCE, BC, CYT, Reiki Master

Your curriculum was as comprehensive as I had hoped

Your curriculum was as comprehensive as I had hoped; it pulled my years of study together concisely and with extreme clarity. Thank you for giving me the confidence to share my love of yoga with others!



Pier Jones, Divine Yoga
Marlow, OK

Paul’s program is top-notch

Paul’s program is top-notch. Studying at your own pace rather than a pace set for however many students worked very well for me. Paul was with me all the way, my emails were answered quickly, and phone calls just as quickly. I feel I’m as well rounded as a beginner teacher as I would have been if I had been on site. The AURA yoga teacher training program is great.


Amos Nance

I was so excited to receive my Yoga teacher certificate

Dear Paul and Aura Yoga,

I would like to thank you for the excellent Yoga Teacher Certification programme and your professional service. The camp-in-a- box gave me the necessary background knowledge and confidence required to teach others and understand the many complexities that is Yoga.

I was so excited to receive my Yoga teacher certificate and have hung it in my studio. I am busy building up my classes and have already a loyal and regular following.

I highly commend Aura Yoga’s programme to anyone wanting to embark on this path. Body, Mind and Spirit.

Thank you kindly once again.


Sigi Kolbe, Certified Yoga Instructor
Namibia, Africa

thank you for the opportunity

It has been almost a year since my certification and I do apologize for not writing sooner. It is very easy to get caught up in life! I do want to thank you for the opportunity to take your home study class and complete your course in my own time without the enormous expense. I have been teaching in a small setting since March of this year and the class has made a difference in several students’ lives. (Including mine) And that’s what matters. It really is amazing and mind-boggling the different “types” of yoga certification that are out there. I just wanted people to experience what I have through yoga and to be of service, if I could. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation!


Lisa Morris

AURA’s Yoga Teacher Training Certification was exactly what I needed

AURA’s Yoga Teacher Training Certification was exactly what I needed, with my busy lifestyle it is very hard to take a few weeks off at a time to attend a on-site training. I have a full time job and play bass with Chapel Hill band Feeding the Fire. I was able to easily adapt the training to my current schedule and complete it in less than 2 months. I’m teaching private lessons and have started teaching at Franklin Street Yoga Center here in Chapel Hill. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for an alternative to on-site training.

Thank you very much Paul!!


Eric Smith
Graduate, Online Yoga Teacher Training

Thank you so much for going to the extra effort

Thank you so much for going to the extra effort to make this class both affordable yet “packed” with powerful & very interesting information!

Both my daughter & I are so excited to become Yoga Instructors & this fantastic study class is probably the best we could have ever found!

Thank you again for the time it must have taken as well as research to put this together…

Warm Regards,

Leslie Blake

Thanks for all the help.

I had caught the yoga bug! I fell deeply in love with the practice of yoga while sitting in pigeon position and decided this would be my future. I began to investigate my options for training and certification and quickly realized that given my current responsibilities I could not spare weekends, weeks, travel time and costs to achieve my goal. I am a mother of four bright and healthy children and married to a pilot who spends much of his time on the road. I was at a loss.
I scanned the Internet and found Aura Yoga Teacher Training at home. Wow. My heart leaped but I was skeptical. Can this program really lay the groundwork for becoming a yoga teacher? I sent a link of the website to my current yoga teacher for her review and she gave me the professional thumbs up.
The study materials presented all the vital information a yoga teacher has to know, plus business ideas, plus bonus materials. That combined with personal and studio practice and a heart willing to learn made it possible to confidently finish my certification. I completed the program in about a year. But the real kicker is, during that year I also made an international move from America to Switzerland. Guess what! I didn’t lose any time or effort I put into the program. Once I arrived in my new home I just picked up where I left off and completed my certification.
Long story short… I have my first class beginning in the coming month and I am confident that I will lead the class effectively! Thanks for all the help.

God bless,

Susanne Hartkop
Certified Yoga Teacher

wonderful experience

Dear Paul,

I want to thank you for the wonderful experience I have had going through your self-directed yoga teacher training program. I have always wanted to teach yoga and because of your program I am now able to. It has been a true honor and pleasure to learn from you. I have pulled out my certificate so many times already and smiled at it. I am thrilled to be a graduate of Aura Wellness Center.

To anyone interested in a long distance program, this is the one. The books, videos, CD’s and other reference material included in the kit provided me with endless and valuable information that I know I will continue to reference. Every time I had a question, and there were many, I knew I could count on a response from Paul within a day. He was and continues to be extremely giving of his vast knowledge and time.


Laura Waldman

The AURA YOGA TEACHER TRAINING was life transforming!

Dear Paul and Marie :

I received the beautiful certificate yesterday. I want to say thank you for everything. The AURA YOGA TEACHER TRAINING was life transforming! I had no idea how detailed, organized, and professional this program would be.

I got much more than I ever could have dreamed. I have deepened both my practice of yoga and my spiritual practice as a whole.

WOW! It definitely was an intensive program I feel great about the accomplishment. It is life training.

Being a yoga teacher, I feel honored to be a part of peoples’ lives in a positive way. I will enjoy to help others build the connection between the breath, body and mind.

Thank you very much!


Andrea Olivares, Certified Yoga Teacher

thank you for giving me the opportunity

Hi Paul,

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to get a yoga teaching certificate without having to spend lots of $$ and giving me lots of my time to acquire it. You really need one these days to continue teaching and it gives me great pleasure to tell clients that I graduated with honors at the Aura Wellness Center.

The Aura Yoga Teacher Certification course let me fulfill the dream of a lifetime. I have been practicing yoga since 1975 and started teaching in 1987. I opened my own studio last year, 2007, and realized that I needed a certificate to validate my experience. Aura has made this happen for me. My studio is growing and I believe in my dream. Thanks for helping me fulfill it.


Lynne Carroll, Certified Yoga Instructor

I am profoundly grateful

Paul & Marie,

Thank you so much for providing this excellent comprehensive training course. I deeply appreciate the content and methodology of the program as well as the personal support that you gave throughout. I have received so much to pour into the lives and practice of my students. They will benefit greatly from the training that I received through your Yoga teachers’ training course. I will always be grateful to you and look forward to more of the training that you have available.

It has been a real pleasure. I will live up to the honor of the ethics and to the reputation of your school. I will look forward to receiving your newsletters and updates as well as further training in the future.

(Oh, and you can use this email for testimonials or promotion. I would be honored and will be sure to pass along information about your course to other Yoga teachers.)

I am profoundly grateful.


Jay Gunn
Carrsville, Virginia

Thanks so much for everything.

Hari Om Paul,

I received my certificate today and I am thrilled. Thanks so much for everything.

As a mom of a small child I would not have been able to attend any Yoga School for a Yoga Teacher Training program but with your help I was able to do it in my own time. I started ‘practicing’ with a few friends being a teacher from home. I have converted a small room in my house with a separate entrance as a studio (taking 6 students) and already by word of mouth I had requests when they can start doing Yoga with me.

Now that I am officially certified I can contact them and tell them to come!


Steffi Pardemann

Meditation has helped me personally in so many ways

Dear Paul,

Thank you so much for the opportunity and guidance with my meditation course. I loved the text and really appreciated the helpful accompanying CD’s and DVD. It was a very thorough course without being overwhelming. I found the test a wonderful challenge – it covered all of the material, and helped me be sure that I really understood the concepts, and had an opportunity to learn the methods firsthand. Meditation has helped me personally in so many ways.

This course allowed me to take my practice to a higher level, and gave me the wisdom and confidence to start teaching meditation to groups. I am very thankful for this course and look forward to teaching my first group class next week! If anyone asks me how to support or enhance their meditation practice, are guided to teach meditation to help others, or are searching for a way to really enrich their own lives, I will happily refer them to Aura.


Lauralyn Harter
Certified Meditation Teacher

I am ever so grateful that Aura Wellness Center offers a certification course

“The stars exist that we might know how high our dreams can soar.”

I am ever so grateful that Aura Wellness Center offers a certification course that can be completed by correspondence. It has given me the opportunity to realize a long-held dream of teaching yoga.

As a qualified consultant in the uses of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator™, now having the training to offer Yoga classes will allow me to provide my students with resources to experience their life path from a perspective of mind, body and spirit.

I feel that Aura Wellness embraces the true meaning of ‘Yoga’ – forming a worldwide union of like-minded individuals who are spreading a message of compassion through their teaching.

I am proud to be a part of this family.

Thank you!

Maureen Kelly, Graduate, Yoga Teacher Training Online
Birch Bay, Washington

I wish I had this book before I started my own businesses

First I want to say how much I enjoyed your marketing/biz booklet. It was informative, personal, and realistic. I wish I had this book before I started my own businesses three years ago!


Danielle Rochelle

I want to take this time to say “thank you”

I want to take this time to say “thank you”. All I have learned, so far, really has opened my eyes and has made a REALLY big change in my life. If your at home learning program had not been available I may not have looked into Yoga any further.”


Lucie Duguay

I am so grateful

Good Day, Paul

I thought I should let you know that I have been reading, studying, and practicing Yoga, and really appreciate all the information you sent. It is all so very interesting and I am so grateful to have had the chance to be a part of AURA Yoga.


Lynda Sirianni
Rice Lake, WI

Thank You so much

Wow, talk about quick service and great reference material. I can’t believe how service oriented you people really are. Thank You so much.


Sharon Gordon

I wanted to thank you for my beautiful diploma

Dear Paul,

I wanted to thank you for my beautiful diploma and lovely letter of recommendation as well as the tips. I do appreciate how quickly you sent me my results and certificate. Also, thanks for always getting back to me so quickly with answers to my questions.

Your program was a wonderful experience for me. Having two small children to look after, your Camp-in-the-Box was perfect for me because I could set my own hours for studying. I was also free to work at my own pace. The materials are wonderful and the online and telephone instruction I received was extremely helpful. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who seriously wants to become a yoga teacher!

On another note, I already have a few solid leads so I hope to be teaching very soon. I’ll let you know when I’m officially hired. My plan is to start subbing as much as possible to gain valuable experience. Hopefully, the subbing will eventually lead to some regular classes.

Thanks again, Paul! It has been a real pleasure!

All the best,

Stephanie Winnard

Thanks to your help

Wanting to do what you like for a living didn’t seem practical until I put your YTT-Camp-in-a-box into action. Thanks to your help, I’m on my way to self-employment. I now have 5 accounts with companies and gyms.



Mark Harris

I never knew and have become a teacher full-time

I practiced Yoga for 12 years and had no clue about business. I learned things about Yoga and business I never knew and have become a teacher full-time.”


Jen Reyes

I use that in my classes, with my patients, and with my kids.

Hi, Paul!

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how my teacher training is going. I ended up running 2 Saturday morning classes because my first planned class filled within a week through word of mouth and no advertising. I had 2 classes going. I’m currently half way through a second 6-week session. Again I have 2 Saturday morning classes.

I have had 3 other offers to teach yoga classes at various places when I wasn’t even seeking it. I declined them.

I’m also teaching a mommy and me yoga class that is going very well. I originally didn’t want to do it but something drew me there.

I’ve also been studying Mukunda Stiles Structural Yoga Therapy – just from his books. That probably doesn’t surprise you, but thought I’d tell you anyway. I’m also working on A Physiological Handbook for Teachers of Yogasanas. Actually I’ve read and studied quite a few books since Christmas including the yoga mudra book you recommended. I use that in my classes, with my patients, and with my kids.

I hope all is well with you and Marie and the business.


Kim Wright

I am truly grateful


Your yoga certification course has been outstanding!! It has greatly expanded my knowledge of yoga and has provided me with extremely useful information for teaching yoga classes and the business of starting a yoga studio. The course materials, including your materials on the business of yoga, are excellent. I know that this training will open new doors of opportunity for yoga teaching and I am truly grateful to have been able to take this course!!


Donald Briskin
Champaign, IL

Thanks so much for the opportunity

Hi Paul,

Thanks so much for the opportunity to train with your distance program. For a busy home schooling mom, doula, and yoga teacher, your program was a perfect fit for me and my family. I would recommend your program to anyone interested in the self-study of yoga. The material was thorough and complete and very though provoking. I enjoyed studying and looked forward to my study time. Thanks again for offering this wonderful program and I wish you many future successes with you business.


Jennifer Rush, CD, CCE, CYT
Certified Yoga Teacher

looking forward to studying this packet.”

Hi Paul!!

I received my kit today and it was worth the wait!! It looks great. I am currently overwhelmed with classes right now but will get to this soon. Thanks again … looking forward to studying this packet.


Tammy Battista

thanks for your assisting and for being a ‘service oriented’ man


I’m so happy I joined your YTT Camp-in-a-Box. You know very well about my needs and expectations about being a good Yoga teacher. The YTT Camp in a Box not only led me to become a better Yoga teacher (I’m already one and took a Yoga teacher training course before), but this program also improved my personality side, my ability to be sharp, and perceive the needs of my students.

Also, this course gave me the knowledge and possibilities on how my business will grow in the future…all this is proof that a distance learning is possible and could be as strong as (or probably stronger than?) onsite Yoga training.

Since it stimulated me to learn about the whole materials, if not so I could never be able to do the exams…thanks for your assisting and for being a ‘service oriented’ man. I wish that I will be like that too.”


Pujiastuti Sindhu
Bandung, Indonesia

I do thanks every day for the Aura experience and Paul’s support

Hello Paul:

I hope you are doing great! I am doing very good.

I am sending you my testimony to share with the world. I hope my testimony can stimulate others like me. I am the founder and owner of AcuaYogI concept and discipline in Puerto Rico. I was a swimmer since 5 years old and participated in local and national competitions, practiced synchronized swimming during her teens. I Have been involved in providing aquatic services to a variety of populations, especially in adaptive aquatics since 1976. In 1979-81 trained and coached the major swimming team in Puerto Rico (Caparra Country Club). Continued to teach at her private pool during college years.
I have been involved with different non profit cause of handicapped children and the foundation of ADHD Chapter in my country since 1991. Establishing and founding of SER de Puerto Rico, a local handicap children’s school .I work with infants through teens with a variety of conditions such as cerebral palsy. Spina bifida, rheumatoid arthritis, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, hypotonic, Alzheimer, fibromyalgia, chronic arthritis and pain, autism, ADHD, developmental delays and others, As a certified Yoga teacher from Aura School in Rhode Island, certified Watsu facilitator from School of Watsu and Massage at Hot Harbin, California. The combination to offer great experiences to special population gives great satisfaction and gratification. The yoga has helped many people to restore movement inside of the water and be able to transfer that to land. My yoga training has improved my water practice rehabilitating people with chronic conditions in the water. I have designed my own program and has helped many lives.

I offer AcuaYogi services to children and adults as well. I works with small group individual program and does house calls, facilitating people’s access to the discipline, no matter their physical condition. My mission is a dynamic exchange adventure between AcuaYogi facilitator and children inside and outside of the water, focusing on aqua-abilities, leading the children and adult to explore their full inner potential, without limits. I believe in stressing self confidence and the joy of movement in a safe non competitive and success oriented environment.

I have been associated with medical professionals in the area of neurology, physiatrist, OBG, physical therapist and orthopedics in order to follow up on success of recuperation.

AcuaYogi has made huge difference in the lives of many children and adults and their families with her philosophy of empowerment, which helps children and adults believe in themselves and auto healing, finding the real inner strength and strong will. As spirits are encouraged and they build inner confidence they can meet new challenges both in and out of the water. Total transformation of the person is the result of the discipline where people discover their abilities in the water opening a whole new perspective of their chronic illness which do not identify their personality or stops them to have the most of their lives.

I do thanks every day for the Aura experience and Paul’s support during the process. I own a beautiful job filled with happiness and gratefulness. At the end of the day that is my mission in life.

I hope my testimony stimulate others,

Debbie torrellas

Again, thank you for allowing me to earn my certification…

Dear Paul Jerard,

I have received the certification for completing the course. I want to thank you for allowing me to do this course. I had a lot fun with it and I am really looking forward to beginning my experience asa teacher. I am also interested in any other trainings that you offer. I enjoyed this course so much, I would definitely consider doing other courses you have available to further my education as a Yoga instructor.

Thank you for recommending the B.K.S Iyengar Book. I actually have it and several other books on B.K.S. Iyengar. I have tried several methods of Yoga and found that Iyengar is by far my favorite.

Again, thank you for allowing me to earn my certification through your at home training course. I will definitely suggest it to anyone who is looking to become a teacher.


Sarah Ksioszk
Certified Yoga Teacher

very uplifting and positive experience dealing with the AURA SCHOOL

Thank you, Paul

I have just passed my Yoga teacher training with Aura Yoga school, “Camp in a box.”

At first, I was wary, there are so many scams and cons on the inter net, you have to be, but after examining the Aura web site carefully, I sent off for my materials. They did not disappoint.

I found the syllabus challenging but do-able. You have to know your stuff to pass the written exam and be competent at yoga practice to pass the practical. But the materials are comprehensive and Paul is always there, at the end of an email (he is very prompt at replying) and you have your monthly newsletters to keep you informed.

I had a very uplifting and positive experience dealing with the AURA SCHOOL and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to pursue their yoga practice with a view to teaching. It is un-pressured yet thorough and it allowed me to gain a qualification in yoga whilst fulfilling my commitments here, in the U.K.


Nicola Edwards

You put it all together in this class

Dear Paul,

I just wanted to tell you how highly I esteem this curriculum. I took yoga teacher training more than 20 years ago, and had long desired a way to enhance my meditation instruction skills.

You put it all together in this class.


Allison Davidson

I would highly recommend this program

In Emmanuel’s Book compiled by Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton are these beautiful words:

“The concept of teacher as student
and student as teacher
is not new.
It has been spoken of by the wise souls
of every generation.
There is much learning
to be derived from the teaching process.
But the teacher must remain the student
if the teacher is to grow.”

It is because I believe these words so completely that I signed up for Paul’s program, and it was wisdom that led me to this choice. Paul manages to combine professionalism with compassion, and I always felt supported and reassured by him throughout this challenging process. His dedication to the art and science of yoga is profound. He is running a business, yes, but it feels more like a service he offers to his community and to the world at large because he has such a commitment to his vocation. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who feels the calling to become a Certified Yoga Teacher.

Thank you, Paul and Marie for all you are and all you do.


Gillian Shinkman
Proud Alumna of the Aura Wellness Center

I am truly happy

Dear Paul,

I just got my Aura Yoga teaching certificate and I am truly happy. In the past years, I have had a strong motivation to share my passion for yoga with others. Until I found out about your program, however, it had been difficult to find a teacher training course who could fit my schedule, since I divide my time between Europe and the States. Your camp-in-a-box was very convenient for me, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Apart from the textbooks, I particularly liked the anatomy and the beginner lesson plan DVDs, which are very thorough and informative. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.

All the best,

Laura Andreatta
(Padova, Italy / Destin, FL)

Paul is a wonderful person

Dear Fellow souls,

I am happy to announce that I’m now a certificated Yoga Teacher. I really appreciate working with Aura Wellness Center, and Paul is a wonderful person always ready to help and guide with every question or doubt.

For me Yoga has been a great tool and lifestyle to balance and harmonies my work for many years in the fitness and health industry. I use Yoga to give me inner peace, joy, energy, and it’s a wonderful way of learning to respect and love ourselves in all existing life.

We need to find and discover the energy inside ourselves, and regularly practice of Yoga is a great method for today’s stressed society. We could all benefit tremendously from learning how to relax, how to breathe better. It will open up our eyes to our own spirituality and the higher questions about ourselves and life.

I feel proud and very privileged of what I can give and create with others; to share what I have learned and experienced already is for me a big personal gift and treasure. We all have hidden capacities just waiting to come out, and I hope that you will find as much joy and happiness as me, following the path of self-discovery, understanding and enlightenment.



The course was comprehensive…

Greetings Paul,

I am thrilled to receive my yoga certification. The course was comprehensive and I learned so much. The variety of requirements helped me in so many ways. The readings were extremely helpful especially in learning the history of yoga. The anatomy video was good in ways that only a video can be. Seeing the students and how their particular bodies worked regarding bone structure etc. clarified many things for me. I enjoyed recording the video of a class, when viewing it I saw ways I might improve my own presentation.

Thank you for the support, the materials and the opportunity to become a certified yoga instructor I look forward to many harmonious classes.


Sheila M. Macomber


Thank you so much to the staff of the Aura Wellness Center.

After receiving the Camp-In-A-Box I was so excited to begin my studies! It contained so much information. The books themselves were outstanding, along with the DVD’s for marketing and opening a business to the instructional for mastering Asanas. I have no regrets about embarking on this course and feel the wealth of knowledge I have gained as a result is more than satisfactory.

The staff was always at the ready to answer any questions and offer any guidance. Thank you again, for the opportunity to complete your course and market myself as a certified Yoga instructor!!


Certified Yoga Instructor

I completed the program in just a little less than a year

I began my Yoga Teacher Training career with basically just desire, and did not know where to turn for direction. After researching what was available, I found the AURA Yoga Teacher Training Course to be the most comprehensive and affordable program available through home study. After receiving my Training Package, I quickly realized just how in-depth the course was (and how much I would have to study!). I began with the written test, followed by my essay and ending with the practical exam. During this time, I attended a Yoga class in a nearby community. I was startled to realize how much I already knew. I completed the program in just a little less than a year.

Presently, I am teaching Yoga classes at a health center in my community, and loving every minute of it! I have not had to do much marketing, word of mouth is working beautifully.

I cannot say enough regarding the AURA Yoga Teacher Training Program and for Paul. This course helps you create the confidence and knowledge base needed. Paul was available to me when I needed him, and was very compassionate and supportive. I would recommend this course to anyone who is seriously considering the career of Yoga teaching.


Valerie Patton, CYT Certified Yoga Teacher Training Graduate
Independence, KS

thank you sincerely for the opportunity to participate in your YTT

Dear Paul,

I’d like to take this time to thank you sincerely for the opportunity to participate in your YTT. The 240 hour course was great , put together just wonderfully! this course led me down several paths! The studying and research really opened my mind and heart to knowledge I didn’t know existed, however it is something that I had longed for.

As I studied, all that I learned seemed to fill in the gaps of all I’d been searching for.

Again, thank you, your training was put together perfectly and just what I needed. I know the YTT will be a blessing to others as it has been for me.


Lucy Bonner
Certified Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

I learned a lot on this course

“Paul’s yoga teacher’s training course curriculum requires the close study of books by James Hewitt and Swami Vishnu-Devananda, which are considered classic English language yoga texts. Doing my practical on-site, I got to meet Paul and spent time with him over a couple of days. Paul is always willing to help and enjoys working with the global community he has developed. Paul.answers his e-mail promptly. Being an experienced practitioner coming in, I learned a lot on this course, and because of it I am more rounded in my yoga practice.

I recommend him and this course highly.”


Tom Harrington
Ottawa, Ontario

I’m very happy to be an Aura Yoga Teacher

“I’m very happy to be an Aura Yoga Teacher. Your course is deep and complete and helps you to know many aspects of yoga. Thanks!!

I could study and work at the same time and integrate my everyday life with yoga. I can say that my life is better with Yoga.

I’m going to follow another course at Aura, because I trust you and I appreciate your knowledge and humanity. Grazie davvero!

All the Best,

A presto
Romina (Italy)

The help and support that I received from the AURA

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Meditation Course for my personal well-being and for potentially teaching in the area that I work. The help and support that I received from the AURA was awesome, timely and matched the support of any accredited institution that I have taken correspondence courses from. I am anxious about getting enrolled in the YOGA training as well.”

NOTE: Cheryl A. Black is now the Group Facilitator of Sistah’ Spirit Unlimited

Cheryl Black
Graduate Yoga Teacher Training Online

Aura online teacher training course

Hi Paul.

I have received the certificate of accreditation; it looks great, thanks a lot. Below is a reference of your course for other prospective students.

Having recently completed the Aura online teacher training course I can proudly recommend it to anyone who wants to work as a Yoga teacher or simply improve their own practice.

I first began teaching Yoga to friends who wanted to learn and before long I found myself giving paid classes in my local area without having any official accreditation and although my students were happy enough, for me it was always something I felt uncomfortable about. When I looked into doing a teacher training course I just didn´t find any suitable options. Doing it full time would have meant taking a whole month off work whilst part time would have taken a year to complete; furthermore I would have to wait six months for the next course to start.

Doing the Camp-in-a-Box online course really gives you the freedom to work and study in your own time. The materials are excellent and I am glad to have them for continued future reference. I live in Spain and everything arrived within 7 working days including my certification on completion of the course. Paul was excellent with answering any questions or problems I had, I don’t recall one occasion where my inquiry was not attended to the same day.

If you are a keen Yogi then I guarantee you will not regret doing this course. I am positive you will get as much out of it as I have.


Rod Burke

Your material was great and Informative!!

Dear Paul and Marie,

Thank you so much!! I can’t believe it! I’m so excited to be on the road to teach my own class!

You helped me to change my life and my future.

It was really nice to work with Camp In Box!! I’d like to thank you for offering such a wonderful product!! Your material was great and Informative!!

Thank you so much!!

Kind regards

Emmanuelle Royer

major positive turning point in my life

Completing the AURA yoga teacher training camp in a box was a major positive turning point in my life. AURA Yoga provided me with all the materials I needed to turn my passion for yoga into a means of qualifying to share this passion with others. It was more than just a course to me, everything I learnt was relevant and able to be applied to my daily life, so my period of study also became a spiritual journey. I encountered many personal difficulties throughout my time of study, however with the support of the caring and understanding faculty, I was able to get through my personal struggles and complete the course. AURA yoga is a compassionate training centre that practices the amazing yogic way that they teach, I have never felt so supported and understood in my entire experiences of education as I did with AURA and this is saying a lot considering we are on opposite sides of the world. Thanks to AURA Wellness Centre I am not only a qualified yoga teacher, I am a better person.

Anyway thank you so much for everything, please feel free also to let me know if you need anything as I would be happy to help, you have made a loyal friend in Australia. Thank you once again for everything

Love and peace always

Certified Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

The teacher training course was challenging

“The teacher training course was challenging and Paul was accessible throughout. The specific and detailed feedback I received regarding the class I taught was especially useful.”


Joy Tiz, Hero’s Pose
Yoga for Every Body

I loved the Aura Yoga program

“I loved the Aura Yoga program. I’m teaching Yoga to my patients and they absolutely love it!

Such a delightful and educative course… blessings Aura Yoga”


Estelle Carraz-Bernabei, Graduate, Yoga Teacher Training Online

more than worthwhile

I had been involved with Yoga off and on for many years and taught Physical Education at one time.

I found the teacher training program to be interesting, thorough and supportive. It has given me more confidence and certainty, so was more than worthwhile.



Grace Dansereau
Manitoba, Canada

I loved your course!

Hello Paul,

I wanted to tell you how happy I am with my diploma and how much I loved your course. All of the work was straight forward. It was fun and easy to understand. I learned so much more that I ever thought I would. You were so helpful with everything I needed. My questions were always answered quickly and completely. I started out not knowing anything about yoga and finished with all the education and confidence to teach my own class. You helped me strive for a better me and a better way of life for my children.

I will highly recommend your school to others and can not wait to continue my education with your school.

Thank you very much,

Yoga Enthusiast

Aura Yoga Teaching Training Program

Last month I received my Yoga teaching certification through the Aura Yoga Teaching Training Program. This has been a real blessing in my life. The course was exactly suited to my particular needs. I could work at my own pace in my home and it was affordable. I was able to read the materials and complete the assignments in just a little over three months. If I had any questions, I received a quick response from Paul. Now, as I begin teaching yoga, it is comforting to know that if any questions or concerns arise, I have the support I need from Aura Wellness Center.


Teresa Hoffelmeyer

I was enjoying my readings & watching the different cd’s provided

Dear Paul,

I just received my certificate & can hardly express how proud & happy I am; I must say when I first got the course material I was overwhelmed with the amount and scope of it. As time passed though I was enjoying my readings & watching the different cd’s provided, it was all very relevant and goes in depth into all aspects of yoga, be it physical, mental or spiritual. I have a great sense of achievement having passed the various exams and am confident that I am capable of teaching a class safely & with lots of compassion & care; having been a practitioner for many years will help me do the shift from student to teacher, with the knowledge that I still have a lot to cover & study. The amazing moment for me was when writing the essay & being aware of the benefits that yoga brings to people’s lives, and the realization that I can now convey those benefits in my classes.

I now give private lessons to individuals, paying attention to their specific needs, I am also considering teaching kids & introducing them to this wonderful art.

Thank you Aura for making my dream come true, thank you Paul for being there answering my every question promptly & sincerely.

All the best


The materials I received were thorough

Paul and Marie,

Thank you so much for all your help- I wanted to write a short testimonial for the course.

I started teaching yoga after taking a weekend certification course because there was always a shortage of yoga instructors at the gym. The weekend certification program inspired me, but as I tried to put together routines and study as many yoga books as I could, I felt very overwhelmed. I stay home with three small children and couldn’t just leave to go on extensive training courses, but I really wanted to learn as much as I could about Yoga and why it works and the safest way to teach the asanas.

When I found the on line Aura education program – I was thrilled. I looked into the course and curriculum and I found exactly what I needed. The course provided a structured curriculum, and guided me through many books with questions that were important for me to know and understand if I wanted to be a safe and effective instructor. Students who take yoga have many questions and they have a right to knowledgeable answers. As I went through the course work, I felt confidence in what I was doing and I was able to answer questions. I also enjoyed making hand outs for students out of the many questions on the exams that I thought were really fascinating as I researched the answers.

Paul was available on line and promptly answered any questions I had through out the year. Paul was very encouraging as well as helpful. The materials I received were thorough and I learned so much in a systematic way. I received modules spaced out, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed and everything was laid out nicely even for a busy Mom to do a little at a time. Paul and Marie took so much time to look over everything I sent in with such detail, and they gave me valuable input and helpful remarks to help me improve!!!! I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in teaching yoga, learning or wants to further there understanding about a 5000 year old art form that is amazing.

I thank the Aura Wellness Center for all their help and tools and I look forward to continuing classes with them!!! I taught High school mathematics before I had children, so I am familiar with curriculums, and I am very impressed at how well this course was organized and put together, so I encourage anyone thinking about it- to go for it.


Lori Loken,
A Student of Yoga for Life

thank you so much!!

Dear Paul,

I received my certificate today, thank you so much!! I appreciate the kind words and recommendation…

As a yoga teacher who was needing to re certify, but not interested in whirl- wind weekend courses, I found AURA’s YTT Camp-in-a-Box to be exactly what I was looking for.

The materials sent are written by the finest teachers in yoga and the questions are challenging and though. The information that I gained through the course is used on a daily basis through every aspect of my life.

I was also impressed with the quick response to all my e-mails and the answers I needed when I needed them. I recommend this program to anyone interested in exploring the practice and the business of yoga further.


Kimberly Carter, LMT CYT

I just recently received a promotion…

Namaste Director Paul!

I just received my response from you regarding my certification as a Yoga instructor, and am so very appreciative and excited! I enrolled last May with hopes to complete all of the requirements by year-end, which was very “doable”. I have never had formal Yoga training, but have done self-study and attended classes randomly for the past 7 years. I would encourage any person who wants to become an instructor, or who simply wants to enhance their own knowledge and skills to enroll in your course. You were always readily available if I had questions, which were few because the materials were so well organized and clear. The resource materials were of highest in quality, and I truly learned so much. I just recently received a promotion, which was unexpected yet wonderful, and am uncertain as to how soon I will be able to begin teaching. When I mentioned this to my husband, he replied that the enjoyment, practice benefits, and sense of accomplishment that your course gave me was priceless, even if I never get to teach (which, by the way, will not be the case). I agree with him wholeheartedly and just cannot thank you enough for this wonderful opportunity.


Cheryl Mothes
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

I’m pleased as punch!

Greetings Paul,

I recently received my Yoga Teacher Training certificate from Aura Wellness Center and have to say that I’m pleased as punch!

The Camp-In-A-Box program not only provided me with the educational tools necessary to begin building a yoga business, it also gave me the inspiration and momentum to move forward with enthusiasm.

I particularly want to thank you for the excellent yoga materials and support that you provided over the course of my study. I would highly recommend the Camp-In-A-Box program to anyone interested in teaching yoga. The program is also excellent for individuals wanting to immerse themselves in the private study of yoga philosophy, the chakra system, yogic breathing, and of course posturing.


Rebecca Johnson

Thank you so much for your wonderful yoga teacher training course!

Namaste Paul,

Thank you so much for your wonderful yoga teacher training course! I received my certificate and it is so beautifully done. I will treasure it always. I have already framed it!

I have a weekly class at an activities center in a local housing development. The class is going well so far, but I will be in touch as I need advice or assistance.

I am offering classes here in my home and had a husband and wife come today for their first class and I feel it went very well.

I am so pleased to be able to work with people in this way. I can hardly believe such a dream has come true for me.

I am also starting a private practice in therapy here now and I know it is a good combination with the yoga. Please send light and love toward that endeavor.”


Maryanne Horne, PhD,
Reiki Master

thank you for all the help and advice in learning to teach yoga

Dear Paul,

I am writing to thank you for all the help and advice in learning to teach yoga. The course was comprehensive, and the support was always positive and encouraging.

I appreciate all you and your school does for its students. I am looking forward to teaching and learning more and more.


Dennis Reffner

I want to thank you for this excellent course

Dear Aura Yoga,

I just finished my exams to become a yoga teacher and I want to thank you for this excellent course. I felt supported all the time through my studies and every question I had was answered immediately by e-mail. I was impressed by the study material, every book and all the CDs were so interesting that made it a joy to read, watch and learn.

I have already recommended your course to a few friends, and I can recommend it to everybody who is interested in Yoga. Not only to the people who do not have thousands of Euros to become a teacher but also to the people who can’t afford to leave home and work to go abroad and study for it. Aura is the best choice!!

I really enjoyed every single minute of my studies and now I enjoy teaching yoga. I feel secure when my students ask me questions, I improved my knowledge so much and finally feel able to share it.

Thank you so much Paul, I really do appreciate and I will make sure that more people will find out about your amazing course. I wish you all the best for the future!

Yours sincerely

Kathrin Sattmann

I can highly recommend the Yoga Teachers Course offered by Aura Yoga.

I can highly recommend the Yoga Teachers Course offered by Aura Yoga.

Teachings cover a broad spectrum of Yoga related themes and should give you enough confidence to start teaching classes once you are finished.

The service I received from Paul was excellent. E-mails were answered almost immediately and he gave helpful feedback on both the theoretical and practical exam. I always felt well looked after and won’t hesitate to contact him again in future if I have more questions.

A big thank-you to Paul and the Aura team, I will recommend them to other aspiring Yoga teachers!
All the best

All the best


I would highly recommend the Aura Teacher’s Training Course

Having taught hatha yoga for over thirty eight years, I would highly recommend the Aura Teacher’s Training Course for anyone wishing to acquire a well rounded grasp on hatha yoga. Yoga has so much to offer that with continuing study and research you can always learn new benefits and ways to adapt your presentation to the individual needs of your students.

It is obvious that Paul Jerard loves yoga and loves to see people succeed in teaching. He has thoughtfully brought to attention a wide range of valuable points that will be most helpful to everyone practicing hatha yoga.

Aura also offers a great on going base of support with information and ideas to continually help you with your future classes and students.


Mary Sakaleros
Athens, Greece

would highly recommend your course to any practitioner


I received my diploma today and was thrilled to finally become a Certified Yoga Instructor.

Your assistance and guidance in helping me to reach my dream of becoming a Yoga Teacher is much appreciated. I found the program to be a wonderful experience. You include so many necessary materials that cover all aspects of teaching yoga – I felt that I had a complete education after completing the course.

You were prompt in responding to all my emails with any questions or concerns I might have had making the learning experience so much easier and enjoyable. Your program makes it easy for someone to work within their own schedule, which is not possible with other programs. I would highly recommend your course to any practitioner who has decided to pursue the journey of becoming a yoga teacher.

Thanks so much.

Pat Leto
New York

yoga teaching books and DVD’s are detailed and informative

Paul and Marie’s program is remarkable. It was especially helpful to me as a stay at home mother, as I was able to go at my own pace and work during my free hours. Paul and Marie were available to me whenever I needed them – just a phone call or e-mail away. I never had to wait long to get a response to any of my questions.

The yoga teaching books and DVD’s are detailed and informative and applicable to my life as a yoga teacher. My students have definitely benefited from the information I learned on anatomy, yoga philosophy, history, meditation, yoga pedagogy, chakras, pranayama, and more. In addition, as a student of Aura Wellness Center, you have access to the yoga forums and newsletters, not to mention other resources on the site. When your class is over, Paul continues to answer questions and give advice on resumes and job opportunities.

My yoga certification came promptly and is extremely professional. I give this program my highest recommendation.



We love the personal continued mentoring we receive

Dear Paul & Marie,

Our deepest gratitude for your wonderful, inspirational & spiritual teachings ! We are blessed to have received our Certifications & now our Re-Certifications from you & Aura Yoga. Your curriculum is excellent, thorough, and filled with essential truths. We highly recommend Aura Wellness center for Yoga teacher training & continuing education. My husband Jack & I have been teaching Yoga for over 8 years and we are in awe of the professional, efficient guidance we have experienced from you, Paul & Aura.

We love the personal continued mentoring we receive. We remain humbled and grateful.


Caron & Jack Krier

This Meditation course was wonderful

Hi Paul,

I wanted to thank you for being so helpful and also kind. I had decided to pursue a Meditation certificate which I felt would benefit all the other Yoga and Pilates certifications that I hold. Since receiving my diploma I had written a Meditation workshop which I will be teaching next January at my Yoga Plus Studio.

This Meditation course was wonderful and I loved the fact that I was sent all these great supplies so that I could always fall back on if need be. I recommend this Meditation course to anyone because it is very informative and it was a great price and Paul and Marie were very helpful. I will be looking forward to doing more courses with Paul and Marie.


Mary Risman (Yoga Plus)
Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

The response I got was concise and immediate

I contacted Aura Wellness Center about their yoga teacher training course, having come across them over the internet. The response I got was concise and immediate. When I joined the course, a personal instructor was assigned to me whom I was at liberty to contact. My Instructor was always ready and available to respond to my e-mail queries almost always within 24 hours. The instruction materials and program are very well designed to accommodate trainees’ needs.

Though I was already a yoga teacher when I started the course, I was able to learn a great deal from Paul. I especially like his emphasis on ‘safety first’ and the use of asana variations for different types of students. Using the techniques I learnt, I was able to deepen my practice as well as become a better teacher.

The other thing I liked was Paul’s holistic approach to yoga as a complete philosophy. These days more and more yoga teachers are focusing only on the physical aspects on yoga ( asana and pranayama). But Yoga is much more than that. In my opinion, this focusing on ‘gym style Yoga’ doesn’t give students what they should get from yoga. In these turbulent times, much more than ever, we should integrate the moral and spiritual aspects of yoga into our teaching. And this could be done without resorting to preaching or sectarianism. Paul’s numerous articles and books are a good example.

I am glad I took this course and certainly recommend that aspiring teachers consider Aura Wellness Center. Just give it a try. You will be glad you did so.


Yacob G/Medhin Shenkute
Certified Yoga Instructor, Ethiopia

study and practice yoga for kids during my maternity leave

Dear Paul,

I was very happy to study and practice yoga for kids during my maternity leave. Even I was very busy mum, I spent a lovely year at home with my baby and I was studying your lovely course “yoga for kids.” I learned a lot of techniques, which I am using on a near daily basis. I have fun and I love to practice yoga more often. I did not have a possibility to teach a lot of kids yet but I am sure when the correct time will come, I will do it.

January is special month for me as I am celebrating my birthday. My husband knows that I like yoga and I would like to work with pregnant ladies in the future more. His present for me would be your course: prenatal yoga. I would like to wish you a lot of success and thx a lot for your nice mails and support.

All the best Paul, you and your courses are great.


I am truly grateful

Dear Paul and Marie and staff

Recently I received my results and certificate, I was so proud!

I appreciated the time you took to comment on my “class.” Throughout this entire process you were just a phone call away. You always returned my inquiries and took the time to help me. It was like you lived around the corner.

I am truly grateful. It has been quite a year. I have been accepted for a government grant to open and build a yoga energy centre and retreat here in the country, along with and including our donkey sanctuary. How great it would be for our grand opening to have you and yours come. I will keep you posted on this progress.

You helped make this dream possible. At 52 I have started a new life, your input and guidance was a huge factor and again my sincerest thanks. I look forward to continuing my education with more of your courses and look forward to meeting you.

Best wishes to you and yours.



I want to thank you for all the support

Dear Paul,

I received my beautiful yoga certification and am so pleased with it. I want to thank you for all the support, and always being there via e-mail to answer any questions.

I found receiving my yoga certification through your studio and on-line to be an extremely beneficial experience. The materials received were absolutely excellent. I especially learned so much from Paul Grilley’s “Anatomy for Yoga” DVD. I cannot say enough as to the quality of materials, and the learning format, as well as Paul’s support and immediate response to e-mails.

Thank you for a life-changing experience.


Sarah Crossan

Thank you for being there

Dear Paul,

I now have my four-year certificate, and just want to say thank you for an excellent training experience. A few years ago, I was looking for a program that would be a less expensive alternative to a residential training, one where I would not have to “renounce” my prior experience in a specific tradition, and which still would equip me completely to teach correctly and well. With Aura Yoga, my Himalayan Institute background was accepted and you enabled me to take my beginning steps into teaching. You always responded kindly and promptly to my questions, be they about blocked email, technique, resource materials, or what have you. Sometimes you sensed that I just needed an encouraging, kind word, which you unfailingly provided.

Thank you for being there to remind me to keep faith and to trust myself, and not to become disheartened. I would not hesitate to encourage anyone who is looking for teacher training to work with you at Aura Yoga.


Terry Margherita
Colgate, Wisconsin

Thank you to the “Aura Team”

Thank you to the “Aura Team”

I found this course a wonderful challenge and took the full year to complete it. I am extremely happy to call myself a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Paul is very helpful throughout and answers any questions about the course almost immediately. I never felt afraid to ask for help. I am already teaching an adult class once a week at the Golf & Country Club, as well as a children’s class at the local school.

This course gave me the confidence I needed to begin teaching and I love it! Thank you.


Beverley Welch
Livingstone, Zambia

an Ob/Gyn specialist interested in alternative and complementary medicine

I consider it is mandatory to say thanks and to share an unique experience. Others deserve to benefit, too. For me, as an Ob/Gyn specialist interested in alternative and complementary medicine, the on-line course was an example of good practice, concise, and complete; easy to understand and full of ideas to change lives in a better way.

I think Paul is an experienced practitioner, but an experienced, gifted and talented teacher, too. His work goes beyond providing good quality information. He educate and help people to make good choices, to find the positive direction that everyone must find in order to achieve health, balance, and inner peace. It was a nice surprise that Paul answered almost immediately to my questions and my requests.


Dr Rodica Chirculescu, MD
Bucharest, Romania

professional flight instructor for 10 years

To anyone interested in teaching Yoga or just furthering their Yoga practice, I heartily endorse the Aura Yoga Teacher Training – Online. Paul Jerard, in his copious minutes of video instruction, prompt email and phone support and syllabus chosen for reading, provided me a very meaningful and rounded education. Not just a few asanas, either! The whole Yogic experience is covered, including (and I’ve not seen this anywhere else) the business realities of starting a Yoga practice.

As a newbie to Yoga but a professional flight instructor for 10 years, I attest to the fact that this training program is well organized, thorough, and elucidating.

Thank you Paul and the Aura Team.


Brad Leve, CFI, CYT, 814.574.7998

very prompt and complete responses to my questions

Namaskar Paul,

I just received my Yoga Teacher Certificate! What a wonderful culmination of the experience I will cherish for many years to come, the experience of taking your Yoga Teacher training.

The course content provided an enormous volume of information on all aspects of Yoga. The information that all teachers devoted to high quality and proper teachings of Yoga should be exposed to and have the knowledge of. Your course provides the highest quality material not only on philosophy and asanas, but also on anatomy, meditation and relaxation. Your instructional DVD on Yoga for Beginners and Relaxation are full of great instructions. Let’s not forget your business and marketing DVDs which helped me with establishing my current studio (Nomadic Yogis).

Having the opportunity to do it at home at my own pace tops it all! Being able to study, review and re-review the material enhanced the retention. Being able to pause the videos and review the material, or to watch it all again and again cannot be matched by any other resident courses.

After all, Yoga takes place within us. Learning it and practicing it can be done anywhere.

I’d like to also thank you for your support, any time I needed it, with your very prompt and complete responses to my questions.

I am looking forward to using what I’ve learned while teaching others and while practicing my Yoga. I am also looking forward to taking some of your other courses.
Thank you again for this great opportunity.



step by step with all the proper materials

Dear Paul

I had been taking different Yoga classes for several years. I have been working for a chiropractic clinic for the past 9 years where we teach people how to take care of themselves with natural chiropractic care, proper diet and exercise. One day I decided to bring Yoga into our teaching & told my Husband I wanted to be an instructor. I searched to see what options I had so not to interrupt my daily work schedule. I wasn’t, at that time able to leave work for any period of time to get my certificate from a retreat center. So I started researching other options & found Aura Wellness Center whom offered a correspondence course on line. It was affordable & gave me plenty of time to complete my course studies between my work schedule. Paul was always available to me for any questions I had. The course schedule was laid out step by step with all the proper materials I needed. I am happy to say that I recently completed all my courses and received my first yoga certificate. I am now able to bring the health of yoga to our patients. I teach every Saturday and have an average of 12 students.

Thank you Paul & Aura Wellness Center for the perfect opportunity.


Gayle M L Vanasse
Certified Yoga Instructor

Bihar School of Yoga

Hari OM Dearest Paul and friends at Aura!

Although I am ‘qualified’ as a yoga teacher in my country, have been to India a few times and completed a 4 month course and stay at the Bihar School of Yoga and have been running my own yoga centre for a few years, I still felt that I should investigate deeper studies into the teaching of yoga and broaden my horizons internationally. I thought it would be so wonderful if I could do some yoga teacher’s training via correspondence… really not expecting to find such an opportunity. I decided to have a look on the internet anyway. To my surprise and utmost delight… there was Aura Yoga!

It was such a nice surprise to receive the necessary study material so quickly and what a lovely way of studying. It allowed me to dig deep and to really take a fresh look at what teaching yoga meant to me. The personal responsibility of studying outside of a formal course brought new inner strength and understanding of the power of yoga and the importance of Sangha (community).

Paul, I thank you for your professional approach in putting together these courses and never failing to answer the most basic questions and emails. Thank you for taking the time and effort to create this wonderful opportunity for us.

I treasure my first certification from you and am already deep into the 500-hour exam… enjoying and savouring every moment of it. Studying with you has indeed broadened horizons for me and my gratitude knows no boundaries.

OM Shanti,

Sannyasi Shraddhamurti
South Africa

Restorative Yoga

Hi Paul,

I just finished the Restorative Yoga upgrade and I now feel prepared!

I have many older people with many limitations who come to my class, and pregnant women who often pop in. I now feel confident and prepared to be able to guide them safely and constructively. The Anatomy of Hatha Yoga book was a challenge to read through. I took my time with it – the information was so valuable. I highlighted, outlined and then incorporated the information into each class as I learned it. The tests from the course helped to reinforce the important points from the book. I am grateful for the guidance in learning to use the props correctly. That has added so much to each of my classes, and has made the difference to many students who are limited. I can also see how effective the specific combination of poses as yoga prescriptions to aid in healing are for students.

This course, just as the camp in a box course, has been a stepping-stone in my ongoing journey.

Thank you,

Lori Loken
York, PA

I am happy to be part of the Aura Yoga Teacher community

Dear Paul,

I would like to thank you for putting together this wonderful Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program, which I passed recently. The materials I received from you were all very useful and new to me, although I have a considerable collection of books and videos. They helped me a lot in my practice and teaching Vinyasa yoga. The exams were also thoroughly put together, as well as your marking and comments were thoughtful and fair.

I think that the TTC program devised by you is a useful opportunity for those who have the practical and theoretical skills and look for international certification. Also the opportunity to consult with you as an experienced yoga teacher as well as with the community of Aura graduates is important to clear any doubts that could arise in the future.

I am happy to be part of the Aura Yoga Teacher community and look forward for further opportunities for cooperation and education. I will recommend your training programs to my other fellow teachers also.

Yours sincerely,

Gauranga Das

Camp-in-a-box Gold was very helpful

The Aura Yoga Teacher Camp-in-a-box Gold was very helpful to me in achieving my goal as a Yoga Instructor.

I learned much about yoga and about myself in the process. Paul was very supportive and available through the entire course.

I would highly recommend anyone who has an interest in yoga as an instructor or otherwise to take this course.

Thank you so very much

Christine Ross ARNP-BC
Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

Paul was always supportive in any way he could be

Paul, Marie and Aura Team,

As a Group Fitness Instructor, Nutritional Consultant and Nutritional Coach my time did not prevail enough to participate in a yoga training school or program closer to home. But I really wanted to receive my Yoga certificate and I DID all through Aura Yoga Teacher Training. It allowed enough flexibility for me to read all the great course materials and finish my exams without any stress or compromise of my already busy schedule. And Paul was always supportive in any way he could be especially, with the quick replies to any questions.

Thank You Paul and Marie for giving me this opportunity to practice and give more to my students!

Much Love,

Connie Kwok R.N.C.P
Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner

world-class teacher training

Dear Paul,

I am writing to acknowledge the world-class teacher training offered by you, as the Director of Yoga Teacher Training through the Aura Wellness Center.

The curriculum is expertly put together and extremely comprehensive. The pace of the training is self directed and allowed for me to complete each assignment with care and without pressure of deadlines. To me, this is the best way to learn.

You were there for me at every step of the way and very responsive. There wasn’t one telephone call or e-mail that was delayed because you were too busy to respond. This demonstrated your care and concern for each of your trainees and of course, it is a demonstration of being a Yogi who practices what he teaches.

I am happy to report that the studio that I have started has become quite successful in a matter of a few months of practice teaching and as a certified teacher. The people who come to the class are excited to learn and share their experience of yoga; their friends stop on me on the street and ask if they can come too!

I recommend your training and mentorship without any reservation.

Thank you for generosity and devotion to yoga, I am very grateful to you and to your lovely wife, Marie.


Susan James, Director
The Yoga Studio – Mexico, Santa Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico

more than impressed

As a Sports Kinesiologist, I have been more than impressed with the criteria of Aura Wellness Center’s “Yoga Teacher Certification” program. Paul Jerard E-RYT, has been so supportive and embodies what yoga really is all about in his teaching programs. My personal practice has improved 10 fold, because of my CYT certification from Aura. It is a proud endorsement I give to Aura, that anyone wanting to become a teacher or continue their Yoga education should rest their search at Paul’s Aura Wellness Center.


Steve Atlas M.Sc., CYT

really enriched my understanding of yoga

Dear Paul,

I am thrilled to have successfully completed my yoga teacher training. I found the Aura yoga program to be very well suited to my learning style, allowing me to learn all about yoga in great detail, at my own pace. A very thorough selection of study material was provided which really enriched my understanding of yoga.

I was very impressed by the consistently prompt replies to my questions, which were very informative and delivered in a genuinely friendly style.

Thank you for creating such a flexible, well rounded course, as well as for your guidance, encouragement, and infinite patience.


Nadia Lanman
Certified Teacher

I am so happy and grateful to AURA YOGA!!!

Dear Paul,

Thank you so much for the Yoga Teacher certificate. I appreciate it so much because I couldn’t even imagine that I would ever get it.

There is no such opportunity in my country (Estonia) and while I was in Florida, USA, and attending a local Yoga studio, I couldn’t afford YTT courses and wasn’t able to combine both studying and work.

But through your fantastic program I actually got a chance to combine the studying with my job (a Daycare Teacher), my hobby (dancing) and my family life (got married in June 2008)!

I am so happy and grateful to AURA YOGA!!!

Natalia (Estonia)

Instructor Training Graduate, Estonia

The course content provided an enormous volume of information

Last month I receive my yoga certificate with high honors from the Aura Yoga Teacher Training Program. This has been a real blessing in my life. The course was really suited for my particular needs, because having a young child and all I could work at my own pace at home. I was able to read the materials and complete the assignments.

The course content provided an enormous volume of information, thereby broadening my knowledge in all aspects. I especially like the “General Safety Guidelines for Yoga” which makes a teacher become more aware of tips & cures to prevent students from getting hurt while practicing postures, including the Paul Grilley’s DVD “Anatomy of Yoga.”

I want to thank the Aura Wellness Team for making my dream come true; thank you Paul for answering all my questions promptly & sincerely, as well as for your guidance and infinite patience.


Adriana Auguste

Thank you for a wonderful yoga education

Namaste Paul,

Thank you for a wonderful yoga education. I have been to several courses, both in Sweden and India, and this one was without doubt one of the best.

I am so grateful for all the material and web support, and I feel very humble and proud of my Aura diploma.

I hope you and Marie will have a long, pain free and happy life. You truly deserve it. And I hope one day to visit your studio and observe your kind energy in person.

Sat Nam

Elisabet Holmgren
Certified Yoga Teacher

surpassed any expectations


I cannot thank you enough for providing this opportunity. The course and your constant devotion and guidance surpassed any expectations I ever could have had before beginning.

The course was so well organized and the materials and resources provided were so comprehensive and helpful.

Your fast reply to each and every email as well as the 24 hour online forums quickly helped me to realize just how serious this program is and that my dream of teaching yoga could finally be realized.

I have gained a tremendous amount through your constructive suggestions and teaching methods. Thank you again for helping so many of us along the path to living our passion.


Allison Ionescu

a wonderful and fulfilling experience

“Teacher training through Aura has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience. I cannot wait to share the knowledge I have gained – My journey through Yoga has now begun, and yours can too!”


Chelsey Warcimaga

Yoga Camp-in-a-Box

When the Camp-in-a-Box arrived on my doorstep, I was very excited. I quickly browsed through the materials, delighted by the depth and quality. Paul’s advice was simple and clear – start with this book then onto that one, save this for afterwards. The detail of knowledge contained in those books enriched me and my practice immediately deepened.

Discipline is a prerequisite for independent study; many obstacles ceaselessly present themselves, but by progressing steadily, setting goals, Yoga Teacher Certification can be attained by this method even if it does take a year.

I am grateful to Paul for creating and offering a complete, affordable Yoga Teacher Training home-study package. With his help, the Camp-in-a-Box, the Teacher Blog, the e-newsletters, and instructive videos, I have achieved my goal of becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher.

Thanks again,


The newsletters and extra support offered are also a great help!

I really appreciate the support and guidance received from you and am so pleased to now be a Certified Yoga Teacher! The course offered is a holistic experience and the material included covers all aspects of teaching yoga.

The newsletters and extra support offered are also a great help! Thank you for your promptness in responding to all my emails and for providing a course which makes it easy for a student to work within their own schedule.

I would highly recommend your course to anyone who is looking to become a yoga teacher.

Once again – Many Thanks!

Emma Gleaves
United Kingdom

official Certified Yoga teacher


I would like to thank Aura Wellness Center for helping me achieve a quest I’ve been pursuing for many years. I am now an official Certified Yoga teacher. I have been studying Yoga for many years , but have never been certified to teach. Now, thank to the lessons from Aura Wellness Center, the staff and especially Paul Jerard, I have accomplished my goal. The Camp-in-a-Box instructions are very informative, and the help with starting one’s own business are extremely useful. I will continue to study with Aura Wellness Center.

To the staff at Aura Wellness Center, all the members, and Paul, Thank you again. I am on my way to a new career.


Gary L Szuch

you provide invaluable training

Dear Master Paul:

I received my Yoga Anatomy and physiology teacher Certificate. I really loved this course.

Thanks Master Paul and Marie and to all the people at aura yoga training because you provide invaluable training.

It is extremely professional.


Andrea Olivares
Certified Yoga Teacher Los Angeles, California

AURA Wellness Centre evoked a major transformation in my life

Gaining my Level 1 Teacher Training accreditation through AURA Wellness Centre evoked a major transformation in my life, both personal and professional. The abundance of knowledge I acquired through the use of fantastic resources supplied in my AURA studies opened my eyes up to such an array of things that made me further appreciate the art of yoga in its entirety, and on a more personal level my body and its functions as well. But more importantly this knowledge made me more conscious of my future students’ individual limitations and abilities. Another thing that greatly enhanced my experience was Paul’s reliably speedy and helpful correspondence. I will most certainly continue my relationship with AURA.

So in a nutshell, Paul – two massive thumbs up!

Many thanks,



Paul Jerard has created an ideal program

I’m grateful for the wonderful teacher training provided through Aura. Paul Jerard has created an ideal program that enables students to realistically pursue their dream of teaching, while respecting our varying family obligations and financial situations. I was impressed by his availability and support throughout.

Kind Regards,


I loved this program

Hi Paul,

Sorry for taking so long to write a testimonial. I have a good excuse-I’ve been busy teaching! I heard about a prospective teaching job right before completing by teacher training, and received my certification right before the interview.

My knowledge of yoga history and anatomy particularly impressed them, and I got the job! Thank you so much for developing a teacher training program that not only worked within my schedule, but taught me exactly what I needed to know to begin teaching immediately. I loved this program because I got prompt individual attention and an answer to every question I had. I also loved the materials and media we were given. I will be using my books and DVDs for years to come. Thank you again for everything.


Melissa Mazza

I can’t thank you enough.


I am so excited to be able to write you about my experience with Aura’s Yoga Teacher Training. I did a lot of research before I decided to go with Aura Wellness. The materials I received were in-depth and professional but easy to understand. They covered every aspect from theory to practice to marketing to planning a class. I am happy to say I have been teaching yoga for several weeks now. I work for a studio and my employer was amazed at the depth of my knowledge and the polish of my classes. I have never been happier. I am looking over your other courses so I can continue my education. I love the newsletter and the videos and I really appreciate the support you gave me during this process. I feel very prepared to teach and to take my place among other yoga teachers. I can’t thank you enough.


Joy Karl
Dayton, Ohio

I am so happy I did the training with Aura

Dear Paul,

Hope all is well at Aura. Here is my testimonial for the future interns at Aura. So sorry I have not been in touch a lot has happened since my certification. I ended up teaching privately at greens health and fitness club in the United Kingdom. I am so happy I did the training with Aura and any time I needed your assistance you were there and ready. Helped me achieve the high standard of practice and am indebted to you for your inspiration and encouragement. I meant to stay in touch.



Meditation Techniques

I’m so glad to have my degree on Meditation Techniques with you guys. Excellent Service and Support too. Blessings from Miami.


Maria Soledad Fernande
Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Meditation Teacher Teacher

I feel so proud to now be a Certified Yoga Teacher.

I recommend this teacher training course to anyone that has a passion for Yoga and wants to share that passion with others! I learned so much from this course and gained a great satisfaction learning it on my own, at my own pace! I feel so proud to now be a Certified Yoga Teacher.


Kimberly Tharpe

a very realistic price

“The Yoga Teaching Training Course was a very realistic price which made it affordable to access. The Videos and books were excellent, and the course was structured in such a way that allowed you to complete it at your own pace.

Not only does Paul “teach” he allows his compassionate spirit to shine through. This is the essence of a true Guru, whom I have been privileged to have trained under.

Many thanks and blessings. Keep up the good work.

Om Santi,

Lynne Weston

I’m so happy with a course

I started my Yoga practice in London 7 years ago, then I have joined the Federation of Yoga in the Ukraine and been trained there to be a teacher, but back then in the Ukraine there was no such a thing like certification. So when I moved to Israel and wanted to work as a Yoga teacher I understood that I must go thought another course and get my certification done. But it was very difficult, because of the language issues and a time issue (I have a one year old baby at home). So when I found Aura Wellness Centre Course Online I really saw a possibility to make my certification with my baby. Paul Jerard supported me in my studies, was giving me support and tips regarding to my personal situation. I received my books, DVD, CD’s and writing exam and start my studies. I set myself a time when my baby was sleeping and studied. I have a degree in management and I can say for sure that my studies were much more enjoyable and practical than university. I’m so happy with a course I did so I’m planning to take also pregnancy and kids course.


Yutta Pinco

an incredible distance learning program

Dear Paul,

I would like to thank you for putting together such an incredible distance learning program. My knowledge of both the practical and theoretical components of Hatha Yoga has grown by leaps and bounds during my course of study. The guidance and critique of my written and practical work served well to round out the experience. It is with great confidence that I approach teaching as I feel very well prepared by the comprehensive training I received during my certification process. Thanks again for a terrific experience.

Warmest Regards,


Lauren McLaren
Yoga Co Op of Savannah

a special thank-you to Paul

Thank-you Aura, and a special thank-you to Paul, who is such an inspiration to me. I love my certificate and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it. I have, and will continue to enjoy learning and teaching, and feel I am ready to ascend to the next level.




wonderful program you have created

Hello Paul,

I am writing to update you and give a positive testimonial of the wonderful program you have created. I graduated your Restorative Program in October 2010 and business is going very well. I am teaching at two separate locations and my classes are growing by word of mouth. My clients all want me to add more classes during the week!!!! I feel your program prepared me to teach in a safe, respectful, and caring way. It was perfect for my busy schedule (a family, 3 part time jobs and fibromyalgia). I was able to work at my own pace and learned a great deal. Not only did you write me a wonderful letter of recommendation, you also wrote me a letter of recommendation for a scholarship I was applying for. The service is incredible and your quick responses are greatly appreciated. If anyone is thinking about getting there certification through Aura Wellness, I highly recommend it. You will not be sorry. Good luck to all and THANKS AGAIN, PAUL!

God Bless,

Valerie Long
RN, BSN, CYT-320

was a real pleasure to do

After many years of frustration in trying to find a Yoga Teacher Training program that worked for me, I was really pleased to find Aura Wellness Center. I live in a truly remote location, and am limited by low income and single parent responsibilities. There are many training programs available, but none of them worked in my situation. The Yoga certification course through Aura Wellness Center not only fit my needs very well, but was a real pleasure to do. The course was laid out clearly, all necessary materials were provided and were thorough. I found Paul Jerard to be accessible, supportive and very approachable. He answered all of my many questions thoroughly, respectfully and promptly. Although I have practiced Yoga for some time, the course really helped me consolidate my knowledge, and taught me much more as well. It helped me take what has been a very internal practice, and learn how to externalize it to help and share with others. I loved the course.


Sandra McGuire

Aura’s Gold Level 1 Camp-in-a-Box teacher training course

I was a single mom and a full-time 2nd grade teacher when I ordered Aura’s Gold Level 1 Camp-in-a-Box teacher training course. I was looking at an upcoming wedding, blending families, and I knew that we would also likely be moving within a six-month period. There was every reason in the world for me to find a program that would enable me to do this without penalizing me for rolling with the changes that were certainly coming in my life. Aura was the perfect fit. I really appreciate Paul’s approachable nature as well as the encouragement and guidance I received in the teacher training forum. In my 10+ years of practice, yoga has come to mean an awful lot to me, and my strongest desire in pursuing a certificate was to be able to share yoga’s many benefits with some degree of expertise (we’re always learning, aren’t we?). That said, I was disappointed when I found that the training programs near me were few and that they also required astronomical (I did mention I was a teacher–public school, Title I, California, single Mom) financial obligations and time commitments that I knew might conflict with life. Simply put, I just didn’t have resources to throw away. Thankfully, Aura’s program was wonderful. The books and videos I received were detailed and informative and really complimented and compounded all that I had already learned. Paul and the Aura community were quick to respond to inquiries and more concise in their business acumen than most of the people I was contacting face-to-face! I continue to review the resources and the notes from my exams, etcetera, as I add to the foundation i’ve established. I am grateful to be doing something I love and to have the opportunity to grow in it!

Kyhiera Machado

Aura Kids Yoga Training Program

My name is Denise Sheridan and I would like to give you a testimonial about Aura Yoga Kids Yoga Training program. I am a busy mum of two and run a preschool service for13 children aged from 2-5. I have practiced yoga myself for over 5 years and began self teaching my daughter about 2 years ago. For me the Aura Kids Yoga Teacher training ticked all the boxes.

Firstly It allowed me to study at my convenience through distance learning.

Secondly the course curriculum; the exam ; the DVDs all prepare and teach you how to teach – not just children’s yoga for which extra material is supplied – Wai Lana material. This gave me confidence as a yoga teacher as I really learnt all about my own practice.

(Ruby my daughter aged 3 ¾ Starting Warrior Pose – pictured at right)

Ruby my daughter aged 3 ¾ Starting Warrior Pose

Thirdly the exam layout itself is a guide through yogic teachings. I have printed my exam answers out and use it as a reference guide.

I feel confident; knowledgeable and prepared for the years of teaching children in the future. My children love it , my classroom children love it and I have incorporated Yoga into my daily teaching at the preschool. I am also launching Saturday morning classes for children from March.

My vision is for Yoga to become a life skill for children. Not something we turn to as adults from a stressed work life experience but something that we do as naturally as reading a book or going for a walk. The quality and comprehensiveness of the Aura Teaching material has provided me with the tools to bring this vision to life in my preschool.

Thanks to Paul and all at the Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Denise Sheridan
busy mum of two

My Yoga Teacher Training Internship

Namaskar Paul,

I wanted to personally thank you for all your help during my Yoga Teacher Training Internship. From my first email to you last year inquiring whether the course would be recognised in Australia, (which it is) I was impressed by your prompt reply and continuing support throughout the course.

I had examined other potential courses before but none offered the extensive training of Aura Wellness Center. I will be recommending your Yoga Teacher Training Course to my friends here in Sydney, Australia.

Your weekly teacher training newsletter is also a bonus and a resourse that I have already used and will keep using and is a reflection of your truly outstanding and professional organization.

Thank you.

PS. Attached photo of me on our family round the world holiday in 2007 taken in Venice wearing my favourite T-Shirt ‘MY KARMA JUST RAN OVER MY DOGMA’

Luigi Lungo
Sydney, Australia

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