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1801, 2023

Optimum Sequence for Yoga Poses

To start with, each yoga school of thought, including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram and Viniyoga, has its own ideas about the proper pose sequencing. Bikram, for example, practices 26 poses, twice, in the same order every time.

1511, 2022

Yoga for Arthritis

Regular yoga practice helps lubricate the joints, allowing them to move more easily and smoothly. Yoga poses increase the blood flow to...

2504, 2022

What Can Yoga Schools do to Prevent Injuries?

Prospective teachers may wonder how facilitators will be able to add any new information into an already packed program. Most courses devote a reasonable chunk of time to anatomy and physiology, as well as teaching methodology. It would be simple to work injury prevention into these time slots or alternatively create an additional mandatory workshop into the program.

2304, 2022

How to Become a Creative Yoga Teacher

There comes a day when each of us “takes up the torch” from the preceding generation. For some of us, this event may happen in our family life, at work, with the passing of one’s Guru, or after a Yoga teacher training course has concluded. We learn valuable lessons from the generation ahead of us. Then, we initially tend to copy the ways of our teachers, before we become creative Yoga teachers.

1104, 2022

Yoga for Golf – Teacher Opportunities

If you ask most instructors which teaching opportunities they were made aware of, during their initial Yoga teacher training, most will readily admit...

704, 2022

The Role of a Yoga Teacher

A Yoga teacher has several roles to play, as he or she leads a group of students through a comprehensive sequence of Yoga techniques...

704, 2022

Teaching Yoga to Seniors

A chair yoga teacher training course is an eye opener, but to go out into the world teaching students is an awakening. Because of its promise for low impact activity that both strengthens the body and makes it more flexible, yoga is becoming ever more popular among seniors. In fact, most people past middle age acknowledge how important to their health a regular activity is, and medical research demonstrates the necessity for body weight strength exercises that build muscle and can help reverse bone loss, as well.

3103, 2022

Practice Yoga to Raise Metabolism

Practicing yoga is a well known method for releasing stress. Lowering stress in your life will help you to speed up your metabolism...

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