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The Best Yoga Certification For You

The most basic 200-hour Yoga instructor training course will educate you about the foundational aspects, but in order to fully take your practice to the next level, an advanced certification will most certainly be beneficial.

History of Yoga Asana

No single book, video, website or Yoga instructor certification course can give you all the answers. So, what do we do? The answer is continuing education and research for life. At the very least, our minds will be sharp well into old age.

Teaching Yoga for the Endocrine System

Believe it, or not, some interns in Yoga teacher training don't understand the importance of learning the basics of body mechanics. Some teacher trainings don't address the endocrine system at all.

Teaching Yoga Asanas to Beginners

No matter how many years you teach, or how many yoga teacher certifications you have, beginners will have fresh viewpoints about this practice he value so deeply. Listen to them patiently and you will learn more about yourself as you master patience from within.

Teaching Yoga and Pregnancy

Students who are pregnant and new to yoga training should have their doctor’s approval. Additionally, pregnant students should attend classes taught by an instructor who is a graduate of a prenatal yoga teacher training course.

Yoga Teacher Training: Chronic Stress

How much time did you spend on perfecting pranayama techniques during your yoga teacher certification course? Let’s face it; most yoga...

What Should a Yoga Teacher Know About Anatomy?

There are a few Yoga teacher training programs that do not view anatomy as a priority. This may be true if the Yoga teacher certification...

Yoga Teacher Training and Internet Technology

Internet technology has made it possible for many more Yoga practitioners to participate in a Yoga teacher training program in their own...

Online Yoga Teacher Education

The yoga teacher training courses are well-rounded packages that include all the information needed in order to make a successful living...

Yoga Recommended for Managing Multiple Sclerosis

Specialized Yoga teacher certification courses are growing to meet the needs of everyone. Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a chronic autoimmune disorder in...