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Aura Yoga Teacher Training – Latest FAQs – Part II

I feel I could get a weekend Yoga certification, without any hassles. What is the importance of entering into an intensive Yoga teacher course that could take months to finish?

Teaching Students About Karma Yoga

Almost every Hatha Yoga teacher training covers the significance of Karma Yoga. Students often ask about the Law of Karma and there are many different views concerning interpretation. This is usually based upon where our religious instruction originated.

Helping Your Yoga Students Heal with Viparita Karani

Some Yoga teacher training courses focus on asana as a physical exercise. This is a shame because asana is much more than an exercise for the body. Asana has therapeutic value and it is a means toward Samadhi as described by Patanjali.

Yoga Teacher Courses – Train the Mind with Yoga

Higher forms of Yoga, such as Raja, Bhakti, Karma, and Jnana, can help us train the mind. Within all forms of Yoga are meditation techniques to develop the mind, as well.

Teaching Hatha Yoga Classes for Children

Teaching Hatha Yoga to children requires specialist skills. On the surface, it would seem easy enough to teach children about the foundational aspects of Yoga. Should one decide to teach children, it is wise to realize that they are not “little adults.”

How to Pass Your Yoga Teacher Training Exams

The following is a brief compilation of tips that will help anyone taking Yoga certification exams. Generally speaking, Yoga teacher training courses are composed of three basic parts. These parts may be your written exams, essays, and practical exams. There may be one, or more, of these parts involved during the examination process.

Yoga Certification with an Online Diploma Program

Many people, who want to become a certified Yoga instructor, feel that they have only one option; pay a lot of money in tuition fees, take a month off from work, and spend more money on hidden fees when they arrive at the destination of their Yoga teacher training.

Teaching Yoga – A Conflict With Superiority

The best way to make the public aware of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of Yoga practice is to have a flyer or pamphlet prepared, which demonstrates actual cases where people's lives were improved. Explain the techniques and benefits of Yoga in simple terms.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – The Value of Asana

What is the purpose or value of asana? Many Yoga teachers do not read or understand the writings of Maharishi Patanjali. This leads to the erroneous assumption that asana is just a physical exercise to improve circulation, increase bone density, and develop good muscle tone.

Growing the Yoga Teacher Within

Each Yoga teacher is different, but from the core of these differences is the style from which we rooted from. The foundational Yoga teacher training of each style is the core of our Yogic knowledge. It is important to have a firm foundation of knowledge, At the same time, this is why it is difficult to absorb innovative thoughts, philosophies, and approaches to the same problem.

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