By Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Many people, who want to become a certified Yoga instructor, feel that they have only one option; pay a lot of money in tuition fees, take a month off from work, and spend more money on hidden fees when they arrive at the destination of their Yoga teacher training. Online Yoga teacher certification courses are an additional option.

Some of today’s online programs are enhanced correspondence courses. They contain books, DVDs, CDs, and online resources, for interns, who are training to become a Yoga teacher. On the other end of online courses are the e-Courses, which contain digital (downloadable) files, such as PDFs or MP3s. Therefore, online courses can be any combination of online resources, digital files, or physical materials, which are shipped to you.

How is online training perceived by the academic community? This is the 21st century, and many universities, around the world, have developed comprehensive online courses and degree programs. Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, and many more universities, have extensive online programs. Yale has online medical courses, and Oxford University also has a number of quality courses and programs for students worldwide.

Do you think the quality of an online learning program is less than attending an actual class? Some people still think so, but have they actually taken an online course? It is easy to make quick judgments, but the online nanotechnology courses, at Oxford University, may be quite a challenge to finish.

Online learning programs exist for people, who are busy working, and taking care of their families. Many times, the objective is to enhance one’s continuing education or to move into a new field for future employment. At the same time, online or correspondence courses are less expensive than physically attending classes.

If one seeks to become a Yoga teacher, or further his or her education, online or distance learning is a viable option. With new features being added to the Internet, on a weekly basis, the quality of distance learning has a promising future.

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