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Safety Precautions for Kids Yoga

Kids yoga instructors and parents should also make sure to be aware of potential muscle and joint strains or injuries. Children are naturally more flexible than adults, and might not even realize it when overextending. Yoga instructors should teach children to listen to their bodies and stop if a pose is uncomfortable, to stretch slowly and breathe deeply, and never to force a pose.

Yoga Teacher Training – Existence and Purpose

Do you know your purpose? Has your guru helped open your eyes to become your own teacher. The best gurus have always encouraged their students to become empowered and independent. The best Yoga teacher is within if you just focus on your true purpose.

Baby Yoga Benefits

Baby yoga is an amazing interaction between parents and babies which can bring many positive benefits. I chose to research baby yoga, because as an early childhood educator, baby yoga has inspired me to become a yoga instructor.

Yoga Certification with an Online Diploma Program

Many people, who want to become a certified Yoga instructor, feel that they have only one option; pay a lot of money in tuition fees, take a month off from work, and spend more money on hidden fees when they arrive at the destination of their Yoga teacher training.

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