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How to Reduce Negative Thoughts with Yoga

"Practice makes perfect" is a very wise saying. Practice builds confidence, as well. The visiting team cannot wait to go practice on the opposing team's home field before game time. Visiting teams are not familiar with the turf, and they will also face hostile sports fans. Even professionals have to "get the bugs out." If you do not have a stage or a field to practice on, you still have your mind. In Yogic meditation, you are taught to visualize. Therefore, you should visualize success. Do not approach a negative thought as a victim. Instead, look at your problems as a victor would. Forget the worries and focus on the solutions. Some of my Yoga students have said, "But what if I fail?" In truth, no adventure in this life is a failure, unless you quit. If you never give up, you are still working on a positive outcome.

Celebrating Life with Yoga: A Metaphorical Journey

By: Virginia Iversen, M.Ed. What can Yoga Teach us about celebrating life? For the past twenty-five years, I have been diligently practicing Yoga several times a week. I began to practice Yoga when I developed severe lower back problems in my mid-twenties. One day, as I was walking across a city park in Denver, the [...]

Cultivating Gratitude Through Yoga

Yoga reveals an entire world in which to be grateful - Starting with our yoga instructor and our classmates and moving on to our friends and families. Ultimately, yoga helps us to understand that even those who we consider strangers offer us something to be grateful for.

Inspire Your Yoga Students

Yoga teachers face challenges in their efforts to meet the needs of their students. Although Yoga is designed to address the “whole” person, not all students understand or want to pursue every aspect of Yogic teachings.

Yoga for Self-Acceptance

Your feelings will change over time, and vary through the day; but ideally, you should feel more relaxed and in touch with yourself after each Yoga training session. While practicing Yoga, do not force yourself during meditation, pranayama, or asanas.

Yoga Training and Cultivating Compassion for Others

Each Yoga teacher training intensive offers something unique. Due to what is perceived as the most important factor in teaching, Yoga schools have their interns focus on various aspects. Is fitness, therapeutic application, student safety, or compassion the most important factor in teaching Yogic practices? Chances are, you feel it should be a combination of these ingredients and you realize that no two Yoga instructors are alike.

Yoga Teacher Training – Existence and Purpose

Do you know your purpose? Has your guru helped open your eyes to become your own teacher. The best gurus have always encouraged their students to become empowered and independent. The best Yoga teacher is within if you just focus on your true purpose.

Four Easy Steps for the Yogic Practice of Decision Making

Many Yoga practitioners understand, that the foundational guidelines of decision making, rest in the Yamas and Niyamas. If you follow the first two limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga, you cannot go wrong. Yet, sometimes, we still make wrong turns in life. How can people make more rational decisions with a simple referencing system? Below are four practical applications that will aid you in making an important decision.

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