Yoga for Inspiration

How to Become a Yoga Teacher – Self-Study

The calling to teach any subject; stems from learning enough about the subject, to be able to guide others who wish to know more. The first requirement of advanced training, in Yoga, is to be willing to know one’s true self. This internal study makes Yoga unique, in comparison to some subjects, which require us to study how a particular subject is related to external matters. Yogic self-study requires hours of research, practice, and modification.

Yoga in Practice – Sustain Your Level of Inspiration

Here is how Yoga inspires the mind, body, and spirit. Many people see inspiration as a form of motivation. Inspiration is much different from motivation. Motivation (positive energy) is the fuel that encourages people to get out of bed every morning. Inspiration is a sustained, and controlled level, of motivation.

Three Methods for Teaching Yoga Students How to Cultivate Positive Energy

Students often attend Yoga sessions for relief from a constant barrage of negative messages during the day. If you listen to the news for ten minutes, you are likely to feel puzzled as to why so much social injustice still exists. Anyone can change the world for the best, by cultivating positive energy, and teaching others how to do the same thing.

Teaching Yoga – Giving the Gift of Inner Peace

Yoga teachers and serious practitioners often talk about states of inner peace. This state of internal peace, or tranquility, can be experienced through the practice of every form of Yoga, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual in nature. Yet, inner peace cannot be measured,

Teaching Yoga and Building Self-Confidence

Teaching or practicing Yoga enhances many positive life skills. Self-confidence is not an accident. With the best possible teacher, Guru, or Swami, a student will grow and prosper. Within the heart and mind of each student, a noble teacher wants to instill a set of circumstances that accomplishes the intended purpose of self-awareness within the student.

The Best Yoga Teacher is Inside You

Where can we find the best Yoga teacher? Who is the most mystical of Gurus? If I climb one more mountain, will the answers of my purpose in life be revealed when I get to the other side? These are questions each seeker (sadhaka) wants answered.

Become a Yoga Teacher – One Step at a Time

Where, and how, should a student start to consider becoming a Yoga instructor? When choosing to take any path, we should take notice of where we are, the assets we have, and what direction we are traveling in. To intentionally reach any destination, we must develop a plan that helps us make the best use of time.

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