Yoga for Personal Growth

Yoga for Self-Acceptance

Your feelings will change over time, and vary through the day; but ideally, you should feel more relaxed and in touch with yourself after each Yoga training session. While practicing Yoga, do not force yourself during meditation, pranayama, or asanas.

Adopting the Yogic Attitude

Adopting the Yogic attitude aims at evolution of the mind. It teaches us how we can develop a strong, stable, and calm mind under difficult circumstances. How can we face life, so as to live a full and happy existence? How can we make the most of our time here on the planet? These questions have been around for a long time; and as a result, philosophies, such as Yoga, have arisen.

Yoga and the Awakening of Consciousness

Unfortunately, there is still too much mystery regarding the higher forms of Yoga (Raja, Karma, Bhakti, and Jnana). All four of these forms of Yoga will help us awaken our consciousness. However, we can take a fresh view of the concept. Awakening was classically referred to as “unfolding.”

Yoga Teacher Training Online to Train Your Mind

Learning the basics is a fundamental requirement toward mastery of any subject, but making people dependent, stifles creativity and innovation. Yoga is a science, and an art of living, that constantly evolves. There are many forms of Yoga, and all of them are continuing to grow exponentially.

Meeting the Yoga Teacher Within

Some people refer to the inner self as, "The Observer" or "The Witness." Yet, how can we be sure that the voice we are listening to is the right one? The Observer is, in fact, your inner Yoga teacher. The inner teacher has to be impartial when making decisions.

Yoga Intensive Training for Self-Development

Most people take Yoga teacher training courses to learn how to teach classes. Over the past few years, there have been a number of Yoga teacher interns who had no desire to teach classes. Instead, their purpose for attending a hands-on intensive, or taking an online course, has been self-development.

Teaching Yoga and Building Self-Confidence

Teaching or practicing Yoga enhances many positive life skills. Self-confidence is not an accident. With the best possible teacher, Guru, or Swami, a student will grow and prosper. Within the heart and mind of each student, a noble teacher wants to instill a set of circumstances that accomplishes the intended purpose of self-awareness within the student.

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