Benefits of Aura’s Yoga Teacher Training Forum

Aura Wellness Center’s Yoga Teacher Training Forum is a place to discuss almost any topic with other educators.

This forum opened in July of 2005 and covers a wide variety of topics that concern Yoga teachers and serious students. Over time, these topics grew organically, and we can always add new ones to keep the discussions current and vital.

This forum made it possible to talk openly and honestly with other Yoga teachers, interns, and serious students from every part of the world.

We invite you to take a tour of the Yoga teacher training forum at:

These are the topics we’ve already started:

General Discussion (anything about Practice)

  • Personal Experiences – Why do we love the Yogic Path?
  • Sanskrit – What does that mean in English?
  • Yogic Types

Yoga Teacher Training Forum (issues, concerns and questions for teachers)

  • New Teacher Questions
  • Regulations
  • Business & Marketing your Business
  • Should I teach? Is this right for me?

Yogic Exercise & Health (health benefits, issues and constraints of practice)

  • Yogic practices for seniors – Are they safe?
  • Prenatal (Yogic exercise during pregnancy)
  • Teaching Kids – any concerns?
  • Yogic dieting and Ayurveda
  • Specific health conditions

Education (issues relating to learning about Yoga Practice)

  • Level 1 – Minimum 200 hour Yoga teacher certification courses
  • Level 2 – Minimum 500 hour Yoga teacher training courses.
  • Restorative
  • Prenatal
  • Kids

This is still a new frontier for many teachers. The idea of collectively sharing research is very exciting. Feel free to post your thoughts and opinions on any of the topics we have started, or even to start new ones.

Also, if you have a strong interest in any of these Yogic subjects, we are looking for graduates and moderators to help ensure the smooth running of the above-mentioned subjects. It does not take a lot of technical ability, just a passion and an interest in sharing ideas.

Over time, we may find that the topics within the categories will become complex and will become subcategories themselves. This forum has grown and expanded to accommodate the needs of the Yoga teacher community.

Some of our readers and visitors are extremely knowledgeable in a variety of subjects concerning Yogic methods. Feeling very fortunate to have so many gifted colleagues, in the study of Yogic topics, we humbly ask for your participation – especially, because we know that some of these topics are your specialties.

If you are relatively new, this will be an excellent resource – a place you can go to find other teachers. All of us can learn from each other and, hopefully, contribute to the development of a more cohesive, self-supporting, and understanding global Yogic community.

You can visit and browse the posts anytime, but to participate by posting or responding to posts, you must register first. The registration process is quick and easy.

The greatest benefit is: This is a learning experience for everyone and most of us are teachers. While it has been open to the public, the main core of our visitors are International teachers of the Yogic way of life.

It is our goal to see teachers and interns have valuable and educational discussions. Our newsletter reaches out to over 20,000 teachers and interns from every corner of the earth. Imagine the cultural exchanges! People from all over the planet are getting to know each other by sharing ideas about a passion they have in common.


If you see an area that you might like to moderate or share some of the duties with another moderator, please contact our Yoga Teacher Training Forum Administrator at:

A moderator checks in on the forums they feel comfortable with, participates in discussions, answers questions, they feel comfortable with, or points people in the right direction for the best sources of information. Also, moderators can share a forum topic with someone else.

For example: You could share a forum with up to two other moderators. This assures that questions are answered promptly and appropriately.

We invite you to take a tour of the our Forum at: