Teaching Yoga Is A Great Responsibility

///Teaching Yoga Is A Great Responsibility

Teaching Yoga Is A Great Responsibility

yoga instructor certificationBy Javier Fuller

The ordinary teaching is to sharpen your intellectual abilities. In yoga, your efforts are to break the mind-barrier, transcend and seek entry to the zone of silence. So, very high skills are required to equip oneself, to become a yoga teacher.

You will find many types of yoga teacher training courses. But remember, being a Yoga teacher is not for everybody. The dedication for the cause of yoga should be of the highest level.

A good programme of yoga teaching needs to include yoga philosophy, yoga history, yoga postures, breathing exercises, pranayama and meditation! The duration of the course may vary between 2 weeks to two years depending upon the objective and the convenience of the person. His own goal to be precise!

For, yoga is both health giving and peace giving. There are specific yoga asanas for specific ailments. But the final aim of yoga is union of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. This of course can not be achieved within two weeks or two years. Honestly speaking, there is no specific time limit to learn the yoga. It depends upon immutable laws governing the spiritual arena.

An authentic, long-term and ideal Yoga Teacher Training Programme should include, Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. The Yoga Positions, such as Basic Movement and Preparatory Exercises need to be taught.

The important movements such as Sun Salutation and Yogasanas in supine, standing and sitting positions and pranayamas need to be taught. On the theory side, lectures on Applied Yoga, Yoga Therapy, techniques for back problems, obesity, heart problems, diabetes, hypertension and stress and digestive disorders need to be taught.

So Raja Yoga, Stress Management Yoga for children and women, Yoga Massage, Structural Yoga Therapy, Osteoporosis and Bone Building and vegetarian cooking will make an exhaustive syllabus for the Yoga Teacher Training Course.

“Silence is the sweetest sound on Earth,” said Mr Boris Pasternak, the Nobel-prize winning Russian author.

“The river taught us to listen with a silent heart, with a waiting open soul,” wrote Hermann Hesse, the German philosopher-author, in his famous work, Siddharth!

These are not mere literary flashes of wit. The Perfect Yoga Teacher, whom we are talking about knows the truth ingrained in such spiritual utterances! The goal of the Yoga Teacher Training Courses should be to create such Teachers!

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Attleboro Yoga Classes – November Schedule

Dear Yoga Enthusiasts,

Below is our November / December – Yoga / Pilates Class Schedule:

These Yoga class changes will take effect on Monday, November 6, 2006.

Monday: 6 PM – 7 PM Beginner / Gentle Yoga
Tuesday: 6 PM – 7:15 PM Vinyasa Yoga
Wednesday: 6 PM – 7 PM Pilates/ Body Sculpt
Thursday: 6 PM – 7:15 PM Beginner / Gentle Yoga
Saturday: 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM Yoga / Pilates Body Sculpting

Aura Wellness Center
21 Park St.
Suite 202, 2nd Floor
Attleboro, MA 02703
Phone: 508-222-0092

Where exactly is that? We are located in downtown Attleboro on the corner of Park Street and Railroad Avenue. 21 Park Street is the Park Place Building.

Webster Bank is across Railroad Avenue and Sovereign Bank is across Park Street from us.

Grand Opening Specials:

6 Classes for $57


10 Classes for $87


Become a Yoga Instructor

Our training is up to Yoga Alliance standards. Graduates will be eligible to apply for the Yoga Alliance RYT credential.

The January 2007 Yoga teacher training session is just three months away. Make your reservations now and save, with an “early bird” discount.

Aura Wellness Center has weekly classes for Yoga and Pilates. Aura has relocated to downtown Attleboro, MA.

Yoga classes are ongoing. If you are interested in Gentle Restorative Yoga or Vigorous Vinyasa Yoga, we have space available for you.

Telephone: 508-222-0092 to reserve your space or for Yoga class information.

You can also contact Marie at: aurayoga2@aol.com

We have Yoga, Pilates, Personal Fitness Training, and many more programs for mind / body health.

Private Yoga training is available.

To see the Aura Wellness Center October schedule, in Attleboro, visit:



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