yoga certification course

Yoga Training Tips For Medical Professionals

You've just finished your Yoga certification course and an exciting opportunity has landed at your feet. A friend gave you a reference at a nearby medical building and you have been chosen to teach a bunch of healthy medical professionals.

Yoga Instructor Training: Yogic Philosophy

How important is philosophy in a yoga certification course? Teachers should know the history and philosophy of yogic practices. Patanjali - whose teaching led to the codification of the Eight Limbs - taught that a yoga practice includes a dedication towards truthfulness.

How to Enter a Meditative State Without Falling Asleep

Some Yoga schools have strict guidelines to prevent students from meditating in a supine position. Many Yoga certification courses often discourage interns from meditating in Savasana. Although, It has been said, by some, that everyone meditates involuntarily, at night, when they sleep.

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