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Yoga in Everyday Life

A teacher maybe programmed to practice before or during a Yoga certification course, but students might not lean on meditation, pranayama and relaxation techniques right away.

Yoga Teacher Tips: Seven Student Questions

When you finish a yoga certification course, you may want to prepare yourself for all the questions you will have to answer. Many students new to your yoga school have questions about the practice.

Yoga Training Tips For Medical Professionals

You've just finished your Yoga certification course and an exciting opportunity has landed at your feet. A friend gave you a reference at a nearby medical building and you have been chosen to teach a bunch of healthy medical professionals.

Yoga Instructor Training: Yogic Philosophy

How important is philosophy in a yoga certification course? Teachers should know the history and philosophy of yogic practices. Patanjali - whose teaching led to the codification of the Eight Limbs - taught that a yoga practice includes a dedication towards truthfulness.

Yoga Teacher Training: Diabetes

f you are considering a yoga certification course, you may want to understand diabetes and many other ailments. For those of us who already teach classes, all of the progress we have seen against diseases and suffering do not count in the eyes of scientific research.

Teaching Yoga for Students with Diabetes

Many graduates of Yoga certification courses tend to think that all of their students will be healthy. When one begins teaching classes it becomes obvious that Yogic methodology was created to relieve the suffering of mankind.

Yoga Teacher Training for Reaching Schools

Yoga can provide many benefits to children, both physically and mentally. Schools that have already implemented yoga into the classroom...

Yoga Teacher Training for Diabetes

When you attend a 200-hour yoga certification course, you are often trained to work with athletic types. After a yoga instructor begins...

How to Enter a Meditative State Without Falling Asleep

Some Yoga schools have strict guidelines to prevent students from meditating in a supine position. Many Yoga certification courses often discourage interns from meditating in Savasana. Although, It has been said, by some, that everyone meditates involuntarily, at night, when they sleep.

How to Become the Best Yoga Instructor

There are different paths to becoming the best Yoga instructor possible. There are also a variety of skills sets that you can focus on...