Yoga Teacher Training course

A Concise History of Hatha Yoga

Although many forms of yoga training have existed for thousands of years, Hatha (the yoga of physical mastery) is a relative newcomer in comparison to the other main systems of Yogic methodology in India. Hatha dates back as recently as the 15th century with Svami Svatmarama and is the base for many popular styles today such as Iyengar, Bikram, Kundalini, and Ashtanga.

Teaching Yoga for Deep Relaxation

If you teach vinyasa, hot or power Yoga classes, you might not get many requests for an expanded relaxation segment. Specific classes attract specific students. That said, if you just completed a restorative Yoga teacher training course, the end of your classes should focus on deep relaxation.

Teaching Yoga Exercise for Healthy Joints

During most Yoga teacher training courses, the health of the skeletal body and it's relationship with asana is covered. The weak links within the skeletal body are our joints. Our joints are the areas of the body in which bones are joined together, and this allows bones to glide freely and painlessly.

Teaching Yoga: The Hips

After completing my third yoga teacher training course, one student raised her hand and asked, “Now that you know everything, who has more tension in the hips – men or women?” My answer was and still is, “I don’t know it all, but both genders have a lot of tension and tightness in the hips."

Teaching Yoga: Student Objections

Some yoga instructor certification courses, teach you to be responsive to your students needs, while others teach you to become a pseudo-drill sergeant. Depending on how you relate to others, you are attracted to one of these two schools of thought. One Guru thinks everybody needs a spanking, while many others stress student safety in their yoga teacher training courses.

Teaching Yoga and Pregnancy

Students who are pregnant and new to yoga training should have their doctor’s approval. Additionally, pregnant students should attend classes taught by an instructor who is a graduate of a prenatal yoga teacher training course.

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