Why Yoga Teacher Training?

Aura Wellness Center offers professional level Yoga Teacher and Instructor Training courses onsite and in a convenient online format.

Aura Wellness Center has developed a number of professional training courses. These online courses offer interns diversified Yoga instructor certifications at both the 200-hour level, the professional 500-hour level, and many other levels. Aura Wellness Center also offers a rich and varied continuing education curriculum for experienced teachers.

As a graduate of one of Aura Wellness Center’s Yoga instructor onsite or online training programs, you will be prepared to teach in a variety of settings, including YMCA’s, studios, schools, health clubs, spas, cruise ships, and community centers. You will also be prepared to offer Yoga classes in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and prison settings. In addition, you will be fully certified, which will enable you to open and manage your own professional Yoga studio.

Teacher Certification in Hatha Yoga

Our Hatha Yoga teacher certification program offers students the basic elements of a well-rounded teacher program. The Hatha Yoga instructor-training course will prepare you to teach classes to a wide range of students. This certification program is recognized worldwide.

Teacher Certification in Power Yoga

This Yoga teacher certification course prepares you to know how to safely and effectively guide students through the powerful practice of Ashtanga and Hatha postures, by linking the poses together with the breath. The Power Yoga instructor-training course will prepare you to create your own sequence of Yoga asanas, within the general framework of the traditional Ashtanga Yoga philosophy.

Teacher Certification in Vinyasa Yoga

The instructor certification in Vinyasa Yoga is based on many of the principals that are found in the Ashtanga system, while incorporating a number of the restorative and therapeutic techniques. With an instructor certification in Vinyasa Yoga, you will be prepared to guide a group of students through a flowing sequence of postures that are linked together by the breath. This form of Yoga can be either physically challenging or therapeutic in nature.

Yoga Teacher Certification: Level 2

This is a professional level 500-hour teacher-training course that builds on the basic elements of the 200-hour certification course. Graduates of our 500-hour Yoga instructor-training program will be prepared to work therapeutically with students who have a variety of physical challenges. Additionally, this professional level certification course will prepare you to instruct advanced Yoga classes and will deepen your knowledge of the spiritual and philosophical underpinnings of this ancient practice.

Teacher Certification in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

This teacher certification course will prepare you to instruct both prenatal and postnatal Yoga classes in a safe, enjoyable and effective manner. Each trimester of a woman’s pregnancy is covered in this comprehensive course. In addition, there is a dedicated module of this Yoga teacher-training course, which addresses the specific concerns of new mothers during the postnatal period.

Teacher Certification Course: Yoga for Children 

This specialized Yoga certification course will prepare you to lead a group of children through a fun and accessible Yoga class. This certification course will prepare you to teach Yoga classes to children in a variety of settings, including schools, youth centers, churches, and day care centers.

Teacher Certification Course in Chair Yoga 

Modified Chair Yoga postures can be safely taught to students with a wide range of physical mobility issues. This training course will prepare you to teach Yoga classes to specialized groups of students in a variety of locations, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers and senior centers.

Teacher Certification Course in Restorative Yoga

In the Restorative Yoga teacher-training course, you will learn how to work with students who are in the process of recovering from any number of physical health challenges. Our Restorative certification course will also prepare you to guide students through a modified practice of asanas, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, which will help your students to heal and replenish their vital life force energy on a daily basis.

Yoga Teacher Certification Course: Onsite Instruction

Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, leads onsite Yoga teacher training programs during the summer months in Attleboro, Massachusetts. He is also available for private instruction and individual consultations for Yoga teacher trainees.

Aura Wellness Center – Home-Study Yoga Teacher Certification Courses

Aura Wellness Center offers a large variety of certification courses for Yoga Teachers.  To explore our diversified Online/Correspondence Courses for teacher certification, please click below.