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How to Plan a Yoga Class

After a class, there may be yoga student comments that will help to generate new ideas for the next class. This is a great opportunity to be experimental, and open-minded, to exploring new theme areas for the students, as well as for the yoga instructor.

Teaching Yoga Students the Art Form

Within every art form there is beauty. As an instructor, you may have seen this beauty in the improvements in your students or at a prenatal yoga teacher training intensive. For those who teach Yogic methods, there is beauty in every part of this treasured practice.

Yoga Training for Students With Diabetes

Let's be honest, how many medical conditions can you cover in one yoga teacher training intensive? Don't worry, below this line I've prepared a handout for your diabetic students and their friends.

Teaching Yoga to Students Over 60

There are so many types of Yoga teacher training intensives to choose from and there are so many different groups to teach. Young teachers may think everyone over 60 should be in a chair based class. Experienced teachers know that mobility and flexibility are the factors that decide who uses a chair and who uses a mat.

Yoga for Diabetes Studies

After a new instructor’s first Yoga teacher training intensive, he or she may teach in many different atmospheres. When teaching in a corporate, medical, legal or academic setting, the person who initially hires you may ask for proof of Yogic methodology’s benefits.

Teaching Easy Yoga Practices

If you have taken a Yoga teacher training intensive, you might have forgotten what it was like in the beginning of your journey. Maybe you teach gentle restorative classes for therapeutic purposes or maybe you teach hot vinyasa classes to students dripping in sweat.

How to Teach Yoga and Theme a Class

With all the subjects you cover in a yoga teacher training intensive course, you might not have learned about how to theme a class. Most yoga instructors hope that students find their classes to be both enjoyable and inspirational.

Teaching Yoga: About Your Heart

Whether you just started practicing last week, or are in the middle of a Yoga teacher training intensive, the condition of your heart should never be taken for granted. If you stop to listen, your heart let’s you know how you feel during the day.

Walking on the Yoga Teacher’s Path

As you learn to become a yoga instructor, you will most likely study the work of others, take notes on how seasoned teachers format their classes or learn specific teaching techniques. While all of these items are valuable, keep in mind that you are still you and you have your own unique style and personality to add to your class that no one else has.

Teaching Yoga in a Senior Center

When you are discovering how to become a Yoga instructor, you begin to realize there are many options. You could teach in a hot room, in a pool, in the basement of a church or anywhere else. The possibilities are endless and there are demands for certified yoga teachers in senior centers too.