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When teaching Yoga classes, there are some students who do not want to participate in mantra practice. Many Yoga teacher training courses do not elaborate on this point. The reasons for student objections vary, but most have religious reasons why they prefer not to participate.

If you teach in an area where such objections exist, there is no reason to explain the healing benefits of mantra practice. However, dedicated students who want to learn more about the deeper aspects of Yoga will always surface.

Mantras are powerful words or phrases that are used in the practice of Yoga for various reasons. Mantras that are chanted over and over have a calming effect, while allowing one to take control of the mind and body.

Mantras also help clear the mind of all negative thoughts allowing one to focus on the inner self. Mantras also allow one to enter into deep meditation. Yoga mantras are also used for healing. They can play a key part in one’s well-being. When used during yoga, they can have very powerful positive effects on one’s health.

The Shushmana Mantra is used for healing. The eight sounds in this mantra are Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung. These eight sounds stimulate the flow of energy in the central channel of the spine and spiritual areas. Chanting these sounds helps to balance the right and left side of the brain in order to activate the neutral mind.

As one continues chanting the Shushmana Mantra, it causes changes to take place from within. It purifies the aura surrounding you and helps you to project a positive outlook towards yourself and your health. Ra ma da sa can connect you with the pure healing energy of the universe.

The Shushmana Mantra can transform an unhealthy and unbalanced body into a healthy and harmonious one. You should work to instill this mantra within your mind so as to reap the health benefits it provides.

In order to lessen health problems, you must be able to change and control your thought patterns. Once you are able to control your mind, you will be able to purge all bad feelings and replace them with positive ones.

Repeating the Shushmana Mantra is not only good for a sound and practical mind, but is great for preventative health. As a result, this practice leads to long-term holistic health benefits. It can preserve the body and promote a healthy mind.

You can practice this mantra when you are feeling anxious, depressed, fearful or worried. It will calm you. If used everyday, you will notice that you feel better while you find yourself in states of bliss. You will experience a decrease in negative feelings and thoughts.

Shushmana Mantra gives you pure thoughts, while protecting you from the harmful and painful effects of negative energy and sickness. Practicing this mantra everyday has comparable positive effects to praying constantly. If you are in constant prayer and meditation, you enter the land of light where your troubles cease.

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