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Yoga in Everyday Life

A teacher maybe programmed to practice before or during a Yoga certification course, but students might not lean on meditation, pranayama and relaxation techniques right away.

The Best Yoga Certification For You

The most basic 200-hour Yoga instructor training course will educate you about the foundational aspects, but in order to fully take your practice to the next level, an advanced certification will most certainly be beneficial.

Yoga Training for Students With Diabetes

Let's be honest, how many medical conditions can you cover in one yoga teacher training intensive? Don't worry, below this line I've prepared a handout for your diabetic students and their friends.

Yoga Teacher Tips: Seven Student Questions

When you finish a yoga certification course, you may want to prepare yourself for all the questions you will have to answer. Many students new to your yoga school have questions about the practice.

Yoga Instructor Training: Yogic Philosophy

How important is philosophy in a yoga certification course? Teachers should know the history and philosophy of yogic practices. Patanjali - whose teaching led to the codification of the Eight Limbs - taught that a yoga practice includes a dedication towards truthfulness.

Yoga Teacher Training: Diabetes

f you are considering a yoga certification course, you may want to understand diabetes and many other ailments. For those of us who already teach classes, all of the progress we have seen against diseases and suffering do not count in the eyes of scientific research.

Teaching Yoga for Students with Diabetes

Many graduates of Yoga certification courses tend to think that all of their students will be healthy. When one begins teaching classes it becomes obvious that Yogic methodology was created to relieve the suffering of mankind.

Teaching Office Yoga Exercises

Graduates of chair yoga teacher training programs have many opportunities in the corporate sector. If you've ever sat at a desk in front of a computer screen for hours on end, you know the aches and pains associated with an office job.

Walking on the Yoga Teacher’s Path

As you learn to become a yoga instructor, you will most likely study the work of others, take notes on how seasoned teachers format their classes or learn specific teaching techniques. While all of these items are valuable, keep in mind that you are still you and you have your own unique style and personality to add to your class that no one else has.

Teaching Corporate Yoga Classes

Upon graduating from a Yoga certification course, some instructors teach part-time, while others go into teaching full-time. Among the many possible opportunities available is teaching Yoga within the corporate sector.