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Yoga Teacher Tips for Athletic Students

Ever since you decided to become a yoga instructor, you've dreamed of teaching a full class of athletic students. Now that you have them, you're concerned about safety and you want your students to have the best possible experience in your classes.

Yoga Teacher Tips – Methods for Concluding a Hatha Yoga Class

Finally, meditation is the unsung nest Yoga techniques of all. Meditation will restore clarity and energy. One who meditates regularly can attest that meditation will give you a full recharge; just as much as a good night’s sleep.

Yoga Teacher Tips: Most Common Yoga Student Corrections

Also, you may want to add a prenatal Yoga warning to your initial handout, waiver, or questionnaire, for new students. Prenatal Yoga classes are specifically designed for the safety of pregnant students. From a legal viewpoint it is unwise to teach pregnant students without prenatal and postnatal Yoga teacher training.

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