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Restorative Yoga to Reduce Stress

After practicing restorative yoga regularly, many students begin to notice a release of anxiety within the body, which they did not perceive before. They learn to calm anxiety faster. This skill helps them to reduce stress both on and off of their yoga mat.

Yoga Training: Student Benefits

Did you ever consider the reasons why students take classes? Yoga teacher training programs have many theories. There is a belief that students have a need to belong, but there is a flaw in this thinking.

Teaching Therapeutic Yoga with Props

Depending on the exact style you studied in yoga teacher training program, you might know how to use props for therapeutic reasons. This is not the only reason for using props, but yoga therapy is becoming more popular among people who want pain relief.

Teaching Yoga for Student Skeletal Health

One part of the anatomy section in a Yoga teacher training program to watch closely is why the skeletal system is so important during asana practice. In short, our bodies are uniquely different and skeletons are almost as unique as finger prints. As we age, our bones naturally become stiff and brittle.

Teaching Office Yoga Exercises

Graduates of chair yoga teacher training programs have many opportunities in the corporate sector. If you've ever sat at a desk in front of a computer screen for hours on end, you know the aches and pains associated with an office job.

Yoga For Women’s Fitness

As many of you already know. Yogic practices are good for both genders. Yet, Yoga teacher training programs are full of women. What makes Yogic techniques so popular with women?

Teaching Private Yoga Sessions: Student Benefits

Did your yoga teacher training program show you how to market private lessons? Chances are you are more comfortable teaching groups, but some of the highest paid yoga instructors in the world do very well with private lessons.

Becoming a Yoga Teacher: Financial Costs

The environment in which you would like to instruct is a fundamental consideration before investing in a Yoga teacher training program...

Becoming a Yoga Teacher: Finding a Niche

If you are considering becoming a Yoga teacher, finding an inspiring and appropriate niche for yourself is one of the most important decisions you can make prior to enrolling in a teacher training program.

Becoming a Yoga Teacher: Choosing a Training Program

The cost of different Yoga teacher training programs is an important consideration for many aspiring instructors. A 200-hour course of study usually ranges from several hundred dollars for online courses up to several thousand dollars for in person training.