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As many of you already know. Yogic practices are good for both genders. Yet, Yoga teacher training programs are full of women. What makes Yogic techniques so popular with women? Yoga is a healthy way of life and one of the most versatile forms of exercise.

It can be extremely beneficial for people, especially women, who may be unable to participate in other types of exercises such as running or other high impact activities. It can also be used as a supplement to other forms of exercise. There’s no doubt that asana practice can help improve flexibility as well as contribute to stronger muscle tone and improved cardiovascular health. All of those reasons, plus many more, can help to positively impact fitness levels.

As women age, bone density starts to decline. Also, flexibility issues and joint pain due to arthritis and other conditions can occur. Keeping the body strong and active through the practice of posturing can help to decrease pain and lead to better overall health, not to mention a healthier state of mind. Yoga training, like other forms of physical activity, helps the brain to release endorphins, which is what makes us feel good.


Endorphins help to make us happy, so it stands to reason that when we participate in activities that help to release them, our mood generally brightens. Stress and anxiety are all too often a part of our daily lives, practicing Yogic techniques can help to keep the negative emotions and side effects of that stress and anxiety to a minimum.

No matter what your fitness level is, asana practice is a wonderful way to improve or maintain it. For women who like a challenge, Power or Hot Yoga are two very intense workouts. Those who prefer a more traditional style or are just getting started will appreciate Hatha Yoga and the benefits aren’t just physical. It is a form of physical activity that also incorporates pranayama, mantra, meditation and other relaxation techniques to help quiet the mind.

Since Yoga instruction is so accessible, it can be practiced by almost any one, even pregnant women or women who have recently had babies. It is an accessible form of exercise that helps to re-align the body and the mind. Yoga can be incorporated into other workout routines and can be very beneficial to swimmers, tennis players, and runners. It can add an aspect to your fitness routine that you may have never gotten without it, especially with regular practice.

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