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Yoga For Women’s Fitness

As many of you already know. Yogic practices are good for both genders. Yet, Yoga teacher training programs are full of women. What makes Yogic techniques so popular with women?

Becoming a Yoga Teacher: Finding a Niche

If you are considering becoming a Yoga teacher, finding an inspiring and appropriate niche for yourself is one of the most important decisions you can make prior to enrolling in a teacher training program.

Intermediate Yoga Standing Poses for Trauma Survivors

The psychologically therapeutic aspect of a strong practice of vinyasa linked standing poses is to remember to be aware of the feelings and images that arise as you or your students practice the Yoga asanas. Maintaining Ujjayi breathing will help ground you and support you and/or your students in developing affect regulation. Affect regulation is the ability to allow feelings to arise without pushing them back down under conscious awareness.

The Best Possible Locations for a Yoga Studio

There are few things more exciting for a yoga teacher than opening their own yoga studio. While this is one of the most wonderful events...

Torah Yoga

The Torah (loosely translated as the five books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) contains an entire detailed guidebook for life. In her book “Torah Yoga Experiencing Jewish Wisdom Through Classic Postures”, Diane Bloomfield has created a unique book, which is “both a Torah book and a yoga book, presenting classic yoga instruction in the light of traditional and mystical Jewish wisdom.”

The Purpose of Yoga: Aging Gracefully

Most Yoga practitioners, and teachers, begin to realize the anti-aging benefits of Hatha Yoga, within a short time. However, with all of...

The Truth about Options for Yoga Teachers, Part 5

If you do not have patience, please do not consider teaching Yoga to children. Teaching a children's class is not for every Yoga instructor. You have to be creative, an entertainer, and a guide, to become a kids Yoga teacher.