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There are few things more exciting for a yoga teacher than opening their own yoga studio. While this is one of the most wonderful events for a teacher, it should also be a time of careful consideration and thought. The studio will serve, as a foundation for all future success, so making wise choices is essential.

The first consideration is the location of the property in relation to the surrounding town or city. The more centrally located the studio is, the more clients the studio could potentially attract and serve. Looking at the layout of your particular region will be very helpful in determining the perfect target location. Being located close to a reasonably sized population of people makes drumming up business a lot easier since there are more people to work with. However, the trade off of being in the highly sought after commercial district is a higher priced space. Ultimately, that higher cost will be passed to the students, who may choose to seek classes elsewhere if the price is right.

An alternative to simply choosing the most central location possible is to go the opposite route by selecting a specialized location, which helps generate clients, such as placing the studio near a college campus or health spa. The nearby foot traffic of health minded individuals would serve as passive advertising for your yoga studio. Weighing the cost of space in these areas against the potential growth in studio clientele will help you to determine if this is the right choice for you.

Choosing to place your studio in the lower priced industrial or residential districts could be a good option for some teachers. The lower cost of space in these areas could be passed to students, making for a steady clientele of budget conscious individuals who are looking for yoga instruction on the cheap. These students will be more willing to overlook unconventional surroundings in light of competitively priced rates. This will also put your studio in direct competition with other higher priced studios in your area, which happen to be located in the best possible location. A lower priced space paired with solid yoga instruction and a good marketing campaign is a recipe for success.

Making the yoga studio easy to get to also helps passively generate more clients. If your studio can be reached by public transit, all the better, especially if other yoga studios in the area are not. Many yoga students strive to reduce their carbon footprint by utilizing public transportation whenever possible, and making their trip easier will surely be appreciated.

By carefully weighing the pros and cons of each type of location, a yoga teacher may select the best possible location for their studio, helping to guarantee success in the future.

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