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Ethical Yoga Business and Abundance?

Yoga business owners should strive to apply the tenets that they use in their teaching to their business practices. Fairness, honesty, and willingness to work hard will grow a business much more efficiently than attempting to make up debts with gimmick offers and merchandise that students don't actually need.

Yoga Teacher Training Online – The Hidden Catch

online certification courses for Yoga teachers have hardly any hidden costs, in comparison to their on-site counter parts. Onsite program...

Practical Information on How To Open Your Yoga Studio

Written By Lara Greene These days, almost everybody has incorporated some form of relaxation technique into their hectic schedules. Yoga seems to be one such technique, which has come a long way over the past century. The question of how to open a Yoga Studio is, thus, a much discussed topic amongst aspiring entrepreneurs, these [...]

Yoga Instructor Training: Teaching Multiple Levels in the Same Class

By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 Have you ever felt overwhelmed by students with a variety of ailments in the same class? Are you looking for student solutions to your class scheduling? Do you have time constraints? Let’s look at a question and answer session. Q: Each student is unique, but what do you do with [...]

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher – Do You Have a Passion for Your Job?

By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 Among Yoga teachers, there is a common thread, which we may refer to as a “calling” toward teaching classes. A passion stirs inside each one of us to become a yoga teacher, because we see how much the Yogic path has helped us personally. We see what a difference Yoga [...]

The Almost Perfect Yoga Studio

Some yoga studios go as far as offer video and audio materials to members. This is very helpful so that even when members are too busy to go to the studio they can do their exercises at home or the more diligent students can study in preparation for their classes. If all the things mentioned can be found in a yoga studio then go to the next level of inquiry that is signing up and then consistently attend sessions to feel the wonderful effects of yoga.

Secrets of Successful Yoga Studios

Therefore, please take time to develop a business plan with goals and estimated time frames. Unfortunately, I have seen too many Yoga studios open with a "one month plan." Can you imagine opening an ashram without a telephone, getting caught up in zoning board complications, or just hoping for the best? One poorly organized studio makes all Yoga teachers look bad, and leaves the public thinking every Yoga studio is like that.

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