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Yoga and Meditation For Panic Attacks

Numerous studies have shown that Yoga can be very good for the body and the mind. It has been known to reduce blood pressure and help to release the endorphins that make you feel good. There’s more to it than physical activity, however. Practicing Yoga also entails doing breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and meditation.

Teaching Yoga Students About Relaxation

As you learned when you decided to become a yoga instructor: Each student is different, but all of them need to learn when, how, and why to relax. Some students don't want to relax initially. They might be so wired up that it feels unnatural to chill out.

Teaching Yoga Students the Art Form

Within every art form there is beauty. As an instructor, you may have seen this beauty in the improvements in your students or at a prenatal yoga teacher training intensive. For those who teach Yogic methods, there is beauty in every part of this treasured practice.

Teaching Yoga for Running Performance

When a practitioner decides to become a yoga instructor, he or she won't be prepared for every teaching niche. This is the case with teaching those who participate in running events.

Why Do Yoga Students Stay in Our Classes?

There are some things that each of us learn after yoga instructor certification. As a teacher, you've got to wonder from time to time what it is that keeps your students coming back day after day or week after week.

Yoga in Everyday Life

A teacher maybe programmed to practice before or during a Yoga certification course, but students might not lean on meditation, pranayama and relaxation techniques right away.

Yoga Training for Students With Diabetes

Let's be honest, how many medical conditions can you cover in one yoga teacher training intensive? Don't worry, below this line I've prepared a handout for your diabetic students and their friends.

Teaching Yoga Students About Anxiety Relief

In a sense, yoga is the perfect medicine for anxiety sufferers. The tightness of body, shallow breathing, and focus on anything other than the present that anxiety promotes is the antithesis of a dedicated yoga training session.

Yoga Training for Busy Moms

I know, we have plenty of guys out there teaching, taking Yoga teacher training courses, and practicing in the studio or at home. I'm happy to see an increase among men who teach Yoga or attend classes regularly.

Teaching Yoga in the Office

Now more than ever, Yoga instructors can be found teaching Yogic exercise, posturing, stretching, relaxation, stress management, meditation and pranayama, within office surroundings. As humans have made advancements in technology, machines do much of the world's industrial and agricultural work.