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Teaching Students About Karma Yoga

Almost every Hatha Yoga teacher training covers the significance of Karma Yoga. Students often ask about the Law of Karma and there are many different views concerning interpretation. This is usually based upon where our religious instruction originated.

Teach Hatha Yoga – Teaching Yoga Students How to Practice Vajrasana

Thunderbolt Posture is also known in English as Vajrasana. When teaching students how to perform Vajrasana the Yoga practitioner begins in a kneeling position with knees and toes together; hips directly above knees and tops of feet lay flat on the ground.

Additional Methods for Teaching Yoga Students How to Cultivate Positive Energy

The most advanced techniques, in Yoga, are based around training the mind. Patanjali mentions eight limbs in the Yoga Sutras. All eight limbs will train the mind, but the last four limbs are especially for balancing and training the mind.

Three Methods for Teaching Yoga Students How to Cultivate Positive Energy

Students often attend Yoga sessions for relief from a constant barrage of negative messages during the day. If you listen to the news for ten minutes, you are likely to feel puzzled as to why so much social injustice still exists. Anyone can change the world for the best, by cultivating positive energy, and teaching others how to do the same thing.

Teaching Yoga Students the Art of Relaxation

If you studied to become a Yoga teacher in an ashram, or a local studio; you learned the art of Yogic relaxation. How well did your Yoga teacher training prepare you for the levels of chronic stress you see within your students?

Teaching Yoga Students about the Importance of Sleep

What is the value of Yoga Nidra (sleep of the Yogis)? Deep relaxation techniques, taught in Yoga classes, can become life savers outside the class. Although we should not take sleep period short cuts, Yoga Nidra is effective for bringing the mind and body to a state of rest, while the mind maintains awareness.

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