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Teaching Students About Karma Yoga

Almost every Hatha Yoga teacher training covers the significance of Karma Yoga. Students often ask about the Law of Karma and there are many different views concerning interpretation. This is usually based upon where our religious instruction originated.

Teaching Yoga Classes – Showing Gratitude

How many ways can Yoga affect health? If you look at any person, Yoga can change mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health - for the best. Let’s look at how gratitude can create good health. Have you ever met someone who does not appreciate what they have?

Yoga Teacher Salary and Jobs

With all that said, it still looks professional to have a prepared resume, if or when, it is requested. Additionally, if you were to approach colleges, hospitals, retirement communities, or corporate fitness centers, you definitely should have a resume prepared. Many rewarding and steady teaching positions can be found outside Yoga schools in corporate, medical, fitness, community, and recreational facilities.

Yoga Off The Mat – Kindness, Karma, and Happiness

We often hear the phrase "yoga off the mat." Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 gives us some simple explanations of how people can practice karma yoga in real life situations. He also gives us ideas on how karma yoga works. Paul explains how yoga enhances valuable life skills, such as: intuition and awareness. Lastly, he explains how all of these aspects of yoga lead to a happy life.

Tapas: The Third Niyama

Children, and everyone else, will respect nothing, if they do not have to earn it. It is easily proven by the lack of appreciation, manners, and respect, we can observe everyday. Discipline in moderation, will enrich all aspects of society. Getting back to you and the value of Tapas - The true value of Tapas is the character building qualities of emotional, mental, and spiritual health. With those three aspects taken care of, we have better physical health. The habit of daily Tapas will carry over in your physical life by eating and exercising conscientiously.

Facts about Successful Yoga Teachers, Part 1

If you still feel bad about taking money for teaching Yoga, please open a studio down the street from my North Providence location. We will regularly donate toward your meals at the local soup kitchens. I hope you clearly see my point. So, please do not listen to anyone who tells you that taking money for teaching Yoga is wrong.

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