hatha yoga instructor training onineBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

When one decides to become a Yoga teacher, designing lesson plans is part of the daily routine. When teaching Hatha Yoga, lesson plans may consist of a mix of techniques and their practical applications to daily life. There are many lessons we learn in life, but how often does the average person make practical use of them?

When you go to a public place, observe how people stand, sit, and walk. As a whole, do most people have good posture? This is a visual example of the practical application of asana toward real life situations. Some skeletal conditions are not preventable, but some conditions are due to years of poor posture and neglect.

How many ways can Yoga affect health? If you look at any person, Yoga can change mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health – for the best. Let’s look at how gratitude can create good health. Have you ever met someone who does not appreciate what they have?

Maybe this person has a good spouse, relationship, child, or friend; but he or she does not see the value of being loved. Taking good relationships for granted is a mistake many people make. When we take relationships for granted, we set a pattern of behavior in motion, which is unhealthy for us, and everyone we know.

Our mental, and emotional state of health, is something we should take control of when it is possible. There are specific mental and emotional conditions, which require professional help in coping with the situation. These are times when professional counseling is your best option. One example of this is: Coping with the death of someone who is very dear.

However, gratitude can help us with everything, including loss. When we are grateful for past and present relationships, we see the value of our connection to others. It is hard to deal with the loss of friends, family, and pets; but we should be grateful for the special times we had together.

When we carry this principle to the present, it makes living in this moment special. Showing gratitude, every day, will change the world around you. This is a form of Karma Yoga, because you create good feelings in others through your appreciation of them. There is a view that you are creating good feelings within yourself, as well.

Some people take the view that each positive action we take is, in fact, self-centered. Even if this were true, the alternatives of taking negative action, or no action, are not going to help relationships. Therefore, with your action of showing gratitude to others, you can change the world with positive energy.

When teaching others about the benefits of Yoga practice, we should always remember the practical applications of Yogic philosophy.

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