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Teaching Yoga For Physical and Mental Wellness

If you decide to become a Yoga teacher, you realize that complete (holistic) health involves the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual planes of existence. Physical activity is not only important for a healthy body it is also good for the mind and emotional well-being. Yogic methodology is a great example of a form of exercise that can help improve focus and discipline inside as well as outside.

Wrist Injuries and Yoga Part II

Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 (Director of Yoga Teacher Training at Aura Wellness Center) provides detailed information about grades of sprained wrists, ways to identify wrist problems, and the long term effects of practicing Yoga while a wrist injury is healing. This video is useful to Yoga practitioners, those looking to become a Yoga teacher [...]

Low Cost Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Once in a while, I read an advertisement with a headline that states: "Free Yoga Teacher Training." This makes all of us curious! I'm jumping out of my seat like I drank a quad mocha latte! I teach Yoga classes regularly, but I believe in continuing education for life. Meaning no disrespect to my Guru, I click on Free Yoga teacher training in anticipation.

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