yoga trainingBy Jenny Park

Very few people are in love with themselves. There are a few people with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), but for many of us, coming to terms with one’s self is a lifelong struggle. Yogic practices can make a difference and an advanced course such as yoga instructor training can be a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.  This explains why some interns take a course to become a yoga teacher, but their real quest was to feel self-worth.  They may become a substitute yoga instructor, but they feel much more gratification after successfully completing yoga instructor training because the accomplishment itself enhances their self-image. 

Self-acceptance is one of the keys to improving life. Many people struggle with gaining acceptance of who they are right now. It can be a difficult journey as many feel they should be how others think they should be, or do what others do. However, once it is achieved the feeling is like no other. At the moment that one has opened themselves up for positive change rather than fighting who they are now, they become comfortable, relaxed and ready to move forward. The journey of self-acceptance is another benefit that comes from daily yoga training.

It’s no secret that practicing yoga puts you in touch with your inner feelings. Through small successes, our  yoga students begin to believe in themselves, their abilities, and become comfortable with their bodies in the moment. Physically seeing improvements helps one to understand that their successes are in their own hands, and they can change, grow, and improve. The beautiful thing about this is that you are inspiring others through your own self-acceptance. Without even trying, others will take notice of your positivity and begin their own journey.

Yoga training is also a subtle method of self-acceptance. The basis is following simple steps to live a more gracious life that is full of gratitude. The rules are quite simple as they are outlined below.

• Allow others to discover themselves rather than forcing your own beliefs on them. Chances are if they see the love and light in you, they will want to know your secret.

• Do not feel as though you are superior to anyone else.

• Realize that everyone has their own journey.

• Take note of your own beauty. We are all unique and special in our own way.

• Be happy with where you are at this moment.

• Make a conscious effort to not judge or talk about others.

• Feel fortunate to be given this life as a learning experience, life is a gift.

By keeping these thoughts in mind, while practicing the self-control and discovery that yoga practice brings, you will be will on your way to being who you are meant to be. You’ll also be helping others without forcing it upon them. That is a beautiful thing.

Side Notes for Yoga Teachers

The are no two teachers who are exactly alike.  Some people are born with an air of confidence, while others develop it with age, experience and training.  When you look at any of your students, always remember that very few of them have an over abundance of self-esteem.  One thing many of us come away with from my yoga teacher training is a realistic view of one’s self and that instills a sense of emotional balance.  As Paul would say, “Believe in yourself, because nobody will do it for you, until you believe.”

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