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Ethical Yoga Business and Abundance?

Yoga business owners should strive to apply the tenets that they use in their teaching to their business practices. Fairness, honesty, and willingness to work hard will grow a business much more efficiently than attempting to make up debts with gimmick offers and merchandise that students don't actually need.

Why Do Yoga Students Stay in Our Classes?

There are some things that each of us learn after yoga instructor certification. As a teacher, you've got to wonder from time to time what it is that keeps your students coming back day after day or week after week.

Teaching Yoga in the Office

Now more than ever, Yoga instructors can be found teaching Yogic exercise, posturing, stretching, relaxation, stress management, meditation and pranayama, within office surroundings. As humans have made advancements in technology, machines do much of the world's industrial and agricultural work.

Yoga Teacher Tips: Seven Student Questions

When you finish a yoga certification course, you may want to prepare yourself for all the questions you will have to answer. Many students new to your yoga school have questions about the practice.

Are There Any Benefits from Hot Yoga?

Find a certified teacher, who has graduated from a hot yoga teacher training program and be sure to monitor your body throughout the practice.

What is the Best Yoga School?

The atmosphere in a yoga school contributes a lot toward the overall effectiveness of the class. If the studio environment is too cold, cluttered, smelly or generally unkempt, it will take away from the students' experience with yoga training. The school should address a number of concerns to keep the students comfortable and allow the yoga teacher to do his or her best teaching.

Yoga Training: Student Benefits

Did you ever consider the reasons why students take classes? Yoga teacher training programs have many theories. There is a belief that students have a need to belong, but there is a flaw in this thinking.

Yoga Teacher Training: Diabetes

f you are considering a yoga certification course, you may want to understand diabetes and many other ailments. For those of us who already teach classes, all of the progress we have seen against diseases and suffering do not count in the eyes of scientific research.

The Many Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is the deepest form of relaxation - experienced by Yogis during states of meditation. It is commonly described as bringing an...

Three Yoga Asanas and Their Benefits

Every pose (asana) in yoga has specific meaning and brings different benefits to the body. In some cases, the pose looks simple but the...