Teaching Inversions For Mood Elevation

By: Virginia Iversen, M.Ed. Is there a way to teach inversions and raise the mood of an entire class? Teaching mood elevating Yoga classes, which address and ameliorate the underlying causes of anxiety and depression, are a wonderful way to uplift your Yoga students and serve your community. In addition, gearing some of your classes [...]

How Much Do Yoga Instructors Make?

In truth, business and marketing are a mystery to most Yoga instructors because they do not see it as important. Some business managers operate successful Yoga schools and employ teachers to keep the operation running. Business and Yoga are strange bed fellows, but a teacher who really knows the business is more likely to have a 401k, make a good salary, and sleep at night.

Why Do Yoga Students Stay in Our Classes?

There are some things that each of us learn after yoga instructor certification. As a teacher, you've got to wonder from time to time what it is that keeps your students coming back day after day or week after week.

Unethical Yoga Teacher Practices

Ethics and philosophy are covered in every Yoga teacher training intensive, but there is no guarantee an instructor will walk the straight line for life. Yogic methodology is based on a foundation of principles including compassion, integrity, truthfulness, kindness, generosity, patience, forgiveness and helpfulness.

Kids Yoga Games for Ages 3 to 5

Yoga instructors should use yoga games and themes to keep children interested. There are many different types of yoga games that will hold...

Yoga for Sinus Problems

Overall, these are some of the best Yoga for sinus techniques to try out if a person wants to clear his or her sinuses. Since Yoga helps...

Aura Yoga Teacher Training Announcements

We will be introducing four new Yoga teacher courses. Two of them will be continuing education courses, which have been requested by our graduates. These pertain to specific areas where teachers are looking for extra training.