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Yoga can be one of the greatest cures for those people that suffer from sinus conditions. Whether one suffers from constant migraines or a stuffed nose, there are some asanas (Yoga poses) that will help to alleviate such annoying sinus conditions.

Yoga Therapy for Sinus

Within the many variations of Yoga training are therapeutic applications for different ailments. Truly competent Yoga teachers understand body mechanics, therapeutic applications and the importance of students safety. For example: Mildly inverted asanas should work for sinus problems, but what if a student has high blood pressure? The next available solution could be neti. This is why instructors should learn more than asanas during Yoga teacher training. 

The standing forward bend is one great pose to try out for alleviating sinus conditions. This pose entails reaching over to touch in the direction of the floor. One must try to remain as straight as possible (without locking the knees), and then place one’s hands in the furthest comfortable direction toward the floor. When doing this pose, it is important to remember to try to keep one’s knees as straight as possible, without locking them.  It can be easy to bend knees doing this sort of pose, but if one bends the knees, then sinuses must stay at a downward angle for the condition to be alleviated.

Another asana to try out for alleviating sinus conditions is the downward facing dog. This pose will allow one to have better breathing, since it works to expand the chest area. When doing the downward facing dog, it is important to remember to breathe in and out through the nose if this is possible. This will allow the nasal passages to clear and will help one to feel much better.

Unblocking sinuses can also be easy with other types of Yoga poses such as the bridge or the plow pose. These poses will naturally work to clear the sinuses and will allow one to breathe better. The longer that one remains in an asana such as the plow pose or bridge, the better his or her sinuses will become cleared. It is recommended to try holding these poses for 20 seconds up to five minutes, depending on one’s ability.

The seated forward bend is another asana that helps sinus conditions. With this pose, a person should always make sure that the bend comes from the hip joint.

The neti pot is another great tool to use in clearing one’s sinuses. A neti pot is a little pot that has a long spout. When using the neti pot, a person should fill it with warm water and dissolve a half teaspoon of salt in the water. Then, one should pour this water through one of the nostrils to clear the sinuses.

Overall, these are some of the best Yoga for sinus techniques to try out if a person wants to clear his or her sinuses. Since Yoga training helps to improve the overall breathing of an individual, it is truly a great and powerful aid in helping to clear sinuses.

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