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Teaching Yoga in Schools: Violence Prevention

Teaching Yoga in schools is a great way to motivate students to be physically active and more health conscious. The different elements of a balanced practice include physical postures, pranayama exercises, contemplation, meditation and resting in stillness or Shavasana.

Teaching Yoga for Running Performance

When a practitioner decides to become a yoga instructor, he or she won't be prepared for every teaching niche. This is the case with teaching those who participate in running events.

Yoga in Everyday Life

A teacher maybe programmed to practice before or during a Yoga certification course, but students might not lean on meditation, pranayama and relaxation techniques right away.

Teaching Yoga Students About Anxiety Relief

In a sense, yoga is the perfect medicine for anxiety sufferers. The tightness of body, shallow breathing, and focus on anything other than the present that anxiety promotes is the antithesis of a dedicated yoga training session.

Teaching Yoga for Student Skeletal Health

One part of the anatomy section in a Yoga teacher training program to watch closely is why the skeletal system is so important during asana practice. In short, our bodies are uniquely different and skeletons are almost as unique as finger prints. As we age, our bones naturally become stiff and brittle.

Teaching Yoga: Suggested Pranayama for Beginners

Now, that you are teaching classes, you might wonder which of the many pranayama techniques you learned in yoga teacher training to spring on your students first. Pranayama is a yogic practice that beginner students don’t often encounter right away.

Teaching Yoga for Teen Classes

Teaching yoga to teens is a challenge for yoga teachers. A studio affords students a safe place to learn a gentler method to deal with the stresses of becoming an adult. Yogic exercise is also a safe alternative for addressing the current trend of teens looking to have a toned physique through regular exercise.

Teaching Yoga and Explaining Benefits

Stress often pulls students into worrying about either the past or the future, and with a yoga instructor's insistence that they keep their minds on the present, this trains students to reduce the amount of time spent racing towards the the future or worrying about the past.

Teaching Yoga for Detoxification

When I was attending Yoga teacher training, one student wanted to understand where toxins come from. In the physical sense, we are surrounded by toxins. If you go for a healthy walk, you are sure to inhale a variety of toxins from the exhaust fumes of cars that drive by.

Teaching Yoga Exercise for Healthy Joints

During most Yoga teacher training courses, the health of the skeletal body and it's relationship with asana is covered. The weak links within the skeletal body are our joints. Our joints are the areas of the body in which bones are joined together, and this allows bones to glide freely and painlessly.