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Teaching Yoga in Schools: Violence Prevention

Teaching Yoga in schools is a great way to motivate students to be physically active and more health conscious. The different elements of a balanced practice include physical postures, pranayama exercises, contemplation, meditation and resting in stillness or Shavasana.

Yoga Styles for Seniors

The Aura Yoga instructor certification courses teach an instructor how to be aware of every student in the class. At Aura Wellness Center, Yoga instructors are trained to make the method match the needs and abilities of the student. In this way, a student gets the most out of a class and soon realizes that the safety of the student is a priority.

Teaching Yoga Students About Anxiety Relief

In a sense, yoga is the perfect medicine for anxiety sufferers. The tightness of body, shallow breathing, and focus on anything other than the present that anxiety promotes is the antithesis of a dedicated yoga training session.

Yoga Teacher Training: Advice for Students

Whether you graduate from a 1000-hour or a 200-hour Yoga teacher certification course, your students will look at you the same. Whether you have taught ten classes or one thousand classes your students see you as an expert. The same is true if you were a student for two years or for twenty years before you decided to become a Yoga instructor.

Teaching Yoga in the Office

Now more than ever, Yoga instructors can be found teaching Yogic exercise, posturing, stretching, relaxation, stress management, meditation and pranayama, within office surroundings. As humans have made advancements in technology, machines do much of the world's industrial and agricultural work.

Yoga Training and the Immune System

Our bodies are different and not every person who decides to become a yoga instructor will be the best example of a person with an optimal immune system.

Unethical Yoga Teacher Practices

Ethics and philosophy are covered in every Yoga teacher training intensive, but there is no guarantee an instructor will walk the straight line for life. Yogic methodology is based on a foundation of principles including compassion, integrity, truthfulness, kindness, generosity, patience, forgiveness and helpfulness.

The Oath of a Yoga Teacher

Many Hatha Yoga teacher training courses don't have an oath for graduates, but maybe we should all have one. In this way, instructors would be reminded to be constantly mindful of ethics, compassion, safety and loving kindness at all times.

Yoga Teacher Training: Diabetes

f you are considering a yoga certification course, you may want to understand diabetes and many other ailments. For those of us who already teach classes, all of the progress we have seen against diseases and suffering do not count in the eyes of scientific research.

Teaching Yoga for Teen Classes

Teaching yoga to teens is a challenge for yoga teachers. A studio affords students a safe place to learn a gentler method to deal with the stresses of becoming an adult. Yogic exercise is also a safe alternative for addressing the current trend of teens looking to have a toned physique through regular exercise.