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Whether you graduate from a 1000-hour or a 200-hour Yoga teacher certification course, your students will look at you the same. Whether you have taught ten classes or one thousand classes your students see you as an expert. The same is true if you were a student for two years or for twenty years before you finally decided to become a Yoga instructor. If your students like your message, they will ask you for advice. One question most often asked is, “How can I improve my practice at home?” I have prepared some tips for your students in the rest of this article. 

Tips to Enhance Yogic Practices

Whether you are a beginner to Yoga or someone who has been practicing for years, it is normal to look for ways to enhance your practice. This can mean different things to different people. Some people want to increase the mind-body connection; others want to improve muscle tone and flexibility. Many people practice Yogic techniques as a way to supplement other forms of exercise. Everyone’s goals are different, and there are many different ways to improve a person’s practice so that they can achieve exactly what they want.

Steady Practice

One of the best ways to enhance your Yoga practice is to do it on a regular basis. Many people find that practicing every day is the key to improvement. Just as many other activities benefit from regular practice, so does Yoga. As a person gets deeper into their practice, the benefits from doing so start to manifest themselves in a number of ways. Sometimes this means feeling less stress, as well as enjoying higher energy levels and a better overall outlook. Who doesn’t benefit from those things?

Find Your Path

Finding the best type of Yoga training to suit your needs and lifestyle is very important. Some people love the chanting and meditation aspects of Bhakti Yoga, while others prefer a more physically demanding form, such as Power Yoga. The key is to find what type works for you. Some people find that a variety of classes best suit them. The more you practice, the more you will evolve as a student. Just as lifestyles continually change and evolve, so will your practice. Such is the way of life. It is important to remain open to change as well as keep your sights on your goals.

Benefits and Changes

Students and Yoga teachers often find themselves acquiring benefits through Yogic practices that they were not expecting. Building lean muscle mass, improving posture, and decreasing stress levels are all known physical benefits of practicing on a regular basis. It stands to reason that practicing on a regular basis can help enhance your physical, mental and emotional health. It is also important to set goals and once those goals are reached, it is time to re-evaluate what it is that you want from your practice.

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