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I know, we have plenty of guys out there teaching, taking Yoga teacher training courses, and practicing in the studio or at home. I’m happy to see an increase among men who teach Yoga or attend classes regularly. However, I see a few young mothers during the week that really need some downtime. For some, they have a supportive family unit. For others, it sounds like their unit has fragmented. I’m thankful that my parents always worked together for the sake of the family, but times are certainly different one generation later.

If anybody can benefit from Yoga’s stress-relieving powers, it’s busy young moms. Trying to fit a regular practice in between changing diapers and driving carpool can be a challenge, however, and some moms who are hard on themselves for not being punctual or consistent may be tempted to procrastinate or give up Yoga altogether.

Fortunately, there is no “right” way to do Yoga. Not only are there many different styles of the ancient healing art, but also individual practices change over time, regardless of ability and lifestyle. The key to success is finding something that fits your hectic schedule and being willing to adapt your practice as situations change over time.

Five Yoga Tips for Busy Moms

• You don’t have to go to a studio to practice Yoga training. Arrange a private lesson with a teacher who can help you set up a realistic home practice, or search online for videos and routines for busy moms.

• If you don’t have free time, forget long sessions. Just five minutes spent stretching or lying in corpse pose can lift your spirit and relieve fatigue throughout the day.

• Deep Yogic breathing can be practiced at almost any time, and it helps to calm frayed nerves and restore energy.

• There are many kinds of meditation. Taking a brisk walk behind a stroller or mindfully preparing a meal can provide a respite. So can listening to soothing music or guided meditations.

• Gratitude and awareness are just as much a part of Yoga as asana, meditation or pranayama, and they can be built into everyday life. Keeping a journal not only documents special events; it also provides a reminder of the fleeting moments in children’s lives.

What better time to set a good role model than when children are little? Doing simple meditation, Yogic breathing, and poses with Mom not only guarantees quality time but also teaches kids to be more aware of their bodies and less prone to stress.

Restorative poses like Legs-Up-the Wall Pose and Child’s Pose are good choices for moms and kids to practice together. Studies have shown that Yoga helps at-risk students cope with stress and encourages them to get along better with others. Now that’s good news for busy moms and their kids.

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