Yoga Training

Yoga Training and Meditation for Panic Attacks

Causes of panic attacks vary, as do remedies. “The Textbook of Mental Health Care” discusses the benefits of Yoga on mental health and says the practice has almost no contraindications. Even people who are using medication or talk therapy can enhance their recovery by adding a little Yoga to the mix.

Yoga Teacher Training: Advice for Students

Whether you graduate from a 1000-hour or a 200-hour Yoga teacher certification course, your students will look at you the same. Whether you have taught ten classes or one thousand classes your students see you as an expert. The same is true if you were a student for two years or for twenty years before you decided to become a Yoga instructor.

Yoga Teacher Tips for Athletic Students

Ever since you decided to become a yoga instructor, you've dreamed of teaching a full class of athletic students. Now that you have them, you're concerned about safety and you want your students to have the best possible experience in your classes.

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