hatha yoga teacher training program

Yoga Training and Meditation for Panic Attacks

Causes of panic attacks vary, as do remedies. “The Textbook of Mental Health Care” discusses the benefits of Yoga on mental health and says the practice has almost no contraindications. Even people who are using medication or talk therapy can enhance their recovery by adding a little Yoga to the mix.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Safe Yoga Class Openings

I did find my foundational teacher training useful in regard to warm ups very effective for a beginner’s class as long as modifications are included for those students that are stiff, out of shape or older. Since the classes that I am instructing at the present moment are all levels classes at local health clubs and morning classes at the beach, I have found that modifications, which also make the postures more possible or more challenging, make the classes themselves more interesting, engaging and appealing to a wider range of students.

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