The Benefits of Online Yoga Teacher Training

If you need non-contact continuing education units, online Yoga teacher training courses have many great advantages. At the same time, if you are seeking your first teacher certification, you can save thousands of dollars. Almost every university has online courses; it is the educational wave of the 21st century.

Below are seven reasons why online Yoga certification may be for you:

1) Cost: The average face-to-face Yoga teacher training intensive costs thousands of dollars. The range can be from $3000 to $15,000, depending on which institution is sponsoring the course. Online training tuition costs tend to average less than $1000. In fact, there are many correspondence and online courses that cost in the range of $500 or less.

2) Hidden Costs: When you factor in the cost of tutoring, study materials, membership fee, application fee, enrollment fee, and any other hidden fees, an institution may design – these must be added to your total cost.

3) Extra Costs: Time away from work is lost income. Travel time, and the expense of travelling, should also be considered. You will also need to pay for food and lodging, while you are attending your Yoga instructor training. If you have obligations at home, you may have to pay for childcare. Since more than 90% of teachers have families, this is something to take into consideration.

4) Tutoring: At Aura Wellness Center, we have unlimited tutoring, which means that you can contact us by phone or email. We do not limit the amount of support hours we will provide to you. Also, our online teacher community has a forum for teachers, graduates, and interns, of Yogic subjects, which receives international participation. This gives you contact with like -minded people from every part of the world.

5) Your Time: To each of us, our time is precious. If someone asks you for your time, they are asking you to stop what you are doing at the moment. Most of us do not have a month to abandon our obligations, while we are attending a Yoga teacher certification intensive. With that said – online and correspondence courses give you flex time to proceed at a convenient schedule that fits your lifestyle.

6) Records: It is not always convenient to take notes at an exotic location. You may not want to take your laptop or recording device to a place such as the beach. At the same time, some onsite Yoga instructor training courses have policies that prohibit you from taking your laptop or recording device to the training, itself. You are not prohibited from using any record-keeping device when you are taking an online course.

7) Eco-Friendly: In comparison to onsite intensives, correspondence and online courses are environmentally friendly. You don’t have to travel hundreds, or thousands, of miles – creating more air pollution – not to mention the consumption of natural resources.

While it is true that not all online teacher education is equal, there are some easy ways to tell who is genuine and who is not.

Does the Yoga teacher training center create specific courses or do they produce certificates – for example – for computer programming and locksmiths? You might want to consider an institution that focuses on the education, and continuing education, of Yoga teachers.

Is the online training course, in question written, designed, and graded by Yoga teachers? This may sound strange, but some instructor training courses are not designed or graded by Gurus, Swamis, Masters, or instructors at all.

Yogic studies are an immense subject, and they cannot be thoroughly covered in a single 200-hour course. Continuing education is an integral part of Yoga instructor training. Aura Wellness Center is the world leader in the Yogic education, and continuing education, of teachers online.

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