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Intensive Yoga Teacher Training: Anatomy

Prospective yoga teachers are required to take anatomy courses before they can become certified. A basic understanding of anatomy helps yoga teachers to work with students with injuries, and to prevent injuries while teaching yoga classes.

Teaching Yoga in Schools: Violence Prevention

Teaching Yoga in schools is a great way to motivate students to be physically active and more health conscious. The different elements of a balanced practice include physical postures, pranayama exercises, contemplation, meditation and resting in stillness or Shavasana.

Teaching Yoga Students About Relaxation

As you learned when you decided to become a yoga instructor: Each student is different, but all of them need to learn when, how, and why to relax. Some students don't want to relax initially. They might be so wired up that it feels unnatural to chill out.

An Introduction to Yoga History

How much time should we spend on history during a yoga instructor training course? If you want to understand the roots of what you teach, you might want to learn as much as you can.

The Best Yoga Certification For You

The most basic 200-hour Yoga instructor training course will educate you about the foundational aspects, but in order to fully take your practice to the next level, an advanced certification will most certainly be beneficial.

Yoga Training for Busy Moms

I know, we have plenty of guys out there teaching, taking Yoga teacher training courses, and practicing in the studio or at home. I'm happy to see an increase among men who teach Yoga or attend classes regularly.

Yoga Teacher Training: Advice for Students

Whether you graduate from a 1000-hour or a 200-hour Yoga teacher certification course, your students will look at you the same. Whether you have taught ten classes or one thousand classes your students see you as an expert. The same is true if you were a student for two years or for twenty years before you decided to become a Yoga instructor.

Yoga Instructor Training: Yogic Philosophy

How important is philosophy in a yoga certification course? Teachers should know the history and philosophy of yogic practices. Patanjali - whose teaching led to the codification of the Eight Limbs - taught that a yoga practice includes a dedication towards truthfulness.

Teaching Students About Raja Yoga

f you graduated from a Hatha Yoga instructor training course, you might have lightly skimmed over the teachings of Maharishi Patanjali. The Yoga Sutras were compiled by him.

Teaching Yoga Asanas to Beginners

No matter how many years you teach, or how many yoga teacher certifications you have, beginners will have fresh viewpoints about this practice he value so deeply. Listen to them patiently and you will learn more about yourself as you master patience from within.