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Yoga and Meditation For Panic Attacks

Numerous studies have shown that Yoga can be very good for the body and the mind. It has been known to reduce blood pressure and help to release the endorphins that make you feel good. There’s more to it than physical activity, however. Practicing Yoga also entails doing breathing exercises, relaxation techniques and meditation.

Teaching Yoga in Schools: Fostering Compassion

As part of your Yoga class instruction, you may also want provide a ten minute period of time for the students to talk about the school environment and incidences of bullying that may be occurring, either at the beginning of class or the end of class.

Teaching Yoga Students the Art Form

Within every art form there is beauty. As an instructor, you may have seen this beauty in the improvements in your students or at a prenatal yoga teacher training intensive. For those who teach Yogic methods, there is beauty in every part of this treasured practice.

Teaching Physical Concepts of Yoga

Many yoga teaching certification courses show us how to teach classes, but they can't give you the experience of addressing each student's needs. Granted there are a few styles who believe the student must fit in or get out, but our students are all unique.

The Best Yoga Certification For You

The most basic 200-hour Yoga instructor training course will educate you about the foundational aspects, but in order to fully take your practice to the next level, an advanced certification will most certainly be beneficial.

History of Yoga Asana

No single book, video, website or Yoga instructor certification course can give you all the answers. So, what do we do? The answer is continuing education and research for life. At the very least, our minds will be sharp well into old age.

Yoga Styles for Seniors

The Aura Yoga instructor certification courses teach an instructor how to be aware of every student in the class. At Aura Wellness Center, Yoga instructors are trained to make the method match the needs and abilities of the student. In this way, a student gets the most out of a class and soon realizes that the safety of the student is a priority.

Teaching Yoga: Student Objections

Some yoga instructor certification courses, teach you to be responsive to your students needs, while others teach you to become a pseudo-drill sergeant. Depending on how you relate to others, you are attracted to one of these two schools of thought. One Guru thinks everybody needs a spanking, while many others stress student safety in their yoga teacher training courses.

Yoga Teacher Training: Stroke Recovery

One of the areas of specialized yoga teacher training is working with students who have neurological disorders. While the list of yoga...

Yoga Teacher Training: Asanas for Kids

To become a yoga instructor is one thing, but to teach yoga to children is another. No matter what kind of yoga teacher training course...