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Mindful Breath Awareness – Teaching Yoga Outside

  By Faye Martins The mindful breath awareness technique can be used to bring attention to the breath during movement while practicing yoga. We commonly see this in transitions and vinyasa. When practiced without movement, this meditation is a good way to make it through an intense focusing practice. The literal translation of pranayama is [...]

Practicing Yoga Breathing in Daily Life

The truth is you do have control. You can control how you react to the situation. This is an ideal opportunity to use your breathing to remedy the negative emotions. Calm yourself down by taking a deep breath in through your nose and hold it for a few seconds. Spend about 8 seconds exhaling the breath. Repeat this several times and you should feel your heart and blood pressure begin to regulate, creating a sense of calm.

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How to Teach Dirgha Pranayama

By the end of this breath energy practice, you will feel relaxed and focused. Your spine will feel tall, lengthened and expanded. You spread oxygen throughout your body for improved blood circulation and clarity of mind, lift shallow breathers, breaks up those with irregular breath patterns, and improves digestion.

Teaching Safe Pranayama Techniques

By Faye Martins Where do you start with beginners when teaching pranayama? Should you begin by teaching calm and relaxing breathing techniques? Some students might find the basics boring, but it is your task to give them a safe foundation and keep them interested at the same time. Most of all, some beginners get restless [...]

Pranayama Methods for Yoga Posture Practice

During your yoga class you may realize that some of the poses are reminiscent of some stretching and cool down exercises that you did in aerobics class during the '80s or '90s. It is true that some of the physical movements of yoga postures are similar to basic fitness stretches. What you won’t remember in these other types of fitness classes is the practice of Pranayama.

Pranayama for Connecting Mind and Body

A holistic and balanced practice of Yoga includes the traditional physical postures, in addition to breathing exercises, meditation techniques and a detailed system of ethical recommendations and injunctions. Study of sacred scriptural texts and the recitation of sacred mantras are also key components of a balanced practice of the ancient art of Yoga.

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